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  1. @fleur adult... community... its just a song... its just a word... sit back and relax. BTW this could be asked in support would give you a faster answer 😛 but that is up to you
  2. Death Spawn


    -1 too over powerd. there is no reason to add this
  3. maybe @Jesse Johnson can aprove such move as a APC event? @Josh . i would go have a chat with him
  4. hehehe nice one now you just gave havoc a reason to get rpg's
  5. Death Spawn

    foute party!

    post the good old music here from your childhood (for some ppl i guess what they currently are listening...) lets bring back the good old feeling of the past and post what ever you like ! ( ofc music) i bet all the dutch ppl will remember that one All music (if english) in here maybe will be used in a possible event in the futher
  6. it would be nice to see 3 diffrent gangs in the redzone and see them fight so it would be nice for gangs to be limited to only 1 gang base each. and for havoc i would go have a chat with there command about it, wont reach anything on the forums with that @Tim Melborn
  7. oi com board can we get this going already ? arbeiten ! we need our tanoa!
  8. as its summer now and its getting hot for all of us as for our character on altis i think we should help that poor felle out. the goverment should help us keep cool in situation. i say the goverment should pay for some stuffs for us! free shorts and tshirts with flipflops. free sunglasses to protect us from the sun's rays. free straw hats during those hot days. and free water bottles as the NHS has been getting lost of reports of civs drying out! i say yesh !
  9. contact your police command on ts
  10. till this is fixed you can press shift 2 and do push up to increase the speed of the countdown time WHILE you are doing pushups.
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