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  1. Daym haven’t been here in such a long time 😂😂

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    2. Peter


      holy fuck

    3. Wolf


      Yo yo boys 😂

    4. Sean


      wft though you were dead

  2. Wolf


    Loving the title Unboxning # 1 unboxing*****
  3. Wolf

    Been fun

    Love you babes @Ryan Wilson and what you chatting @Peter think you need to 're look
  4. Wolf

    Been fun

    Good luck to all staff management been a good server and enjoyed it loads but time to go Conner we will still go pinks @FoxHound @Kayle Ravelle @Kevin @Jord @Joe Fisher @Harry / MK-1 @Conner Merlin @Kevin @Ryan Wilson @Labrador @Tim @Tom Wilson @Bosh @Raymond Reddington @Peter @Matty James @Ashley Raven @Blackie @ninj @Kazzie @Samuel Redbane @Andy Wick Need me add me on PlayStation oV_Lore BOOTS ON THE GROUND IS BACK BITCHES #ChiefsNation
  5. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - Joshu - 10/22/17

  6. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - Miku - 10/23/17

    Yeah, but if you jumped out of an high moving vehicle I don't think anyone would be able to just run. You've done multiply rule breaks here. So I think you should serve a few more days and then you can reapply. You can reappeal in 2 days. DENIED
  7. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - Miku - 10/23/17

    So you wanted to use a glitch what you heard because? and also, when you just been revived you ran away? Like I think if someone fell out of the car and need medical assistant wouldn't be able to just run away? @Miku
  8. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - Miku - 10/23/17

    Want to explain why you jumped out of a car also? whilst arrested? @Miku
  9. Wolf

    Player Report - miku - 10/22/17

    Watching this video, this is clearly trolling by just constally screaming, whilst being spoken to. And whilst trying down the road in a police car whilst arrested is clear fail rp. Two clear rule breaks. So with that i will be adding a 5 day ban to this player. But as i can see this player has been banned for racism, so now this will be a T1 14 day ban. ACTIONED
  10. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - Dahir - 10/10/17

    @Kayle Ravelle can you explain, what happen here, and what was said.
  11. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - [NL] Bunny - 09/27/17

    I Have spoke with bunny, on team speak about this case and stuff and he seems genuine sorry, for this, ive seen a video of what happened, so bunny I don't want to see you doing like any thing like this again. Know such thing as exploiting. This will be on your ban history forever now. So if you get caught doing anything like this again the punishment will be a lot worse. your served 4 days out of 7 of your ban so ill unban you this time. Take this as a very serious warning UNBANNED
  12. Wolf


    To be fair this could be good, because when your friend needs picking up and your already in a heli, but if this was a thing this could be just out side zaros, so It doesn't disrupted roleplay. But like people are saying there is an airfield that isn't to far away.
  13. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - [NL] Brandon - 09/25/17

    As I can see you have no bans before this, and you have been banned for three days already and as you did not do this ban but never really told him no, I think 3 days is fair, so I will unban you. Make sure if your with someone who is breaking rules remove yourself. UNBANNED
  14. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - [NL] Brandon - 09/25/17

    So, Brandon, as I can see you wasn't doing this, but what was the goal here, couldn't you go buy so bolt cutters , instead of this and did you try to tell your friend not do this? @Brandon | Fluxx Gaming
  15. Wolf

    Ban Appeal - Dandy Taragyen- 09/25/17

    I Spoke with, dandy in team speak, and he understands that the initation was really bad and knows, next time he will need better initation. He was informed that this guy was breaking nlr, etc, and whilst he is initiated he does pull a pistol, but get on the ground or die, is really bad and dandy knows this, Take this as a warning, @Dandy UNBANNED