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  1. spawnthedeath

    PhoenixRP | Phoenix's problems (or not)

    teddy as pilot plane goes straight down. teddy got autopilot on EVERYTHING 😛 accurate
  2. spawnthedeath

    Cobra | Fragtage #1

    -1 no tactical use of bushes detacted
  3. spawnthedeath

    How to disable a Heli 101

    so thats why the armed hellcat is rarely seen by the police they use the hunters.... sharethistacticplz i enjoyed
  4. spawnthedeath

    For Honor Free

    thanks ❤️
  5. spawnthedeath


    i put my big black plane in on your landing strip and into your garage.....
  6. spawnthedeath

    Open Sea Broadcast.

  7. spawnthedeath


    yeaahhhh lovelyyyy....
  8. spawnthedeath

    Weapon Parts

    depends on the havoc person you got jack 😛 we are not all the same
  9. spawnthedeath

    Weapon Parts

    just lift your truck or find another way there are more reasons behind the move to police lands that is to get more trafic trough the check point, i dont mind it getting cash is already too easy and the economy is bad already last thing we need is another op run with little risk
  10. spawnthedeath


  11. spawnthedeath

    10 million giveaway

    wow giving 10 million away. i fucking respect that
  12. spawnthedeath


    i can see why if we get 20 of prison time or 200k i rather stay 20 min then paying 200k but if i have to face 60 min then yeah sure have the 200k 😛 might be that for a reason but yeah 60 min indeed is long time to wait. makesomething fun to do in prison
  13. spawnthedeath

    When you got a new car

    sorry who are you again ? 😛
  14. spawnthedeath

    When you got a new car

    wauw ever heard of having fun ? aslong as both partys have fun its good rp.
  15. spawnthedeath

    Weaponparts run illegal

    From today, 28/05/2018, weapon parts will be illegal on the east side of the island! The reason for this is that the government doesnt allow the Cyrus, the Mk-10 and the LRR to be made anymore. Therefor the weaponfactory close to Sofia needs to be closed. Anyone caught trying to make weapons will be punished accordingly!