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  1. happy birthday i guess
  2. aight, so I'm in the server, now what? roleplay with the wall? or am i getting repotred for low rp because walls cant talk
  3. with the current state of phoenix, I dont know if you are making a joke or actually being serious. because ye, you are right. nick batsbak is smarter than some admins here.
  4. ye no, 2 specific dutch people are not mature at all and are too stupid to speak english. they should never gotten support tbh. its like giving nick batsbak admin.
  5. but, what I am wondering is: what does management want us to tell you on how to fix the server? we give you ideas on how to fix the server. or you hide the comments, or you say its a stupid idea. and than you cry we dont give any tips on how to help the server...
  6. omg nick back from the dead?
  7. spawn and roy. and they'd also laugh at you in your face when you're tryna correct your wrongs.
  8. oh allright but when some1 says the N word on another community it doesnt matter???
  9. aahahahahaha shut the fuck up. you really think those 8 people will pay the 240$ donation goal, not only that, do you really think new players think this: hmmm, 8/130 server. looks nice, now all my 100 friends can finally join without having to wait. im gonna play this server! hmmmm. this is exactly how i received my community ban!
  10. dont get us wrong, we respect him doing it. but its one of the reasons that the server is dying.
  11. you dont get it, do you? v2 is litteraly the reason the server is dead... fixing some line of codes wont do shit to it. its factions that kill the server, also management who doesnt give a fuck about the server are killing it. couldnt agree more
  12. phoenix poppin boys! 18/130, cant get better than this at prime time!

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    2. Stefan♦


      I just love how phoenix staff will just say that people are on vacation.

    3. Alexander


      Its showertime stefan, I think everyone is taking a shower at the moment.

    4. Niko.


      I can validate alex's point, now its 27

  13. i thought you dropped it aswell but now its randomly put up? so you need a 30min recording for a rulebreak that happened within 10 minutes?
  14. aight so these days you can deal with your own case these days? we already resolved it. you said it was ok and i understood your POV and see what I did wrong. didnt receive any dispute for 2.7
  15. And moh. but moh is just a special kind of special.
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