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  1. Spud

    Happy birthday. Hope you get that nerf gun you wanted.

  2. Spud

    Heat Waves

    That's the sort of answer I was looking for.
  3. Spud

    Heat Waves

    mek it piss it dahn me tablet has been sezzin it's 30 degrees for as long as I can r'member Is the tablet's weather status actually accurate? If it is then global warming is hitting us like a stale turd.
  4. As mentioned in your last two appeals, wait out your ban. It was only a DSC so 7 days will be enough time for you to understand our rules. You will be unbanned 2019-05-26. Ban appeal declined.
  5. Now now children, all of you simmer. I think a good bye would have been enough, not a whole debate. Locked.
  6. Ban appeal accepted. If you're ever unsure on our rules join the support room on teamspeak for assistance.
  7. There are ONLY 2 genders. x
  8. I think you should sit tight for the duration of your ban, giving you time to read over our rules and reflect on your actions and what not to do next time. Please note that you received a DSC 7 day ban which expires: 2019-05-26 16:41:46. Ban appeal declined.
  9. If you found yourself in a situation where the previous sit was brought to you, what would you do differently compared to the sit that got you banned?
  10. I'm willing to accept this appeal, however I must stress that if you receive another ban it will be very hard to appeal. Please do me a favour and read the rules before logging back in. Ban appeal accepted.
  11. Please respond or this appeal will time out.
  12. You are still required to provide prior role play before initiation, and how are you fighting to improve RP, yet requesting taser initiation is made lethal? I don’t think you quite know what you want yourself.
  13. I’m struggling to understand what you’re meant to be stating. Are you saying you would make a nice community manager, or it would be nice to have a new community manager?
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