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  1. I hope we never see you again tho....

  2. nah for sure. I mean, you're always welcome you know.
  3. I'll start off by saying, I'll more than likely get banned for saying the truth here but oh well.. it will just further add to my point; I reported the COMMUNITY MANAGER for breaking the rules set in FiveM. Nothing, as usual gets done. I then put up a player report, which to be fair is there to report other members of the community. Management, well Conner hid the post and said; this isn't the correct way of doing things. I then messaged him on discord to be greeted with this; * Tim *-Yesterday at 23:19 so how do i "report" rule breaks then because not gonna lie him getting General of Havoc after this is a piss take tbf clear disregard to the rules, here you go, have the lead of a whitelisted faction Conner Merlin-Yesterday at 23:20 what ever tim the only reason ive hidden it is because it looks fucking stupid reporting a com manager not the right way idc * Tim *-Yesterday at 23:20 then what is the right way then? because Cryant couldnt give two shits management are not bothered about fivem Conner Merlin-Yesterday at 23:21 deal with it with cryant or management what ever tim * Tim *-Yesterday at 23:21 okay whatever fuck it As you can see Conner thinks its stupid to report a community manager, looks like they are exempt from the rules. Nothing got done apart from said member getting a promotion to General of HAVOC. Furthermore, I get wiped on the FiveM server because I started to shoot at Cryant in a chase. I'm heading away from this community and hopefully never coming back. The way its being ran is similar to another community that resembled North Korea. Bye @Ollie @Leeza @Ashley Raven @Labrador @fisher keep up the good work with the fivem server, you guys are the only people that are making it successful
  4. friends friends friends

  5. I cannot believe how some people think..  

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    2. Kevin


      Someone must of 'hacked' in Rainbow 6

    3. Tiger


      It's a hard enough life for us.

    4. BertSon-G


      Every one is different

  6. yep once I get in game ill sort it
  7. Tim

    Guess who the cops blamed?

    This thread has me howling.
  8. Forums are super quick. At least they aren't effected by the cold like me XD

  9. some people get offended at the smallest things. This is the internet people not playschool

    1. Ninj


      o can u direct me to the playschool?

    2. Adam
    3. Kevin


      People got offended at someone using berries as a weapon against someone who had a berry allergy in a movie... People will ALWAYS find something to complain about

  10. Tim

    Ban Appeal - Shelley - 02/24/18 - GTA FiveM

    Also if you were given 50 million, wouldn't you think it would be a little suspicious? I know I would.
  11. Tim

    Compensation Request - Ched Chedderson - 02/19/18

    Message an admin when they are ingame and if they don't do it by the time I'm online I'll sort it out for you
  12. Tim

    Ban Appeal - n0va - 02/23/18 - GTA FiveM

    The money was given to you by Jeff but both of you didn't question where you got it from. The fact you didn't ask the admins if it was legit makes my wonder if your trustworthy at all...
  13. Tim


  14. Just when i thought Yodel couldn't get anymore retarded they send my parcel to London instead of Wolverhampton and then blame it on a blurry tracking label. 

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    2. Kevin


      Don't they scan those things anyway before moving it anywhere? Like how...

    3. Tim
    4. fisher


      that driver has a long shift