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  1. Player Report - Nick Batchelor - 10/11/17

    @Victor just a bit of harmless fun mate, no need for any reports
  2. Everyone who is in MAS and cant take out any helicopters message me with your steam id

  3. MAS Suggestions

  4. For Thomas White

    admins can see edit logs
  5. For Thomas White

    Youve already said agreed to the trade and money has been payed so the house is his in my opinion
  6. For Thomas White

    @Tango youve already agreed to sell the house to @Thomas White
  7. Fire and Rescue

    As far as I'm aware @Rusty fires and incidents where Civs get trapped in their cars are getting added which will make the fire and rescue have roles, medics is an option if you don't want to be a fire fighter it's just an update to make medics more appealing and have more stuff to role play with
  8. Fire and Rescue

    Medics is now Fire & Rescue https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lKSfVRF2bB6h-SmgTszXAUEDh6LyaahkFD5PdtYUkmo/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Jobs

    From this update, there's a new skinned van which matches an off-road which can be used for mechanics when people crash with no tool kits. If you want me to make some papers for this I could and make it into an actual thing
  10. Ban Appeal - nick crompton - 09/11/17

    Im not meant to write on these but you were banned for saying some racist remarks towards me or the admin, the reason your friend was no revived was because of his lack of value to his own life, i think @Victor will agree with me on this
  11. Leaving - Dan Smith

    Nah man you cant leave, ill be the only geordie
  12. F&R Bugs

    athira and zaros helipad doesnt work either @Jelle
  13. Appeal for cops

    I got kicked out because i done a stupid thing which broke a lot of rules i understand why i got the punishment i deserved, ive been out of cops for 2-3 weeks now and ive been watching the cops go around zaros and i miss being able to roleplay as a cop, even if you do get shot at all the time. Ive been doing some ride alongs with some people and wish i didnt break rules because if i put the work in i could be at a nice rank by now, also the APC was the first thing i ever done on phoenix and ive put a lot of time into cops aswell i made documents for them and also played a lot of time as a cop. If i am allowed to come back in, even if i am at a set rank for like a month i wont mind because at least you’ve gave me the second chance i need to prove myself and show you guys i wont break rules again, i really hope i am allowed to come back but at the end of the day if you say no i understand why.

    @FoxHound @Tim @Wolf 

    1. Peter
    2. FoxHound


      to err is human, but learning from our mistakes is what differs us from chimpanzees. i think this is a lesson learn and don't have a problem with you re-applying to the force with no restrictions. @Tim @Wolf 

    3. Wolf


      Yes I agree, we all make mistakes, just do let us catch you doing anything like this again leeza you may reapply, I have nothing against this @Tim

  14. Compensation Request - Leeza - 08/31/17

    i need that beret to make me look like a Lt. Gen

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