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  1. Stefan °

    Luckii Fragtage

    lol. calm down with the cinematics this is not a csgo frag montage what are you saying? 'rip Falcon'? Falcon is not dead.. its just that some RAT threatened to kick everyone from the gang and the leader is on vacation.
  2. Stefan °

    Youtube Channel

    https://gyazo.com/21d570d6d9a24b496ae723aa1eabadb1 whoops.
  3. Stefan °

    Youtube Channel

    I've got some more but @Fox_Eagle won't like it when I post them
  4. Stefan °

    Youtube Channel

    use premier pro. has a lot of abilities and easy to use once u understand it. sony vegas is easier to learn but is sometimes a pain in the ass if you are editing some videos f.e. motion tracker on a text anyway. here are some of my funny moments i guess?.
  5. Stefan °


    this is a meme if you didnt know.
  6. Stefan °

    Altis Airliners - Recruitment Open!!

    you better change that name RIGHT now
  7. Stefan °

    SB-Suits and Baclavas

    Everyone is 13+ btw
  8. Stefan °

    Luckii Fragtage

    disagreeing on that 1. depending on the song a cinematic does add something.
  9. Stefan °

    Luckii Fragtage

    when is your fragtage 2 coming? ngl he fucked up the cinematic at the church the first dash goes backwards and second forward and it doesnt have to do anything with the clips lol
  10. Stefan °


    Hello this is your support member original. how may I help you today.
  11. Stefan °


    hobo dont accept him
  12. Stefan °


    Was expecting a hard knock life vid ngl
  13. Stefan °

    House For Sale

    in soviet you dont see a house. a house sees you.
  14. Stefan °

    Sneaky Smurf

  15. Stefan °

    Falcon | Open