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  1. Ken Barlow

    The return

    So it seems one may be making a return this weekend look out for the might keeeeennnnn baaaarrrtllllooowwwww
  2. Ken Barlow

    Ken Barlow checking out

    So after a good think i'm gonna step down as community manager and probably wont be about much anymore. I'm sorry i couldn't do more for the community but with work just gonna get busier and busier and not having the time i feel you lot would be best server with a new more active community manager. As i work every weekend so ant really ever be here to organise events and when i am here i'm finishing a 16 hour shift or its silly o'clock in the evening. i hope to make a appearance every know and then when i can tho take care guys and have fun. One Love Ken Barlow
  3. Ken Barlow

    Qilins 50cal

    We are a roleplay community yes we have stuff orientated at the people who enjoy combat but this seems a step in the wrong direction as I can't see how this will benafit the server
  4. Ken Barlow

    Qilins 50cal

    In what way would this benafit role play ?
  5. Ken Barlow


    Great idea and would help people spend all them penny's they have will bring this up in the next managers meeting
  6. Ken Barlow

    Dead bois

    See how that can be a pain good idea TBH but at same time in real life if u crash in a bad area people could take advantage of you in that state
  7. Ken Barlow

    [KBI] Ken Barlow INC

    @[KBI] Marshall E. @Ninja Have a look at application and give me feed back pls
  8. Ken Barlow

    [KBI] Ken Barlow INC

    Can't quote it gaming ninja but excepted buddy
  9. Ken Barlow

    Peace Time

    Yh that's what I ment like a ingame rp agreed rule between rebels like the meeting of the rebels type thing
  10. Ken Barlow

    Peace Time

    Rather then make a rule etc why not organise a meeting of the gangs and the leaders all come together and u could get a rp contract etc be something different and would create a rebel rp experience for u all
  11. Ken Barlow

    Gang Bases

    U can make money far to easy man like I expect a lot of people made some good money over the donation bonus.
  12. Ken Barlow

    Gang Bases

    That's my opion I just feel if we sell gang bases it makes it to easy I feel it should be grind and hard work
  13. Ken Barlow

    Gang Bases

    Like for expample let's say you rdm someone and because u have large bank accounts that means it's solved but we all have known people in the community in the past to rdm all the time and buy there way out of trouble to me that's still rule breaking and I feel approved gangs means that only the gangs that are interested in following rules rp etc are the ones we should promote on the server. This is my opinion
  14. Ken Barlow

    Gang Bases

    Like the idea but I think would need the gang not to be in support or rather having comp or get reported for a set time as you shouldn't reward rule breakers
  15. Ken Barlow

    JasperChans Noodle Shop

    Why is there oneshot tho as spraying is more then one on serious note could auction the shop of ;)