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  1. Cobra★

    Lester | Phoenix #6

    Alright, this has been approved, keep up the good roleplay sir 👍
  2. Cobra★

    Lester | Phoenix #6

    not happening sir
  3. 281 days left

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    2. Cobra★


      alright this is enough, @Sig and @Embers ur getting banned appeal at nowhere 

    3. Embers


      @Cobra★ jokes on you its flooding right now, you wont have enough time to click the ban button

    4. Sig


      fuck yourself

  4. Cobra★

    Ban Appeal - V Wavey - 03/18/19 - Altis Life

    Ban appeal accepted, please make sure this doesn't happen again I suggest moving the hotkey for the auto clicker or delete it so this does not happen again.
  5. Cobra★

    Mar 10

    sounds like you had fun going to an airdrop
  6. Cobra★

    Hat Kid makes sure you're peaceful for an hour

    Okay, this is epic
  7. Cobra★


    nope, it's going to memes
  8. Cobra★

    Ban Appeal - Adir Razor - 03/18/19 - Altis Life

    Ban appeal accepted, please make sure something like this doesn't happen again
  9. Cobra★

    We need this added

  10. Cobra★

    Time to say Goodbye.

  11. Cobra★

    Carrier Rgig (Black)