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  1. Ban Appeal - Dimo - 01/17/18

    Yes I agree with @Ken Barlow I was typing a message to the staff discord to let them know that Dimo was on a warning for trolling on the TS and to keep an eye out and then Ken leaves the channel and then he said this, I contacted Ken to let him know what was just said and then Ken went to Tim.

    Thanks <3
  3. Altis Freedom Force

    What is your in-game name? Jimmy Reddington How old are you? 16 Any Previous bans? If so please state them: No Detailed character RP story: An ex Captain in the British Special Forces, he moved to Altis 5 years ago following a incident that happened within his job. He lives with his wife and 1 child. He spent 15 years serving within the SAS and has completed over 455 missions that has saved countless of lives, he has also participated in 150 joint operations with SBS, Delta Team, Spetsnaz, SEAL Team, and many more. He is trained in hostage rescue, building clearance, marksmen ship and underwater warfare. Now he has got settled into Altis he now wants to get back into old habits and start fighting again. Why do you wish to join AFF? I want to join AFF because I know what there RP is like and it's very good, and I've been looking for a gang that does good RP and not just combat focus, plus I know some of the members and get along with them quite well. Have you ever encountered AFF before? If so what was the experience like? Yes HAVOC have a agreement with them and they help us out a lot.
  4. TeddyBear | Peter

    +1 Teddy is a great person and I respect him.
  5. HAVOC members RP stories

    To all HAVOC personnel if you have forgotten your RP backstories and wish to be reminded feel free to message me on here or over TS and I'll get you it.
  6. Move Meth Lab

    +1 I think meth should be moved somewhere over the border to havoc land, it will increase the traffic though the border and possibly increase RP, it will also give HAVOC another job to do, protect meth runners.
  7. #2 Frag Movie Phoenix RP

    2:09, @Matty James you should upload the rest where havoc mess you guys up and take one of you hostage
  8. Ban Appeal - samsonkiller - 12/21/17

  9. good support.

    ahaha absolutely nothing @Alexander Pechtold
  10. [KBI] Ken Barlow INC

    In-Game name: Jimmy Tart Age: 16 Nationality: English Previous Gangs: Enigma and Rusty Why Do You Want To Join: I want to join because I feel like I would fit in and it would be a great laugh. Also I want to join because I want some amazing RP and knowing some of the members with KBI I know I will get that great RP that I haven't got from any other gang except from Enigma. When Can You Play: All the time even when on as HAVOC I will think of my gang and try to help them.
  11. Aim sway

    As the unofficial official Suggestions team We have decided for one reason or another to deny your suggestion Thanks for trying though.
  12. different colors

    As the unofficial official Suggestions team We have decided for one reason or another to deny your suggestion. Thanks for trying though.
  13. Medical custody

    message deleted.
  14. Green zone Initiation

  15. Player Report - Labrador - Luker - 12/15/17

    Time Submitted: 08:38:35 PM | 12/15/17 Submitted By: Jimmy tart (1959) Your In-Game Name: Jimmy Tart Who are you reporting?: Labrador - Luker Time/Date of event: 14/12/2017 - 9PM-11PM Rule's Broken: 2.2 RDM Explain what happened: So basically last night tensions were high between HAVOC and the police, me and frank are flying up and down the border making sure no cops try jumping it, we see a Quilin (filled with 2 or 3 cops) jump the border so we chase after it in the helicopter, whilst ground elements chase after in a strider, the Quilin stops and dismounts, Labrador starts spraying at the helicopter killing me, even tho there has been no initiation or shots fired what so ever, the other officer starts lighting up the strider killing that HAVOC member. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5a3302f5e471bb5243/cops-rdm-part-2?from=user Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Ninj Just like to add that I spoke with the two officers but I feel like they ruined the situation that much I couldn't let them get away with it, and at the end of the day it's a clear RDM

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