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  1. Cobra★

    House @ drug dealer agios

    if @Jenad is actually not playing anymore or cant pay for it like someone said, you can buy it for 10 mil dont worry 😉
  2. Cobra★

    Catnip #1

    Too many singles IMO it also bothers me that the intro plane had nothing to do with the first clip the rest was fine imo for your first montage
  3. Cobra★

    House @ drug dealer agios

    just realised that this is already ended so sold to @Jenad for 3 million
  4. Cobra★

    just arma things

  5. Cobra★

    Talk to Mommy

    better shitpost than @Potter
  6. Cobra★

    Pingu Phantom Forces #3

    i've seen better roblox tages ngl good job fragging kids though, teach me please
  7. Cobra★

    DGN | Dudes Get Nudes

    Accepted for one week trial. please join our teamspeak open room.
  8. Cobra★


  9. Cobra★


    How often do houses even get robbed, I don't think it's worth spending time on implementing this since houses don't get robbed that often anyways Just buy a garage, yes it's a separate thing to buy but having a garage at every house would be broken af 1-2 mil for a house is a normal price imo, maybe it's a lot when you just start on the server but that's what it's all about in the beginning
  10. Cobra★

    Might be coming back soon

    shit, i had hopes that you finally left
  11. Cobra★

    More Water/Boat activities

    like i said: which is a good thing
  12. Cobra★

    More Water/Boat activities

    which is a good thing