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  1. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Compensation Request - Fred Drewski - 03/06/18

    Accepted Hello Fred, I have accepted your request for the ingots that you have processed and am willing to compensate you for those - 176x£3,000 =528k. I am sorry I cant comp for the xmx as there is no evidence that you had it or lost it I hope you understand. Old bank balance £784,443 New bank balance £1,312,443
  2. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Compensation Request - Frokni Reykr - 03/06/18

    Denied Hello Frokni, I am sorry to tell you that your compensation request has been declined, the reason for this is the lack of evidence, I understand that the server went down unexpectedly but without evidence, i cant be sure that you indeed had lost those items, I apologise for any inconvenience caused
  3. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Compensation Request - Satoshi Nakamoto - 03/06/18

    Denied Hello Satoshi, I am very sorry to tell you that your compensation request has been declined due to the lack of evidence, In future, any steam screenshots by pressing f12, or a video would be sufficient evidence, I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  4. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Compensation Request - Evoke - 03/06/18

    Approved Approved and comped for all the copper you had processed, 192 copper bars = 192x£3,000= £ 576,000 Old bank balance £779,451 New bank balance £1,355,451
  5. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Compensation Request - [HAVOC] Jamesky - 03/05/18

    Approved Old bank balance £8,844,424 New bank balance £9,344,424 After checking the batlemetrics can clearly see on the 3/3/2018 at 5:12PM you withdrew £520,000 and after checking your licenses there is a no license, You will be awarded the full amount of the claim £500,000
  6. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Compensation Request - [DGN] Ollie - 03/04/18

    Approved Old Bank Balance £ 3,945,484 New Bank Balance £4,395,484
  7. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Compensation Request - [TITAN] Reece - 03/04/18

    Denied Reece, I am sorry to tell you that this compensation request has been denied due to the fact that the server gives out warnings about an impending restart. thus giving the player in this case you plenty of time to store or sell the products you were transporting and for this reason, this has been declined. Nick
  8. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)


    @Charlie Knight Here then https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazingAuspiciousWolfDatSheffy
  9. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)


    Hmm not as bad as what I did wiping all the cops out ?, but we won't mention that
  10. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Server roll back lost 305 salt

    Approved Old Bank Balance £10.075,513 New Bank Balance £ 10,990,513
  11. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Compensation Request - Alofa Bred - 03/01/18

    Approved Old bank balance: £148.780 New Bank Balance: £2.048.780
  12. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Fr | Forsaken [Open]

    May want to add that then ;)
  13. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Fr | Forsaken [Open]

    Roleplay as an entry requirement lads?
  14. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)

    Nick Richards, the CSO

    Oh i hate you @Charlie Knight
  15. Craigr218 (Nick Richards)


    lol good job lads