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  1. Cobra★


  2. Cobra★

    Donation goal

    -1 This would only benefit rebels because cops/medics don't buy anything unless if they go on as civ. While currently with the 50% extra money it benefits everyone because rebels make more per run while cops/medics get a 50% higher paycheck.
  3. Cobra★

    Server Kicks

    I heard it has nothing to do with the mission file and all the props, not 100% sure though
  4. Cobra★


    I'm pretty sure it should say in the message when trying to join the server.
  5. Cobra★

    Server Kicks

    yeah its just becoming normal at this point
  6. Cobra★

    What happened to 5M

    Always when I look at the player count, GTA RP always says 0/32 Is something changed or is just no-one playing on it?
  7. Cobra★

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    Looks like the roster that is linked in the post is the wrong one?
  8. Cobra★

    Cobra | Fragtage #1

    nah, maybe if I have funny clips though but probably won't make another one
  9. Cobra★

    PhoenixRP 2 Remade | Frag Montage

    KOTH clip wasn't needed tbh, I always do that when playing KOTH. from 3:02 best part
  10. Cobra★

    Cobra | Fragtage #1

    Thanks guys I had enough clips to finish it (with singles) and couldn't be arsed to wait for better clips, will probably do next time though, thx for the advice you make one then, oh wait you can't frag didn't wanna use your strat sorry
  11. Cobra★

    Ear Plugs

    Would be nice to see because it is usually too loud or too soft +1 👍 yeah sounds good to me and easy to use
  12. Cobra★

    How to disable a Heli 101