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  1. Death Spawn

    Alexander #1 or 2

    OEF beast team, tfu can learn something from those moves !
  2. Death Spawn

    Bring back dms

    someone plz make a summery of howmany ppl already sugested this
  3. Death Spawn

    Found Footage

    after spending a night in the hospital cause i had to walk back to athira knee capped.... i can say that me death spawn was forced to say yes. fk great rp tho
  4. do u realise how much of a cock u r lol

    1. Death Spawn

      Death Spawn

      yes finally someone recognized me XXXX 

      thanks for giving this comment comming from such a valued community member.

  5. Death Spawn

    tackle a player to the floor

    yeah outside of the greenzone try reading the above one again lester not just the titel
  6. Death Spawn

    Bug Zaros bank

    its the child lock. same as for a car children can not open it from the inside 😛
  7. Death Spawn

    Something needs to change

    @Will'o Boston
  8. Death Spawn

    Jasper Chan for PM

    why are you dutch..... plz leave
  9. Death Spawn

    Vote sig

    vote for jasper chan ! topic hijack !
  10. Death Spawn

    tackle a player to the floor

    so to increase the ammount of rp and fun with running away from the cops in kavala. if as cop in kavala you want someone to listen or to arest him. this is done by a taser or talking. if one runs you really only option is tasers. could we inplement some sort of tackle system to be able have a little dash forward and then knocking down who ever you hit in that dash. ofc with a little cooldown. and maybe missing a dash would leave the officer on the floor and give the runner a even bigger gap to run. wich the officer has to overcome. now this is ofc to increase rp and show less use for a taser or lethal guns. i know its not a perfect plan but i think some of the ppl on this community.
  11. Death Spawn

    Fleur Knight for next PM

  12. Death Spawn

    Time to Come Home

    welcome back reddington. dont start the reddington family plz
  13. Death Spawn

    Jasper Chan for PM

    +1 FOR IT ALL sounds like the better for us all
  14. Death Spawn

    Hayvoc newest gems

    @Cobra★ nice catch for havoc good job hope you chopped it all tho would not want you to miss out on that sweet money. i know i would chop it if i get the oppernunity like that. #givinghuntersonasilverplate
  15. Death Spawn

    Edit Patrol Missions

    thats effort yikes