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  1. Name: Jan de Hoop steam ID: 76561198191600789 Time on the server: Since Oktober 2017 Any previous bans if yes what for: No why you want to join: need a active gang that is not shit and inactive, for the friends and nice vehicles skins. What member can vouch for you or directed you to this gang: @Ninj

    I only visit your forum page because the song sounds pretty good!

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    2. Tiger


      @Kevin I think it does, the song is shit.

    3. Jan de Hoop

      Jan de Hoop

      Damn.. .this escalates very quickly

    4. Ninj


      +1 kevin <3

  3. Come this afternoon or wait until I'm online on teamspeak. send me a message and I'll help you further. - Jan de Hoop
  4. Time Submitted: 07:29:11 PM | 11/08/17 Submitted By: Jan de Hoop (1912) Your In-Game Name: Jan de Hoop Who are you reporting?: Oscar & dell Time/Date of event: 20:09 (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam Rule's Broken: 1.1 Trolling, 2.2 RDM, 8.1 Green Zone Explain what happened: They try to lure me on free stuff. to their house on the edge of the green zone of kavala square. I'm smart enough to look at the map where the edge of the green zone was and stayed in, but suddenly Oscar got a barbed wire and killed me. I still said in a smart way that I'm from Altis news and I film their faces because I always do that (as TMZ does). Oscar killed me with 1.1 Trolling, 2.2 RDM, 8.1 Green Zone. Dell is involved in this situation. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPQmRySOD_c&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Dan Smith.
  5. You see when Klaas batsbak died , the other guy "Huge Willy" step out of his truck with a gun ready to shoot me, and died by his car explosion a few seconds later.
  6. What do you need see the name/chat he killed my friend?
  7. i have a video of this topic in a other perspective
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