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  1. I feel starting one would draw players away from the Altis sever, which I feel currently wouldn't benefit the community.
  2. It doesn't matter what our intentions are, running up to someone with a gun and started a situation is not baiting its RP, I fail to see how you don't grasp this common concept. Only one of us came up and Shouted "FBI OPEN UP" its more of a meme than anything, I don't understand how you think us preparing to rob you is valid initiation for you too shoot us? Like in real life if you've got a gun and 3 guys come at you, yeah you shoot them? But in real life people cant record it and go to the "gods" to report you for a rule break. This point makes no sense? And you say "you're gonna blast em cmon." like you moan about RP when you are just RDMing us? Where is the logic? You and your mate are the ones who turned an RP situation into a gunfight, so how can we be at fault for RP? You're literally admitting to RDM? I also fail to see how this is an Admin circle considering Zyn isn't even involved? Yes he was there, he never shot? Its against me and believe me the admins aren't biased to me, I've been banned a lot and if I was in the wrong they'd say I was. If you can tell me a rule I've actually broken, I'd like to know because as far as I can see and several support and staff, I haven't....
  3. I ran up with a gun and shouted "FBI Open Up" to stall for Zyn and wade to arrive. They said our intentions were clear and because i had a gun out this was physical initiation and they RDM'd me. We didn't kill anyone of them nor did we fire a single bullet. Benji the one reporting was also killed by his friend not one of us. I genuinely fail to see what we've done wrong, Fulton and Tyler B also said we hadn't broken any rules. But Benji still insisted on coming to support.
  4. We are being reported for Invalid initiation, There was no initiation and we didn't fire a single bullet. Something that doesn't exist can't be invalid.
  5. Sold to Mark Wilson, msg me when you online bud you got 2 days x
  6. will you do 500K for them?
  7. I'll give you 400K, you can buy them for 500K whats the point?
  8. Closing auction lock and move please
  9. You use metals from the different metal runs and go to the crafting place, i think its in HAVOC, if you read the new implemented stuff it wasn't too long ago.
  10. Nick Coca

    AMS Black

    I'll be on soon Lock and move please
  11. Sorry i left a 0 of the end of it, corrected now xd
  12. It comes with 1 mag, with the crafting system in the game you can craft mag though if you'd like more. craft more*
  13. Nick Coca

    AMS Black

    Item Name: AMS Black x 1 Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/f251f4684d92355e2ad7ec176ec86417 Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: £1,000,00 Minimum Increment: £500,000 End Date: 13/07/2019
  14. Item Name: MOS Khaki x 1 Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/f251f4684d92355e2ad7ec176ec86417 Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: £1,000,000 Minimum Increment: £500,000 End Date: 15/07/2019
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