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  1. Selling some  CSAT Recon Fatigues.

    Goes to the highest Bidder

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    2. Nikos


      @Leeza marios removed his bid of 9 mill, Ask the money from him

    3. Leeza


      @Marios you did say 9 mil before you edited it which people can still see xD

    4. Marios


      @Leeza nikos also said 10 mil before he edited it which people can ALSO see xD so since he s allowed to remove bids why am I not?

  2. Leeza

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    Name: Leeza Age: 17 Hours on Roblox: Im fucking pro at that shit Hours on Arma: 1800 Games you have considered "laddy": Danger wanking, shouting mum and you have to finish before she comes through the door past run ins with the rozzas: I once stole a pasty from greggs and the peelers saw and chased me through benefits street and all that shit Opinions on Brexit: Get em gone Do you watch Love Island? : Miss me with that gay shit Do you play Minecraft: Fucking rights do i Whats your whip status: Africans Pass times you like to do: Downing as many pints as i can in 30 seconds Is it coming home ?: Fucking too rights ethnicity: Casper Would u get a skin head ?: Neo style
  3. Time Submitted: 12:32:32 PM | 05/07/18 Submitted By: Leeza (190) Full Character Name: Leeza Green Date of Birth 12/01/00 Age 17 Character RP Story: I came over to Los Santos looking for a new place to live, to experience new sights and gain new friends. When i first landed on the island i decided to seek to joining to police as they had a huge presence and it looks like a place where discipline was number one and where Fun in a professional manner was number two, these appealed me so i spent a lot of time in the Mission Row District to make myself familiar with the equipment and the people. The officers were really nice and were respected. This is what i wanted to be, which is why i picked up this application form off the front desk and began writing it Why do you want to join LSPD?: I want to join LSPD again because its an expeirence that i really miss, i liked playing as a cop on fivem and i also enjoyed using all the equipment, i tried my best in the LSPD making documents etc and i enjoyed it and didnt mind it. Now im back and im ready to try and join in the action once more and give it a real go Why should we choose you over other candidates?: Because i know what is to be expected, in terms of roleplay and the professional standard of the server, whilst in the LSPD I never stepped out of line so you know i am an exceptional officer and am good at what i do
  4. Leeza

    [Havoc] Lil swizz

    -1 bad pilot, was C/NPAS and still crashed into mountains
  5. Appeal for cops

    I want to make an appeal to get unblacklisted from cops as I am starting to come back to the ARMA server slowly but surely and I would like to return back into the cops as it is the role play and the side of the server which is most enjoyable to me. I got blacklisted because of my inactivity. Which is obviously a good reason because in the week I was in cops i played it twice which obviously inst the kind of attitude/ activity you want in the police force. If i am to get unblacklisted from cops I will make sure to improve my activity and make sure not to do anything to annoy command, as i want to get a good rep in cops. I hope to get unbanned soon and return properly to the server i once grinded out. Hopefully this gets accepted because i do want to return to the cops and also talk to the mates i left behind when i moved to the fivem server

    Cheers, Leeza

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    2. Adam
    3. Khalid


      can i hop in that @Jim Creosote

    4. Jim Creosote

      Jim Creosote

      @Khalid God no, you'll just leave again XD.

      @Adam I'll speak about Leeza in the discord

  6. Leeza

    Ban Appeal - Two pump - 03/19/18 - Altis Life

    I think with me playing the fivem server so much has made me forget that the rules differ to the altis life, for example if a cop shoots you with anything you can gat them and this is where I am in the wrong, I understand it’s a rule break and It won’t happen again
  7. Time Submitted: 08:39:20 PM | 03/19/18 Submitted By: Leeza (190) In-Game Name: Two pump Steam / Player ID: idk Administrator who issued ban: Yorkie Date of ban: 03/19/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: RDM, even tho it was self defence after the cops started shooting at me with a "tazer" according to the admin but it hurt me so at the end of the day i was valuing my life. and plus the admin was going in and out of cop trying to get me for flying my heli in admin and trying to arrest me for my illegal gun which is bs but sure ill role with it What reason was given for your ban? RDM a bunch of cops Why should you be unbanned? because i feel i was in the right and plus i wouldnt of even been in that whole situation if said admin didnt delete my heli over kavala and wouldnt explain to the cops why i was even there. at the end of the day it was a bit of a stupid moment on both parts. i shouldnt of flown over kav to pick up my mate and he should have explained why i was there What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  8. Jee... smh at the standards of certain staff members... extreme doylums

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    2. Proxy


      Doesn't happen here never ......... XD 

    3. Proxy


      Proxyforstaffletsgo hehe

    4. Aircmdr


      +1 Some admins just dont need to be here

  9. Leeza

    Free Forum Banners

    @Adam can you make me one thats vietnam war themed?
  10. Leeza

    Compensation Request - Jenson - 03/10/18

    FIVEM btw @whateveradminlooksatthis
  11. @Tim mad respect for you my friend, hopefully wherever you will go you will prosper, we still have siege to bash so this aint good bye
  12. Leeza

    LSPD Application

    I’m not in recruitment, but please elaborate on your reputation with the police as I am intrigued
  13. Tim

    please get a higher resolution image for your profile. It's hurting my eyes...

    1. Leeza


      My cover pic is a fucking masterpiece 

    2. Cryant


      did you make it?


    3. Leeza


      Ner nah, nicked it off some rp server 

  14. Looking for a serious rainbow six siege player in the high gold - diamond area to play ranked quite often, message me

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    2. Leeza


      Sean I’m higher than you 

    3. Sean Raven

      Sean Raven

      ye ik I played with people like you XD


    4. Leeza


      Ya dog shit

  15. Leeza

    The time has come....

    We need to start hitting up siege before I start to miss you ❤️