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  1. Havoc Playtime Graph on Stats Page

    I don't play as Havoc but +1
  2. Drones for Medics.

    i think it was @FoxHound who said that they might be able to change it so it wont
  3. Merchandise

    tbh, I don't see the point why they would make merch
  4. Drones for Medics.

  5. My little storys 5

  6. My little storys 5

    what do you need help with
  7. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders
  8. Phoenix Radio ingame

  9. Free Forum Banners

    make me one please, colours red and black and theme surprise me
  10. Drones for Medics.

    +1 good idea
  11. Altis News

    RIP @Stefan
  12. TITAN>Rusty

    Nice Meme, would do it again 5/7
  13. The shit you do when the server is empty.

    what's wrong with it, it's just some guys having fun driving around in an SUV, they are not doing anything bad or something
  14. Compensation Request - [R] hoho - 01/12/18

  15. Ally system

    I'm not sure if this is possible or not to do, but some kind of ally system between gangs would be really nice to have. So let's say when you are doing operations with 2 different gangs working together as allies, it would be nice to see each other on the map and/or each other's hexagons to make sure you don't kill one of your allies (maybe in different colours), also some kind of chat between the 2 would be helpful to have (like cops and medic chat). This is to stop confusion and friendly fire when working together and would make it a lot easier and better.

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