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  1. SpawnTheDeath


    @Roy good to see you finally found peace and not the weekly headache.
    was good being admin with you..

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ricardo


      Sad to see u Boys go

    3. Greasy


      this is dead emotional 

    4. Max


      You both have been with us for longer than 2 years, And have done a great job, Thank you guys ❤️

  2. and did she then again get fragged by the apc who does not care about life or them dutys aslong as they can frag?
  3. Alexander

    Welcome to the gang

    1. Clark


      what happend

    2. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      Where's your admin? 

    3. SpawnTheDeath


      i stepped down as i found that 2 years with crying children in a room was enough 😛

  4. SpawnTheDeath


  5. SpawnTheDeath

    Altis Life Suggestions - cigarets

    Time Submitted: 08:31:05 AM | 05/24/20 Submitted By: SpawnTheDeath Forum ID: 1932 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: cigarets What Is Your Suggestion: cigarets are currently REALLY profitable and i think it should be looked at again
  6. SpawnTheDeath

    Server pop.

    WDYM its popping
  7. SpawnTheDeath

    Altis Life Suggestions - Driving Test

    nah -1 to much effort for too basic stuff
  8. SpawnTheDeath

    ---- LONG LIVE ISRAEL ----

    who this ?
  9. so it took me a bit less time then espected as i thought there was more text . anyways i looked at the evidence provided and came to a conclusion. now i see that no one can find the taser rule but we can all agree that a taser is non lethal there for it does not fall under valid player initiation Valid Initiation: Saying "You will be shot" or "I will kill you" or threatening to knock someone out while holding a lethal firearm while adhering to roleplay standard is valid player initiation. so yes it was rdm. from the second video there was no treath to his life and the responds time was way to fast anyways. if anyone needs a hand with understanding the rules feel free to go to support and contact an ADMIN to get a more clear understanding. mike will get a warning for rdm. and dave will get one for 3.1 Player Initiation player report accepted and have a nice day
  10. i will look into this report and make a decision in tomorrow possibly
  11. knocking someone out before you pull out your weapon is indeed an exploit and something you are not unknown for. i can not see the nvol clearly so i aint doing stuff with that. however i will give you a punishment for the exploiting i will give you a 2 day ban @Reginald Lawrence accepted ban issued.
  12. SpawnTheDeath

    Altis Life Suggestions - Server wipe

    if the server would wipe alot of players would leave i bet as there are alot of players with nice items or vehicles wich they see as a achievment and wiping those will make them leave so will I big fat -1
  13. SpawnTheDeath

    Free up my guy

    nah man. we were fearless and are willing to fight for our country regardless of the odds against us. we made best efforts untill the goverment said stop.
  14. SpawnTheDeath

    Pullout player

  15. no need for the text. declined you got a CB appeal trough email
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