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  1. Cobra★

    Garage near black market re-auction

    I dont really mind tbh whatever you want
  2. Cobra★

    Garage near black market re-auction

    closed btw sold for 3.5 mil contact me via whatever you like
  3. Cobra★

    Injustice | Open

    Good luck!
  4. Cobra★

    im an epic stunt man

    Cool man 👍 what's the point of posting it here though
  5. Cobra★

    Garage near black market re-auction

    closes at 12pm tonight
  6. Cobra★

    Looking through floor script

    I don't think this is needed also because no one does it -1
  7. Cobra★

    Cha Cha slide

    yes you would stop lying +1 i wanna do the cha cha slide remember this @Death Spawn
  8. Cobra★

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    That is what they all say/think xD
  9. Cobra★

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    Pretty sure HSOS accepts every hobo once they get Cpl.
  10. at least you did some syncing unlike most people here
  11. Cobra★

    Arma 3 Logic

    Wrong usage of the meme but I'll let it slip this time
  12. Cobra★


    thanks man