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  1. Nick Coca

    Nick Coca

    Leaving Montage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCswaUAm2_o&feature=youtu.be
  2. Left the server about a month ago, but today I actually resigned from Police and had my last CTU Patrol, I've had a lot of fun on Phoenix, Thanks. SSD is now officially cleared of my clips Nick Coca | Phoenix 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCswaUAm2_o&feature=youtu.be
  3. As much as I love roaching, I think that it changes combat for the worse and realistically you can still roach with an ARCO/RC0 it’s just harder which I think makes sense and is good.
  4. Nick Coca

    Nick Coca

    @Raven Controller > Mouse 🐁
  5. Nah I agree, get long range scopes gone. They ruin combat, you can still roach with an ARCO it just takes a lot more. The opinion is there to still do it, just makes it harder. +1 Majority of my kills before leaving were counter roaching, at pefkas go stadium because when havoc come they going to drop 2km out. Scopes in my opinion have changed combat for the worse.
  6. Beret not barret x
  7. Nick Coca


    majazuri and my man Scott aye
  8. Nick Coca

    Nick Coca

    شكرا لك اخي
  9. Nick Coca


    In a bit lizard man xxx
  10. Nick Coca

    Nick Coca

    Yeah I didn’t know your forum name 😬
  11. Nick Coca

    Nick Coca

    😂😂 cheers big man
  12. Nick Coca

    Nick Coca

    Really appreciate that, good to see that someone has noticed some change ❤️
  13. Nick Coca

    Nick Coca

    Don't know what you mean?!
  14. Nick Coca

    Nick Coca

    I've always enjoyed my time on phoenix, but things don't seem to be picking up and I have other stuff that requires my attention. Started out with my main boys from | Single Mums With Guns [SMG]/ Milkmen [MM] | @Zyn, @NootNoot, @Papa Smurf, @jordan, @JohnMcGinely Was fun and will always remember you boys from LS days. After this moved to Havoc and had a blast in HSOS and HSF with some OG's was a blast always remember it, @Embers, @turbosperg, @Bagg, @Lester After SMG/MM moved to the best time I've had on Arma with Izingkwane, so much love for @Zyn, @Giz Us A Tennerrrrrrr, @Conner Merlin 🥾🌍 🥾🌍, @Spud, @TrueWade_Gx, @Darragh, @turbosperg, @handy, @liam Was so much fun, shame management shut us down. Shout out to Nexus and Seismic as well, was a blast with all of you lads. Next to cops more recently @TST and @CTU, had a blast with everyone, they're a good group of guys, big up to genuinely some of the soundest and funniest cunts I met in cops @AIDEN ✅ ✅, @Blitz, @CRACCOON, @Matt✅ , @Michael, @John O'Connor, @Sanjib Punjabi, @Cat1249, @Jay Harvey, @Dylan, @Teeki, @Teekii, @tractor I know I never got along with a lot of people, but for the ones I did thank you, it was fun. Few Other mentions : @Alexander & @Zinner & @SpawnTheDeath For always dealing with my support cases ❤️ @Conner Merlin 🥾🌍Soundest Project Lead there has been and always fun. @Sanjib Punjabi Always treating and dealing with me fairly in PPC/PCC, great guy and a good laugh (Contrary to popular belief) @Tiger, @Jelle & @BertSon-G - Titan boys were always a good laugh cheers x Thank you @Kevin for keeping this up so long. If I missed you let me know. No doubt I will hop on... @everyone Cheers with putting up with me Best HSOS and HSF - https://gyazo.com/596561586e6db4b687418d9eb9d0b7ed TST and CTU Great lads and a lot of fun - https://gyazo.com/b007cb8f08580f9f04dc56902428b78a | https://gyazo.com/4dd1edd02b1d198f543fb30ede28a1a8 | https://gyazo.com/ec5cb955457b917ae91a4174cc8b2f34
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