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  1. crashing heals you.

    An old bug coming back to haunt us. @Conner Merlin @Sig
  2. Ban Appeal - [V] SuperAbbid - 01/17/18

    Since this was a T5 ban, He needs to appeal it via the correct channels. " If you want to appeal this please email and a member of Management will be in touch regarding this. [email protected] "
  3. Drones for Medics.

    Its all done on filters. Quite easy tbh.
  4. #3 Frag Movie Phoenix RP

    4K 60fps baby ;)
  5. Top Hobo Fragger

    moved to video and screenshots pending review as per new rules
  6. #3 Frag Movie Phoenix RP

    Nice kills. Lovely editing too ;)
  7. Smoke Grenades

    At the end of the day, smokes are a part of the game. If you don't like them don't put yourself in a situation where they are used.
  8. Smoke Grenades

    You have smokes too.. use them. Also turn down your settings and it will be fine. -1
  9. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    I'll have a look through my footage and contact the officers involved to see what we can find.
  10. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    The incident in Agios was a clear mistake. I went for the tyres and hit you. This incident was different. We told him not to get into the car, thus being initiation. We then took shots. Like I said, video or no video it happened, I'm not denying it. It was a mistake from my side again if nobody of you shot but at the time I didn't know this. How do you expect me to react when we take shots after initiating on somebody. I'm not going to be posting any more replies until a Staff Lead has dealt with this. If you want the offer of compensation message me on the forums and I'll be more than happy to comp you both. Other than that I don't see where else we can go from here.
  11. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    You have provided a video of you side of the story yes, it doesn't mean the shots didn't happen. As @Kayle Ravelle said, if we were taking shots after initiating on you guys, we assumed the shots were related to you guys. Even If i ask the other officers involved to see if they have it on record and it shows it wasn't from you guys compensation was offered in support in which it was accepted. Johnny then become disrespectful as per usual and I left since I don't need to sit and listen to somebody who has no respect for other people. The offer of compensation was never off the table and is still there if you want it. If not, we can continue with the report. Your choice @Papa Smurf since you are reporting me.
  12. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    I'm not trying to say it was because he drove back into a dangerous situation, I am saying we took shots after we initiated on you guys. We thought it was you so since we had been "RDM'd" we defended ourself. Like I said in the support room I offered comp and you agreed. I then left after your sly comments and your attitude, the reason you were banned from TS in the first place might I add.
  13. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    I expect everybody to use common sense when in support cases. There was no talk about comp not being offered and I left because of the "sly remakrs" by Johnny. Like I said, the offer for comp was always there but you felt the need to bring the report to the forums regardless. If you want the comp, I'm still happy to resolve it that way otherwise lets see how the report plays out. I know it might get frowned upon since a resolution was reached and it still came to the forums

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