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  1. Can i get comp doe nu 1 min?
  2. Lets get back on topic here. Cause that gang bs is irrelevant specially if its a reborngang. Of would indeed be Nice to are the huron crate to get more space and maybe a hemmt ammo a price boost as 250k is pisscheap for that Wright
  3. seeing the proof given here and after talking with both parties i come to the conclusion. there is no solit evidence that jack was being racist on phoenixrp platforms als the sound given was played to me back as a soundboard. due to both factors this can not be validated that this was accually done on our platforms AND by jack knight. for lack of evidence i am gonna decline this player report. @Jack Knight @Elliot123 declined locked and moved
  4. let me tell ya its no fun to get unbanned from infistar global ban for cheating. and besides that it will always be on your profile and ppl need to be carefull with it. but they dont ban for no reason something must have triggerd its system as in my case. so whitelist those players? as said in movies .... NEIN NEIN NEIN
  5. i will be dealing with the player report . @Jack Knight send me the ''proof'' you got. i will revieuw both sides and may contact one or both parties involved if needed
  6. anyone wanna buy a gryphon ?  its a jet for those guys who dont know wich you can not buy.  it turns very fast and its extreemly fun to fly.

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    2. Viktor Reznov

      Viktor Reznov

      Was trying to buy on of those on the auction but they didn't get listed for sale :(

    3. SpawnTheDeath


      kiran try a bit higher as its still a rare jet @Kiran

    4. Kiran
  7. yeah ben from your point of vieuw its obvious... but there is more to it then just pressing one key. community board has to look at all the bans and stuff ppl got on there account and consider if they want a player back on the community for a highly likely more then a second chance they already got alone on there minds with v2 and other stuff needed to bring that out if they also got to do a few houndred to possibly a few thousand players they wanna look into. ( ofc this is shorten if they only look for the once wich do a ban appeal) now if ppl take the time to do a ban appeal i think some would have done it already. and some might not but then they prob also dont wanna play here anymore wich is fine as they can play where they wish to play. i hope for those who want to return that such event is granted by community board. but i see a good reason with all the preasure for v2 why they would want to wait till christmas wich is also kinda like the time to do such thing
  8. too long for what? its not a right they have if its done at all its a previllage and a generous sign from the community board. they have to be happy if its not again at christmas at all stand alone at v2. they are all gone for a reason and such mass unbans are also not for everyone. ( wich you obv stated your self like hackers etc) the last time was a nice offer but players seem so see it almost as a thing we could do every season.... wich then makes it not special and also would take the piss out of the punishemnt
  9. oke first of all sorry for the late responds. i suddenly got bombed with work irl so rip. now lets get something very clear here. it does not matter if its 1min to restart. you dont break rp and you do not RDM even if it does not matter. it is not a good thing to do and poeple will get upsad about it and take away enjoyment, and the rules are here for just that, that everyone can play fair and enjoy the server together with the same rules. also ignoring a dispute is highly disadviced as this will sometimes resolve it a player report as the one who disputes can not resolve the previous situation. the fact that it still was rdm and still was breaking rp will not be tollerated. the fact i cant see who the guy is that broke rp means i cant really act on it. but let it be a example to you all not to break rp. drunkenacrobat however i can see very clearly rdming obsidian and there for a punishment will be given. @DrunkenAcrobat will recieve a 3days ban for rdm
  10. i will be dealing with the player report. i will comment more after i revieuwed all evidence,
  11. cops dont get a xian obv as they got a blackfish the intention on that is that xian is more rebel ish and nato is more cop wanna be stuff... xian for civs/ bandits why not 45m would be just fine same as for the blackfish.
  12. that is up to the faction to inform you about and to tell you. you will get your answer from them. (same as for staff or anyother thing)
  13. so it might be a shooter game but that does not mean shit if the players make it an rp game wich the server is for. Phoenix v2 might only enhance the rp exsperiance but the players still got to do the rp so unless the mentallity of the player get diffrent it cant change. but v2 prob cant make it worse then it currently is.
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