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  1. Ryan.


    Fucking hell mate you've been here for a week and you've already gone up so far up their asses you're talking for them
  2. Ryan.


    oh my god a 2 for 1 deal absolutely amazing
  3. Why would you call him a freak? that's pretty mean I'd consider that bullying
  4. @Stefan♦ if u took me hostage for 4 hours i would not cry and i would tell you where my house is! and if i can ask do you know where jensons house is?
  5. why you still crying for
  6. 2.9 Roleplay Standard - You must always keep a high level of roleplay standard when playing. We understand that each situation you approach may be different and will apply common sense when enforcing this rule. Warning point issued to jenson
  7. if anything its low rp standard from jenson and white knight ricardo failing to save his e-boy
  8. @Jelle @Cobra★ it's just roleplay i authorise the video
  9. can we have a montage of you raging and crying like a baby?
  10. @Mike Sano you could learn a thing or two from this and @Niko.
  11. where has @Joe Fisher gone? has anyone seen him??
  12. rumour has it your real name is jamal 

    1. Niko.


      that is FALSE

    2. Ryan.


      I believe @Paddy McCarthy can back me up here that you’re called jamal and you live in liberty city under the FALSE name of niko belic

  13. Time Submitted: 05:58:58 PM | 04/27/20 Submitted By: Ryan. (1974) Your In-Game Name: HALIFAX Who are you reporting?: Dr Disrespect Time/Date of event: 27/04/20 18:30 Rule's Broken: 1.2 Explain what happened: Was transporting gold after doing a bank and was initiated on and instantly shot out without time to comply Evidence (Video/Screenshot): will send to staff that deals with report Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: 22431 didnt show up to support
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