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  1. perks of buying me a cookie: i'll have a cookie
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    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2

    Max settings I believe
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    Bagg First | Phoenix 1

    Turn up your saturation please
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    War Points/ Titles

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    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2

    thanks bro
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    Kill Feed Bug

    When spraying down a car and getting two kills, since the new update the second occupant of the vehicle only flags up as 'was incapacitated' rather than 'was incapacitated by ....' Not sure if it's just me seeing this but has happened on 3 consecutive occasions.
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    Urgent Message to Citizens

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    @Ryan Wilson for Prime Minister
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    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2

    ❤️ ketty wobbler lad
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    cya gilbert ❤️
  11. Really having mixed feelings about how this server's administration is going atm. There is no wriggle room for any kind of mistake at all and all minor convictions are taken to unnecessary extremes. Sad.

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    2. Kevin


      On a serious note though:

      Argument 1: "It's a game" - Yes, one with many players. Everyone should be able to enjoy it, not just the people who are going to break the rules and label it as 'just a game'. Football is 'just a game', but referees uphold the rules. Players make mistakes, they get a yellow card, they make another mistake, they get another which leads to a red card... Or they do something so crazy they get a straight red - similar concept when it comes to warnings for breaking rules - You can't get 20 yellow cards without getting sent off and expect the other team not to be a little frustrated.

      Argument 2: "We are human, we make mistakes" - 100%, this is true, I have made mistakes too. The issue is when the same exact mistake happens with the exact same individuals repeatedly over and over again is when the issues arise. You can't use this excuse when you get banned after RDMing for the 50th time 


      In reality the reason for banning people isn't just to punish them, but to care the the other players on the community who put hours and hours of time in and get the wrong end of the sword when it comes to rule breaks and get RDMed or whatever

    3. Kevin


      @Josh. When it comes to havoc and police fighting, the main issue is that police need to cater to the rest of the map, not just attacking havoc and HAVOC need to cater to their checkpoint and RP with people coming through, along with patrolling their border and land - We have 0 issue with police and HAVOC fighting, the issue is when they are fighting for 3 and a half hours ever restart, it just gets a bit ridiculous when normal civilians have no risk of being arrested, while at the same time are at risk of being robbed and not having police available to respond 

    4. AndrewFam


      Nice to see a comment from the other side that isn't something as retarded as "go play single player" or "they dont deserve to be here!"

      I agree with what you said, however I still believe, though entirely situational, more leniency is required especially in the decline of this dead game.

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    LUKER | PhoenixRP 5

    thanks bro!! thx!!!
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    Bazzy | Phoenix #2

    nice to see my biggest fan making videos! ❤️
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    Carlos Frag Video #1

    sweet 1 sexy
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    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2