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  1. #banlewis

    1. Jack Knight
    2. ÑiḴØŠ



  2. Stefan♦

    bye x

    smh TI luker leaving phoenix. the best combat server of arma 3... gimme that money
  3. cant enable/disable fullscreen night vision if u are first person
  4. Time Submitted: 10:09:06 AM | 06/17/19 Submitted By: Stefan♦ (1917) Your In-Game Name: stefan Who are you reporting?: Ranger Time/Date of event: 11-6-2019 5:18 Rule's Broken: personal attacks Explain what happened: he told me I am being bullied IRL, that I have problems with my parents and that I have a low self esteem. which is just a personal attack to me because he cannot prove it and he tried to humiliate me in front of the server Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: -
  5. if that happens(obviously won't, but still). than the community knows what kind of people are running this ...
  6. the biggest problem with the server is the people in it to be fair. people get permanently banned for saying "shut up 12 year old"??? and who in their mind would even report that??? like, are you a special snowflake or something? and if you are. why do you play arma. why dont you juts play the sims where nobody can harm you and you can roleplay in your own fantasy without anyone interrupting your child minded thinking... because if you report some1 for calling you a 12 year old, you definitely are a 12 year old... stop tryna rob people so often. let them do a run if they are new and all, maybe even help them. afterall, everyone here is on the server to have fun. some have fun in RP, some have fun in combat, but u can't have fun if u don't have anything to make fun with. gangs won't accept you cuz u dont have any money. than u gonna join cops/havoc for money and people are gonna cry rebel life is dead. and the admin who accepted the report?? hello? yes, he was neglecting the report. but all that has been said was 12 year old..... the maximum punishment you shouldve given him for it is a warning since he doesn't care about the report.. but thats just my opinion I guess. it just looks like the people who play on here are just playing to get other people banned. And I am also talking about admins. not only the community members are an issue, but also (for example) foxhound... fucking changing a rule because you rdmed somebody????? would be nice, wouldnt it?? just change a rule so u have a clean history. Yes people make mistakes. But why would you change a rule because you made a mistake??? your argument back than was "it shouldve been changed already"... if you don't know what already has been done and what hasn't, why do you think you know what's going on in the community? because, in my opinion. (i know you do the administration behind phoenix, but still) as a management member, you should know what is kinda going on in the community.... yes, this was months ago. But at that point. the server started going downhill. Now, I am not saying foxhound is the issue. the issue is coming from multiple things, obviously. cops: you say you don't receive any RP. fair, gangs don't RP a lot here. I understand your view and where it is coming from. But for example, last night bank. we negotiated for 30 minutes and we ACCEPTED your terms. one of the terms were: no cops in town or they are shot. what happens? MI5 start to drive around in a ifrit trying to bait shots so they can come in and kill us all at bank... you are clearly combat hungry, Yes, gangs are aswell. but, you are a whitelisted faction member. act like one. don't bait shots just to get initiation after we had a peacefull agreement. cops and havoc: cops can overrule their own handbook rules??? what is this for bullshit, the same goes for havoc??? why do we even have rules when they can overrule them. even foxhound can just overrule server rules?!? its a joke calm down dont ban me cops and havoc shouldn't be really nerfed. they were kinda fine. however, the people in it was an issue, back when teddybear was general, the server was fine. dmt's were not really a problem. it was all fine. but u had to change stuff and now people stop playing on it/get banned way to quick and way too often... yes, it's also their fault. but it's also your fault for having so many rules. because even foxhound said: we are cutting ourselves in our fingers because we have this many rules.
  7. gives them enough time to test test their stuff. and as i said. it looks more consistant.
  8. dev already implement stuff way to fast, nothing gets tested... why dont u just make a monthly update instead of doing it every .. weeks. so the community knows when to expect an update. makes it frequent. instead of "implenented for next update" which can take weeks or months.
  9. *accepts no cops for 2 hours in bank and a free transport phase in exchange for a hostage*

    *cops drive with ifrits to bait shots before initiation started*

    *we get rdmed*

    seems legit. was a fun day at phoenix like always 

  10. smh fake "the boys" member

  11. what the server used to be: 1.2mil for 1 run. mk1 loadout 1.2mil. run takes 45 minutes. but whenever we nerf the runs (because you want to revert it) you cry that the runs are being nerfed? smh..
  12. 1 hour for 4 mk1 loadouts which u can survive 0.5-1 restart with????
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