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  1. Personally people do still hop on now and again because the have money and gear, and the player base will proably pick up when new faction comes in. But if you wipe players then them people who dont always play server will probaly be lost. And go to 0 like @Alexander point its a massive risk wiping people. And i think it will be a more negative way whilst the server is so low. Andf personally i have more fun having money and not doing runs and i find these a lot more enjoyable and ive been playing the game 6 years.
  2. Wolf

    Talent Show Event

    Event has been delayed until 6.30pm tomorrow 13/05/2020
  3. Wolf

    Vanquish | V | Open

    Accepted Check DM for Info
  4. Wolf

    Vanquish | V | Open

    Accepted check DM for Information
  5. Wolf

    Vanquish | V | Open

    Accepted check your DM for INFO
  6. Wolf

    Vanquish | V | Open

    Accepted Check DM for Info Accepted Check dm for info
  7. Cant believe its taken me this long to get a PC back lol... Glad to be back ❤️

    1. Kazz



  8. Wolf

    Been fun

    Return Incoming?
  9. hello all :D <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Brandon_


      who are you again?

    3. Wolf


      sorry boys been a while and partly using an Mac book atm to play league and cs, but always finished my pc now<3

    4. .Matthew.
  10. Peak when you wanna just come back and play but PC is broken??

  11. Daym haven’t been here in such a long time ??

  12. Come play son

    1. Wolf


      I need to come back 

  13. You coming back?

    1. Wolf


      Maybe maybe 

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