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  1. why the fuck are you awake at this time. smh
  2. oh my god no way are you giving an opinion on something even though you don't participate in it??? YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT
  3. i guess this could work since there are no gangbases there.
  4. nah. just git gud. however, havoc joining 1 big gang is just bending the rules around. which is not allowed. (otherwise i wouldn't have had a community ban)
  5. I thought I was posting  shit on the  forums  but  what  the fuck are  these shit arguments when y' all  beef  between  eachother

    1. Messiah



    2. Cobra★


      it's not like you ever use good arguments when you are beefing

    3. ClemeX
  6. I mean, I'd focus on the new map instead of tanoa. as ivy said. it's better to do a life server on the new map than on tanoa. also gives more people. but if u wanna do both i'd suggest just fixing altis first before u do this.
  7. Stefan♦

    Papito [Mula B]

    sooooo, why are you posting dutch rap here?
  8. fuck me you're a whiny cunt, don't call people a nobody if u aren't even on the server for what? 2-3 months? nerd
  9. Stefan♦


    Yes. Yes I am.
  10. phoenix rust server phoenix fivem server all flops. don't try to create another one plz
  11. I'd rather be special than you tho don't worry, the new junior developer will deliver some high quality lines of code for the updates if they happen every month
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