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  1. My mans setup 10/10 


    1. Bosh


      Fuckn sick m8

  2. Rusty Streaming - Come say Hi

    i havent reported anyone and if it was so harmless why hasnt that person been back on the server since
  3. Rusty Streaming - Come say Hi

    Might do sometime i love watching 7 people trolling players, quite funny
  4. Retirement, of a sort

  5. Incoming news 

    HAVOC maniac broken out of jail within 3 minutes of being put it heres the latest images of the event....




    1. Kayle Ravelle

      Kayle Ravelle

      Meanwhile at Police HQ: 


    2. fisher


      put him back plz

  6. Player Report - Nick Batchelor - 10/11/17

    @Victor just a bit of harmless fun mate, no need for any reports
  7. Everyone who is in MAS and cant take out any helicopters message me with your steam id

  8. MAS Suggestions

  9. For Thomas White

    admins can see edit logs
  10. For Thomas White

    Youve already said agreed to the trade and money has been payed so the house is his in my opinion
  11. For Thomas White

    @Tango youve already agreed to sell the house to @Thomas White
  12. Fire and Rescue

    As far as I'm aware @Rusty fires and incidents where Civs get trapped in their cars are getting added which will make the fire and rescue have roles, medics is an option if you don't want to be a fire fighter it's just an update to make medics more appealing and have more stuff to role play with
  13. Fire and Rescue

    Medics is now Fire & Rescue https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lKSfVRF2bB6h-SmgTszXAUEDh6LyaahkFD5PdtYUkmo/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Jobs

    From this update, there's a new skinned van which matches an off-road which can be used for mechanics when people crash with no tool kits. If you want me to make some papers for this I could and make it into an actual thing

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