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  1. Death Spawn

    HAVOC priortising training over armoury.....

    how can one do armoury without the knowlage how to operate the weapons needed if it escalates ? not without training. just do armoury afther the havoc trainings?

    1. Will'o Boston

      Will'o Boston

      Why can i not dislike status updates?

  3. Death Spawn

    Phoenix #7 ❤️

    i find this not very good compaired to the server i think you need to consider this rule in your video's 2.9 Roleplay Standard denied
  4. Death Spawn

    Armed offroad

    for how much sould i sell mine ?
  5. i dont think saying inbred is used in a way to hard the reported. this is an adult community and i dont feel like this is personally used to the reported. i feel this was said in the heat of the moment. i gonna have to decline this player report. how ever sig please make sure to keep cool what ever happens i know things can get heated
  6. i will give the accused 24 hours to respond. @Sig
  7. Death Spawn

    Good old days

    jasper i always flee when i see you as havoc
  8. Death Spawn

    Remove taser initiation rule

    -1 it has been suggested more then alex has done support cases @Alexander the cops need the tazer iniitiation for several things and one of them is a non lethal force so they can start roleplaying as a cop and if you would roleplay with them i doupt you get in much problems i rarely get my gun or shit taken the least a slight ticket wich is oke the second thing they need it for is control in the blue / green zones as they aswell can not lethal initiate on anyone in there. removing this will do more harm then good in my oppinion and do notice i am a rebel / part of a rebel faction so no going only cops like this rule.
  9. Death Spawn

    Make jets cheaper

    dont lower the price of the jets they are the toy for the players who spended a extreem long time on the server who has gathered the money on the server to be able to afort this. alot of players could buy this if they would not die all the time. big -1
  10. Death Spawn

    Black Hellcat For BM Rebels

    alltho the idea is not bad on its self i believe the devs are like working on reducing the missionfile so i do not think they would add this. +1 i do like it
  11. Time Submitted: 11:45:57 PM | 11/25/18 Submitted By: Death Spawn (1932) In-Game Name: Death spawn Steam / Player ID: 76561198028573959 Date of Event: 11/26/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/1027a0546d956117fd566f7f14fe06d9 Details of Event: FLYING A JET THIS TIME.... GOT A TICKET AGAIN Compensation Amount: 5000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  12. Death Spawn

    How to initiate on a heli with Matty Ji

    hahaha it was enjoyable
  13. Death Spawn

    Compensation Request - Vault dweller - 11/25/18 (Altis Life)

    https://gyazo.com/d8c7e8f9e5dd57d47fe76b60587f855e this is it worked for me... https://imgur.com/a/5TuXDHA maybe that? i really need the money for the ticket home
  14. Time Submitted: 12:40:47 AM | 11/25/18 Submitted By: Death Spawn (1932) In-Game Name: Vault dweller Steam / Player ID: 76561198028573959 Date of Event: 11/25/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/d8c7e8f9e5dd57d47fe76b60587f855e Details of Event: i was flying my blackfoot and got caught driving to fast.... Compensation Amount: THE PRICE OF THE TICKET! Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.