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  1. Another month to go 😕 3^

    1. Roy Lester

      Roy Lester

      one day... we will have him back...

    2. spodre


      he will return some day

    3. Sig


      3down lmao fuck that chimp

  2. Potter

    Roy Lester

    +1 very nice support -1 he is licking too much ass
  3. Potter

    Maroon 5 - Girls Like You (8D AUDIO) ft. Cardi B

    ye its amazing but sucks if you have bad headphones
  4. Potter

    havoc should not pay for vi

    15 minutes and u can buy the virtual items 2x.
  5. Potter

    Add havoc embassy back

    thats what I meant ^^
  6. Potter

    Add havoc embassy back

    still pretty strange. an embassy even though they have illegally taken over the right side of altis? 😕
  7. Potter

    I miss you old FiveM

    they wanted to let us play 6 months to reach end stage. 6 months of grinding no RP thats the reason it died tbf
  8. Potter

    Add havoc embassy back

    scaw said that havoc command wanted it to be removed why add it back when its just removed a day or 2 ago.
  9. Potter

    Remove shitpost rule

    I mean like. It ain't that toxic?
  10. same with hsos tbf. remove all of hsos they are all droids ngl its just a waste of time, mission file and space in the map. (f.e. HSOS base)
  11. Time Submitted: 10:14:42 PM | 10/29/18 Submitted By: Potter (1917) In-Game Name: =A= Potter Steam / Player ID: 76561198197773907 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Madd Date of ban: 10/29/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I have been banned for failing to initiate, I was to vague on the rules and I did it really shitty. Yes, I did check all the requirements for initiation, but it's utter shit, there was no disadvantage for me whatsoever even though the rules are trying to make me be in a disadvantage which makes sense. I thought it was enough which was stupid, What reason was given for your ban? I have been banned for failing to initiate. DSC ban 3 days. Why should you be unbanned? First of all I want to say sorry to all the people that I harmed with my ridicilous actions, I didn't broke a rule but I was on the borderline which was a stupid move of me. Thanks to scaw for atleast putting a report up instead of banning me on the spot, I have done a lot but this was the most stupid thing I have ever done. Thanks to foxhound and alex king I understand the rules now. I have been banned this morning, I was thinking what I did wrong and I now know what I did wrong. I know what to do better and will do my best to improve all the wrongs I have done, I will be viseable and even wait a few seconds before trying to do anything. I have had quitte some warnings now I think, but I have never been banned. This ban was suspected. But not this fast. I am trying my best to improve on the rules I break even though I forget some things which I regret. I am only banned for 3 days but I love to play this server. although How much I shitpost on the forums, how much I am having beef on the server. I still love it. Not only because of my friends who play on here, but also because of the unique people who play on here. I hope this issue won't happen again. another reason I should be unbanned is because I tried to give him his compensation but some RATS didn't want to give their stuff back which resulted in me being banned. I am so sorry that this has happened and I hope it will never happen again! What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/19328-player-report-a-potter-102718-altis-life/
  12. Potter

    havoc should not pay for vi

    REBEL WHITELISTED FACTION REBEL=against the law. not being funded by the government. gotta pay for their own stuff cops=enforcing the law. being funded by the government. dont have to pay for their own stuff.
  13. Potter

    havoc should not pay for vi

    I mean like, having 30 redgulls on you. (yes cops do it aswell) is kinda anoying... its just 2.5k otherwise just get some water like us.
  14. Potter

    Mass Unban

    free @TeddyBear anyone?
  15. Potter


    you're back 2 days from vacation wdym dude