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  1. I have the same with a gang house I bought, it spawns me in the ocean bottom left
  2. watch out guys it's the furry man but no I'm not gonna play it
  3. Cobra★

    Charles McKnight

    *bleeds to death after losing penis due to gunshots*
  4. Cobra★


    you will be the first one on the wall of shame don't worry
  5. wow keep spoiling and ill make sure to yeet you out of here
  6. Cobra★

    Charles McKnight

    *draws a pistol* Never bring a sword to a gunfight coward! *shoots Batesy in the dick*
  7. I was told a few weeks ago that there wasn't going to be a new CM for the foreseeable future. I do think there needs to be a CM though like you said for all the concerns or other things that people need to discuss with someone to reach management. which can be a hard thing if you really need to speak to them.
  8. Would be appreciated if you could stop shitposting

    1. Stefan♦


      it's called constructive and meaningfull arguments

  9. Can you just stop shitposting already
  10. First of all, sorry for the late response To me, this looks like he was trying to get in front of you and got de-synced back into the ifrit most likely caused by server lag therefor I do not think this was VDM, Payer report declined
  11. Don't think this would be a good idea on an altis life server
  12. I agree with scarso here, you can literally RP your way and say you are showing your id while telling them your collar number or whatever and don't think we really need a windows option to show civ's your badge/id
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