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  1. Battered sausage and chips for me mate, salt and vinegar on that aswell when your ready mate.

  2. Darragh

    Player Report - I | Merci - 03/04/19 - Altis Life

    Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?:Yes first I'm hearing of it. Just to be clear if your video was even 20 seconds longer you would see we were already killing cops right there.
  3. Darragh

    vM | VENOM (OPEN)

  4. Darragh

    Need a loan

    how much are you looking for?
  5. Darragh


    looks like you're nay getting your 15m 😂
  6. Darragh

    Nick Coca-

    cya later shitter
  7. Darragh

    Ban Appeal - CroX - 02/02/19 - TeamSpeak

    Ban Appeal Declined
  8. Darragh

    Ban Appeal - CroX - 02/02/19 - TeamSpeak

    Why are you lying? I first gave you a warning for sound boarding then you continued to do it so I banned you for 1 second to see if that would stop you. You then continued to do it and after you did it you said see you ina bit lads before I banned you. @CroX
  9. I honestly haven't seen a new frag movie on the forums in a good while, wondering if people are just not uploading frag movies anymore or if they're not being approved anymore?
  10. Darragh

    Mission Downloader revived?

  11. Darragh

    Add an icon for seized comms

    Think it would help out meta situations such as if i was incapacitated at a cartel and then went AFK, during this time i got my comms seized and i come back without realizing it has happened and keep talking. I think this could be basic to add as you could just add a script that spawns an icon like a line through a radio when you don't have a radio on your body.
  12. Darragh

    CSAT Ghille

    show foto
  13. No, i asked the reporter what outcome they wish to see as they've not lost out on anything and they said a player report as its such a blatant rule break. At no point during this support case did i move out anyone and say that its fine they broke rules too. The only time i moved you out was after i told you they were putting up a report and the case was over in support.
  14. Darragh

    Mar 10 + AMS + Laser designators 23 Mags

    no sorry fam
  15. Darragh

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    6600k OC to 4.4ghz 1070 8GB 16gb 3200mhz ram used to get around 70, down to 40.