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  1. it's called, early advantages
  2. It's Roleplay time!

    1. Kr4ken



    2. ProxyG88


      I’m gonna role play my socks off with you @Kr4ken , little qt

  3. Honestly don't know where to start or what to say It's been a very good run, I've been here for over 2 years now and I think it's time to leave. I've had a really great time playing on the server and I had never expected to stay for 2 years when I started playing. Now it's time for me to move on and do other things, such as focus more on college and work. I will still be playing other games every other day but probably not arma for a while. (might hop on once in a while) I've met way too many people to tag so I'm not gonna try and make a full list of them but you know who you are, Thanks for making my time here better❤️ You will most likely still find me on the teamspeak so feel free to message me or join my channel, you can also add me on steam/discord if you want to play games sometimes.
  4. It's been a good run


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    2. Sig


      haha get gone nerd

    3. Roy


      was good to have you (:.

    4. FYJI


      Noooo cobra ?

  5. Would be better in Ymenu I think, not all people know it's Home button as well
  6. Had half a montage on my pc, don't play a lot anymore so cba so I could clear my pc
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