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  1. Cobra★

    Bodyguards For hire

  2. Cobra★

    Im going off

    lmao, I had the exact same happen to me some time ago as well, only thing was I got executed by the 2nd explosion
  3. Cobra★

    Hayvoc newest gems

    nvm that was a different situation I guess, nice job though
  4. Cobra★

    Tags In Names

    there is an option to enable/disable the automatic tags so people can still use custom ones if they like
  5. Cobra★

    Buying DMS or any sort of sniper scope

    ARCO (Black) 50k
  6. Cobra★

    Hayvoc newest gems

    You should thank obsidian instead, he practically gave it to you guys anyways
  7. Cobra★

    Houses For Sale

    maybe a good idea to add a picture of the map location anyways 750k for the garage
  8. Cobra★

    Hayvoc newest gems

    I posted it because the people that were there wanted me to post it on the forums
  9. Cobra★

    Stats Page

    would be nice if everything had a picture of it though
  10. Cobra★

    Conner says yes to HAVOC vs. APC war

    the actual film > this meme
  11. Cobra★

    dispute system

    when you're in the middle of an important situation or doing something else that requires you to see your screen as much as possible and then out of no-where your screen gets filled with a news banner saying you got disputed. I like the idea but no thank you
  12. Cobra★

    Hayvoc newest gems

    Always fun to see these kinda posts get toxicity, great job people 👍 (wasn't expecting anything else though)
  13. Cobra★

    YouTube Thing

    pretty sure that was only for the other suggestion was only for the youtube tag, just like the twitch tag on teamspeak sounds good though +1