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  1. Where do I sign up...

    @FoxHound Where do I sign up to be a pilot.. I think i have what it takes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbPYt6jwJw4
  2. Ban Appeal - Devin Hangraaf - 10/22/17

    Can I just add, you broke roleplay multiple times and we even warned you about it. Why do you think if we unban you, you will change the way you do things?
  3. Ban Appeal - Kattana - 10/19/17

    You will be given a final chance. If you get banned again it will be a perm ban. Do you understand?
  4. Player Report - Tom Bin BaZooKa - 10/22/17

    The video is not found. Please check and try again
  5. Player Report - Kappa Venom - 10/22/17

    On a normal death, i believe the re-spawn timer is 3 minutes. Which would mean he didn't combat log.
  6. @Peter Johnson What do you have to say about this? Checking the stats panel to find out a players ingame value is considered metagame.
  7. Player Report - Shadow - 10/22/17

    As from what I've seen in the video, Shadow killed Joe in the Greenzone at the Athira Garage. This is shooting in the greenzone. I have issued 2 day ban.
  8. We have checked the logs and it shows no money was given to Kelby however that isn't a reason to bring a report to the forums. Nothing was broken in the video I watched and therefore, I will be denying this report.
  9. It is still logged. We will have a answer soon from Kayle
  10. @Kayle Ravelle can u check the logs to see if the money was transfered
  11. Harry

    Bigger Picture?
  12. nice picture dude

  13. Congrats buddy. Well Deserved!

  14. Hi Tim i am Back


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