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  1. Potter

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    you can own a house while being online as a cop?..
  2. Potter

    my luck in bo4

    well, thats a lucky shot LOL
  3. Potter

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    they just threw flashbangs at @Moh Lester and @Sig yesterday when holding a DMT...
  4. Potter

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    you are shit
  5. Potter

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    ye because bank is easy as shit right now..?..... CT can just back up hunters, throw in flashbangs in every deerstand and ez win.... ridiculous tbh
  6. Potter

    Cops Bleed-out.

    got suggested before and it got denied.
  7. Potter

    House Security/Levelling

    great idea, so far I dont think any1 has come up with this, also has some good arguments! A FAT +1
  8. Potter

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    haha goteem haha goteem x2
  9. Potter

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    best hoodie gang EVER:
  10. Potter

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    pretty sure I suggested this before and it got denied because "We shouldn't cry this much" also pretty sure u were the one who denied it but I could be wrong 🤔
  11. Potter

    Double XP BO4

    its not just your can
  12. Potter

    Double XP BO4

    same for @Cobra★
  13. Potter

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    @Death Spawn "rasism is now tolorated" @nick batsbak "out the car and doe je hands up" @nick batsbak "If I am save I medic him, if I am not save, I not medic him" fox eagle "when I get back to phoenix I'ma dupe the shit out of it
  14. Potter

    Phoenix #4 | CTSFO | Last..

    can you stop trying to harm @Fox_Eagle his reputation because of these false accusations?