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  1. not to mention that phoenix has a history with violating TOS in the past: people had to pay 350$ to get prestige 10 ingame.got deleted a few days after since it was obviously pay 2 win.... phoenix also has an extensive history in CBing people who they dont like...... ye but SL and management are a joke on here lets be for real..... for example foxhound used to ban people for "hacking" and used to change rules just so he was in the right. because its always seen as a joke from SL perspective. admins litteraly got warnings for staff abuse. not to mention all the racist people in staff. and you couldnt even go to anyone because: SL a didnt care about it. SL b was inactive asf and SL c didnt even care about the server
  2. Time Submitted: 02:26:35 PM | 01/21/20 Submitted By: Stefan♦ Forum ID: 1917 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Website Suggestions Suggestion Title: kekw What Is Your Suggestion: plz add kekw emote I need it to complete my life
  3. wow calm down. dont feel attacked on this dead game x) also, my editing is still better than whatever you're doing
  4. dont see any difference with your other montages💩 i do like the fps tho x
  5. fc2d147c95102d40974e2b3e397f1900.png




    smh phoenix

  6. wow sir dont get defensive immideatly it was only a joke!
  7. And how many times did you cheat the system? I've heard you used to be very good with printing stuff
  8. this is an epic montage gamer, or so i've been told. no bump
  9. shut the frick up nobody gives a fuck cringe
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