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  1. Blackie Cockburn

    Talk to Mommy

    @CrownKey I have been great, Hows things with you? Hows your son? what you been playing recently?
  2. Blackie Cockburn

    NCA Information Thread

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the National Crime Agency Information Thread! This thread will be used for any updates within the unit and to announce new members and promotions within the NCA. Below you will find some NCA Command updates and our current command structure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NCA Command ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Director General: Blackie Cockburn @Blackie Deputy Director General: Leo Clark @Leo C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NCA Training Staff ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Specialized Training Agent: Pugs Drugs @PugsNotDrugs Specialized Training Agent TBA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NCA Meeting Information Next NCA Meeting: TBA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The NCA LOI's are: Open for new people. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quick links Handbook Database Letter of Interest Ridealong Request --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you all for taking interest in the National Crime Agency NCA Director General INS. Blackie Cockburn
  3. Blackie Cockburn

    Blackie Cockburn

  4. Blackie Cockburn

    Blackie Cockburn

    who is @Jelle??? also thanks everyone ❤️
  5. Blackie Cockburn

    Confidential Informants

    Prices slightly updated. (Not much)
  6. Blackie Cockburn

    Confidential Informants

    Gold has been robbed in one way or another. Even within RP banks they should sell it right away. If any police officer caught you with gold it would be taken away from you. Its classed as an illegal item.
  7. Blackie Cockburn

    Confidential Informants

    Gold can only be received by robbing the HM. Meaning it is illegal as it would have been robbed.
  8. Blackie Cockburn

    Confidential Informants

    @Nikos Meant for civs who dont have much 😉 you cant really rob a group of people if you are alone. and if you can then gratz.
  9. Blackie Cockburn

    Confidential Informants

    Hello Everyone. I am starting a new little Confidential Informant system. If you ever see someone doing an Illegal run and you want report it and earn a little extra for doing so. https://goo.gl/LUmdDR This is the Confidential Informant Guide. All information handed over to me will have to be in game over text message. My number can be found in the Altis Pages (Just select me on the phone menu) and let me know what run the person is doing and if the bust is successful you will receive a small paycheck directly from myself. Thanks Blackie.
  10. Blackie Cockburn

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    NOOOO! @Blackstone ❤️
  11. Blackie Cockburn

    Blackie Cockburn

    umm, you? 😉
  12. Blackie Cockburn

    Blackie Cockburn

    Ohh Mr Williams, I think you might have a hearing problem. I said "If I catch you stealing vehicles again the owners of them vehicles will have to use their fists against you." As to this Wifey claim, I am strictly forbidden to date other men, My husband said so. ❤️ Blackie
  13. Blackie Cockburn

    Tom slice & blackie cockburn

    I had a protector in the middle of the air garage. I had nothing to do with this
  14. Blackie Cockburn

    Tom slice & blackie cockburn

    I did nothing.
  15. Blackie Cockburn

    Just a small giveaway

    Because this is rigged and IM GOING TO WIN.