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  1. Guess Who's back

    Welcome back dude!
  2. Gas stations

    A fix is being formulated for this. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you have evidence of the loss in gear hit me up and ill issue some comp.
  3. Ban Appeal - Jayyy - 08/23/17

    @Kevin @Conner Merlin @Harry @Matt
  4. Any rule you are confused with please contact staff to clarify. You are guaranteed to be told the correct information

  5. Short break

    So BWM is gone?
  6. Ziptie Wriggle

    Why is it that nobody can be nice on discussion threads. You think you have to force your opinion on people. +1 I am a fan of this. I believe it will increase roleplay on the basis that the captor will have to watch the hostage. At the moment, they leave them in a corner and expect the guy in zipties to just be happy about it. It might be hard to implement though.
  7. Changelog - Altis Life

    20/08/2017 | 04:00 - Changed: MPU has now been moved from the Airport Docks to Iremi Bay, home to the USS Proteus Changed: Backend Medic Changes. #MakeAMSGreatAgain. Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
  8. Shooting tyres off?

    Keep to the thread topic or warning points will be given out.
  9. Ban Appeal - christian - 08/21/17

    Christian come on dude, Myself and @Kevin roleplayed with you nearly all day yesterday, I have on multiple times heared you say this is a greenzone. You knew it was man
  10. Stop police from seeing wanted level

    Not all police roleplay and its understandable. If you always go shooty shotty then your gonna lose
  11. Stop police from seeing wanted level

    You forget that this is a ROLEPLAY Server. If you roleplay you get rewarded. All you rebels do is fight fight fight. Try roleplaying once in a while.. you will be surprised
  12. Stop police from seeing wanted level

    @Dimo you just want the easy way all the time. You wanted the APC to not do anything
  13. Rebel shop

    The issue with it not working lol. I can see the difference
  14. Rebel shop

    @Conner Merlin will have to look into this in more detail since I cannot see what the issue is.
  15. and was comp offered? Why has it come to the forums? @Nick