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  1. NLR

    its fairly easy to monitor. just dont go to the gold buyer if a party dies the command of the police from gold to bronze has to enforce this when ever a bank is done
  2. NLR

    oke now its my turn to mix myself in now we had indeed diffent banks where the cops lost or only one was alive and valid his life and went away. now from my oppinion since once i was the cop last alive and did not call for back up or anything. i think its a scummy move to go and set up at gold buyer even if management said so its compleetly wrong and should in my eyes not be done. there for i also do not go to gold buyers afther a bank its just completly wrong and in my eyes is the devinition of breaking NLR the rebels risk alot of money in gear and transports. they won it fair and square so why not let them go its not like you remember they beaten you right ? i think cops should NOT be allowed back in the situation as in my eyes a bank operation in planned in stages of robbing transporting and cashing in its all together one big situation, cause if that is allowed it is also allowed to rob at the mine then go back to the prossesor and if you lost a third time, ohh why not go ''patrol'' the dealer? its the same thing as the bank bank is just a bit bigger thats my oppinion with massive amount of typo's and grammer mistakes for the onces that can not handle those.. have fun SpawnTheDeath
  3. Goodbye All <3

    its sad to see you leave nick. i am really gonna miss you and might even gonna miss your crashes.. maybe. you always had a good sence of hummor and rp and you are a great sidekick of @Ms. Rose great honnor to met you nick big tears to see you leave.
  4. My leaving post.

    phoenix rp just lost a diamond. the server will not be the same the cops will not be the same without you and nick up in gold and bringing rp to the server at its best. will miss you #truegardianofthegreenzone!
  5. Roy Markus

    roy is the best elbow licker in the whole police force he will lick those rebel elbows clean ! btw no thanks to the pilot who accualy took this man into the sky's to help you (gimmie credits reeeee) roy top guy and beside his spotting skills quality rp
  6. illigal item list update

    uranium is currently by the system not seen as iligal items we can not seize them from the virtuel option menu and also we can not question the dealer to tell us who sold it. i have not checked it yet but i assume this is the same for weapon part. can anyone fix/check this? kind regards SpawnTheDeath
  7. Spawnthedeath

    ow wauw another recommendation... first one did not espect... second one was amazed... now a third one oke oke seems that ppl like me i really appricate all of you and every single one of you guys that recommend me or comment on the recomendations it shows apprication for the effort and rp i put into the game to make it for all of us a better exsperiance, really alot of love to all of you (no homo) THANKS!
  8. Nick is going to drive slower...

    loooool it was priceless in chat to see
  9. Rule Changes

    sorry stefan the scopes discussion is somewhere els wrong one
  10. Rule Changes

    as i have played alot of time as a rebel and now also playing as cop been in medics i can see that those suggestions go completly in the wrong direction, so instead of those combat / looting suggestions on rules can we all put our mind together and make a roleplay rule ? enforcing more roleplay ?
  11. Rule Changes

    i can agree with yorkie
  12. Rule Changes

    as i have readed the rules that are suggested it only seems that ppl are out for more frags and gear. all the factions are here for roleplay from rebel to cops to havoc to medics to civ's if you want frags and lots of gear there are some great koth servers out there and in case you are banned from them i might be able to help :P but for real man the rp in the server does mostly not come any further with most rebel factions then hands up or die. seems the only line rebels really say. now take a note that there are a few gang that do know a bit of rp but most of them... nah they rather inicate and go for gear and frags. so a massive big gaint -1 guys promote rp not pvp...
  13. spawnthedeath

    haha thanks alot man appricate it
  14. spawnthedeath

    its an rp cartel get out with your 7,62
  15. Restraining Incapacitated players

    idk about your exsperience but the past 4 months i been on this server ppl seems to get more salty when they are defeaten then think hey lets give the guys who killed me some more quallity rp i wish it happend but i think thats somehow part of it it aint all a sweet dream

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