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  1. alex king

    i might be a bad dealer then cause i aint getting anything
  2. alex king

    alex ohh where to start... he is a top guy always helpfull like to have a laugh and awesome rp in support he is by the rules he does the same for a friend as for a stranger or enemy +100 for this guy anytime ! @Alex King keep it going man !
  3. Drones for Medics.

    doctor up please if someone crashes it can cause distraction of not esclate
  4. selling taru's

    selling x5 taru's 10m each starting price upbid with 250k
  5. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders.

    i would like to thank ken barlow for dedicating his time to give the rusty members there licenses and the overal dedication when he did not need to. as a director of rusty enterprises i would like to give you thanks from the whole corperation ! kind regards, SpawnTheDeath
  7. Why isn't Susan Smyth a doctor?

    it comes with time a medical director will see your post
  8. Ally system

    +1 it would be really nice and it will promote more team work between gangs
  9. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    +1 correct
  10. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    pleasseeee like i said from the biginning
  11. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    you can rp with some cops if you got a good rp story they might even be willing to help you as long as its fun right we are afther all here to have fun
  12. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    like i said dont get to heated :P there needs to be a good balance between rp and frags and there should be a part of rp before the frag. currently in my eyes there is no balance unfortunaly and i made this topic to get the attention from everyone to start seeing it including manegment.
  13. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    it was intented to have good comments lets not get it too hot before it begins plz :P
  14. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    it has come to my attention that the server has become less roleplay and more pvp i can not remember the last time when rebels from another gange besides AFF tryed to roleplay with us, i have not seen alot of rp in the server lately and i think staff lead / management should try to bring back a bit more the rp currently its all about the frags for some ppl even posting frag montages on the forums on a rp server that is just discusting in my oppinion. ofc killing and stuff is not wrong if it comes out of rp in my yes it should be like this first rp > and if the rp gets heated then iniciate and turn it into a fire fight, and tbh i have not seen that in a while ! anyone who can bring in good valid points into this i would love to hear kind regards [R] SpawnTheDeath
  15. After medic revive roleplay.

    -1 for the idea. but it looks pretty poor rp in my eyes cause if you where shot down and got bullet wounds or be knocked out by the inpackts on your vest (depends on the rp you want) the medic should check them out first and the police should enforce this because they want poeple to be alive (atleast in real life) then the patient and the medic can do there rp and it will tell if the medic takes them due to there rp story (depends on the situation) or he leaves him with the cops now remember its an rp server i see alot of ppl fragging and then wait for a medic and then try to rp with them.... in my eyes that is not how it works but that is how it goes. wich in turn disapoints me alot kind regards [R] SpawnTheDeath

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