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  1. Ken Barlow

    csats tier 5 vests etc for sell

    Just after the money I'd chuck in the havoc blue beret and t5 vest 10 mill
  2. Ken Barlow

    csats tier 5 vests etc for sell

    As I like u I'll do it for 8 mill
  3. Ken Barlow

    csats tier 5 vests etc for sell

    the vest absorbs bullets with csats makes u a machine
  4. Ken Barlow

    csats tier 5 vests etc for sell

    The havoc and police beret and the blue havoc beret with tier 5 vest prob be 20mill
  5. Ken Barlow

    csats tier 5 vests etc for sell

    The csats are the white ones Worth more as rare It's not on server anymore 50 cal silenced
  6. Ken Barlow

    csats tier 5 vests etc for sell

    10 and u got a deal ! Worth a lot more then 1.2
  7. Ken Barlow

    csats tier 5 vests etc for sell

    Rifle I'll sell with ams 20 mill will chuck in a csat
  8. im selling: 20 csats 2 tier 5 vests 1 asp sniper (the 50 cal one that comes supressed as standard with 4 mags) 1 ams scope 1 ams 1 havoc command beret 1 police command beret 1 havoc middle command beret ( blue badge one )
  9. Ken Barlow

    {KBI} Ken Barlow INC returning!

    got to show people how to rp 😛
  10. Ken Barlow

    {KBI} Ken Barlow INC returning!

    IM BACK 😛
  11. Ken Barlow

    {KBI} Ken Barlow INC returning!

    Ken Barlow Inc. Now Recruiting We are looking for some of the greatest Role-Players on the island of Altis with the most creative minds, your combat ability does not matter to us, however your RP ability does Requirements: You must be over the age of 16 (We are willing to make exceptions via an interview) You must not be involved in regular rule breaks You must be active You must be an experienced roleplayer About KBI: We are a group of people willing to risk our lives to protect the civilians of Altis, we are here to prevent the robberies and muggings on our streets, we are here to provide services that no other company will provide, we are KBI Us men and women are victims of a horrifying background, most of us have been victims of robberies our self. According to the local police department there are “A Crime is Committed every 5 seconds” Application Template: Age: In-game Name: Nationality: Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join: When can you play: Short Roleplay Story: *APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ON RARE OCCASIONS* Who Can Accept Applications: Ken Barlow Marshall E Are story: KBI are a organisation that came to the island to seek wealth and freedom. after a few weeks it was clear that the rules where there to be bent and even broken. we fell from glory from legal iron workers we arrived at the slave trade. we would buy slaves from any one selling to do are bidding and make the money we so wanted. and now we have returned to take over the slave trade once more. roleplay: we are a role-play based gang if your looking for a combat or fragging gang we are not for you. if you want to role-play weird and wonderful situations and prefer to use your imagination over a mx then we are the gang for you!
  12. Ken Barlow

    The return

    So it seems one may be making a return this weekend look out for the might keeeeennnnn baaaarrrtllllooowwwww