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  1. hello stella luver mark 

  2. luker

    APC Command

    jesse's still causing problems 6 months on...yikes
  3. Time Submitted: 12:39:00 PM | 09/15/19 Submitted By: luker (1946) In-Game Name: luker Steam / Player ID: 76561198160917538 Administrator who issued ban: Charlie Wong Date of ban: 08/16/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I had sent the N word to a 'friend.' What reason was given for your ban? Discrimination. Why should you be unbanned? I had sent the message ironically with no malice or toxic intentions behind it, solely just in conversation explaining a point. There was no type of discrimination and the word in question wasn't used with a 'Hard R.' If unbanned, I will not use such words/discriminatory words again. What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable): "[TB] (Discrimination) Luker | Charlie Wong | Appeal at Phoenix"
  4. luker

    Alfies #2

    think this has to be the worst montage ive ever seen
  5. sounds like they have a stella up their arse if u ask me
  6. luker

    Stella Luvers

    i heard apex idiots listen to their wives the imbeciles #puffpatrol
  7. my benefits can't keep up with my stella consumption #fuming

    1. linky


      Ill make a kind donation so you can get a crate of stella from home bargins dont worry son

  8. server's dying as it is, don't kill something that people are staying on the server for lmao
  9. luker

    Alfies #1

    what did i just watch
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