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    +1 would be nice to have and would increase roleplay
  2. Pilot Helmets

    +1 would be really nice to add, i would add it to black market instead of advanced rebel so its harder to get
  3. Compensation Request - Cobra - 03/17/18

    not sure if this is ment for stefan or me, but im pretty sure i have enough proof and if not, i should have a playstv recording as well
  4. Headset

    I am currently using my Astro A40 +mixamp and its a really good headset but I think the mic quality could be better, but overall really nice headset. they are really pricey though so it depends on how much you want to spend on a headset. https://www.astrogaming.com/headsets/A40-MIXAMP-TR.html#
  5. Taru transfer

    i agree
  6. Compensation Request - Cobra - 03/17/18

    same happened to @[DGN] Stefan because we bought it at the same time
  7. Compensation Request - Cobra - 03/17/18

    Time Submitted: 04:37:51 PM | 03/17/18 Submitted By: ★Cobra★ (1864) In-Game Name: Cobra Steam / Player ID: 76561198126460445 Date of Event: 03/17/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): most recent 5 screenshots http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198126460445/screenshots/#scrollTop=0 Details of Event: I was at the black market and bought the black market dealer for 15 mil, just a few minutes after that server was crashing (2:47 pm so you can check logs) so I took screenshots of my licences, when I joined back I didn't have the black market dealer licence and lost 15 mil from my bank account Compensation Amount: 15 million Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. Compensation Request - Cobra - 03/16/18

    Time Submitted: 09:49:31 PM | 03/16/18 Submitted By: ★Cobra★ (1864) In-Game Name: Cobra Steam / Player ID: 76561198126460445 Date of Event: 03/16/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUU7cM-oi_0&feature=youtu.be Details of Event: So I got an MX with attachments of a cop, we drove off and just continued driving around until the van crashed, i then got kicked of the server and logged back in without the gun. Compensation Amount: MX: 190K Suppressor: 45K Bipod: 15K RCO: 10K Total 260K I know it isn't that much but I still feel scammed about it. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. Are you rich?

    60 mill atm
  10. Water

  11. Server Event - Triathlon

    No heli's? FeelsBadMan
  12. Nick is going to drive slower...

    https://clips.twitch.tv/HelplessAmericanJellyfishKlappa @Nick @spawnthedeath
  13. Mi-290 Taru [Transport]

    I withdraw my bid
  14. Prices in shops

    damn inflation everywhere

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