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  1. Stefan♦


    That's a negative gamer. made 11 million from 2 cartels in 1 restart
  2. Stefan♦

    Security Force

    that's basicly havoc.
  3. Stefan♦

    MAR-10 mags

  4. Stefan♦

    MAR-10 mags

    I mean like, u want them. offer me
  5. Stefan♦

    MAR-10 mags

    offer for each mag?
  6. Stefan♦

    Can we fix the server?

    coming from the guy with the biggest ego
  7. Stefan♦

    Altis Socialists | Recruiting

    Good luck! logo isn't working tho
  8. Stefan♦

    HAVOC Blue Zone

    +1 this shouldve already been added tbf
  9. Stefan♦

    Cyrus + mags

    fine than LOL
  10. Stefan♦

    feel free to roast

    this is actually great some memes are a bit too pushed but the rest is great lmao
  11. Stefan♦

    Cyrus + mags

    josh I know you have a small brain. but minimum bid is 7 mil 😪
  12. Stefan♦

    Change to House Raid

  13. Stefan♦

    Cyrus + mags

    there is 3 mil difference. I dont see any post of him in the auction active right now. and cyrus > lrr now keep the post clear for bids. thank you
  14. Stefan♦

    Time to Come Home

    A bit late. but welcome back
  15. Stefan♦

    Cyrus + mags

    I am confused. what does a lrr has to do with my cyrus