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    1. Cobra★


      yes get fcked

    2. Stefan♦


      i lost 25 out of my 26 iq reading this status update....

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      @Stefan♦ you just lost it all

  2. Time Submitted: 05:38:05 PM | 06/17/19 Submitted By: Cobra★ (1864) Your In-Game Name: Cobra Who are you reporting?: Lewis Time/Date of event: 16-6-2019 -- around 22:00 Rule's Broken: 2.9 Roleplay Standard Explain what happened: We (Titan) were negotiating at the bank while we had a high ranked police member hostage. Lewis was the negotiator for cops and during these negotiations he said that if we let the hostage go then the police would leave Neochori, not come back, give us free passage and bother us for another 2 hours until we leave the area. Or quoting lewis: “if you let me take him with me, I will leave and no officer will return for at least 2 hours”. He also said he had police board approval and lied about everything such as his rank etc (I know you are allowed to lie in roleplay but it just seems a bit excessive to lie about pretty much everything to get the negotiation go into their favor). After already having negotiated for about 20-30 minutes we accepted the terms and gave the hostage to lewis. About 1 minute before doing this (while still negotiating) we said that if we see any cops in the town, they will get shot. Or quoting Ciaran: “If any cops come in the area, they are going to get killed”. Lewis said he understands what Ciaran just said and acknowledged that no cops would come into the area. Lewis later said that he classed it as initiation (But I’m sure you can’t even initiate on the negotiator even though it doesn’t state it like that in the rules). He also said that he was only there to negotiate for the hostage so they can take him safely so the other police could then attack the compound. After lewis left the town, an Ifrit came driving in which had 4 police officers inside it. Clearly not following the demands we had during the negotiations which lewis agreed on and shows they do not even care about any of the prior roleplay we had. After this all the other cops moved into the town as well just there for a gunfight. As you can see on Charlie his video as well, after we had accepted their terms and lewis said all cops would leave for 2 hours, all the cops are still waiting just outside Neochori for the ifrit to bait something or get initiation (the ifrit was literally making circles around the compound so it’s a pretty obvious bait) so they can have their gunfight. After being in support for about 45 minutes talking about this situation, multiple people (from support to staff lead) agreed that this is a low standard of roleplay because they clearly didn’t seem to care about the prior negotiations we had and were only there to kill us because they had to defend their gold no matter what. Support case ID:16348 Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Charlie Wong (admin cam of some of it): https://plays.tv/video/5d06ccd8ed6156e5f9/hm I have 1 video from my pov which is mostly driving around but shows some houses so would rather send it PM to the person dealing with this I also have 1 video from Jelle as well who was there for the most part of the negotiations but shows 1 house as well and could in PM as well if required Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Nizwald, Zyn, Charlie wong, some also involved staff: lewis, me, jelle, alexander, kiran
  3. Cobra★

    gang perms

    Would be even better if you can choose per house which rank can or can't interact/see it
  4. Title pretty much says it all, add the total amount you spent on prestiges into your net worth. Right now if you prestige up for like 20 mil your net worth goes down by 20 mil even though you still kinda own it. Yes I know there are a few people who didn't spend the full amount for their prestige 10 but Idc or let their prestiges not count towards it
  5. yes you can, only can't when looking through a scope but that's normal in arma
  6. Cobra★

    bye x

    Goodbye, I wouldn't mind some extra cash
  7. Yeah let's not do this shall we....
  8. Can you please set an end date @Nick Coca
  9. Can you please set an end date @Nick Coca
  10. Can you please set an end date @Nick Coca
  11. Can you please set an end date @Nick Coca
  12. I recommend negotiating with cops because it clearly helps out for the gunfight you are going to have anyways

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