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  1. Probably Roger Federer. He deserved to win but of course Djokovic took the title again.
  2. Ye you’re a dope. It’s I not l
  3. I’m guessing either you’re a complete dafty or your keyboard doesn’t have the letter I on it...
  4. Anyone else take a shit on their bird to show dominance?

    1. Cobra★


      yes ofcourse

    2. Roy


      that will teach them i gues..

    3. ÑiḴØŠ
  5. That is a big donation, may I have some money? Thank you.

    1. SpawnTheDeath


      no sorry only ppl that are good enough.  the poor can stay poor

    2. Stefan♦


      sooo, when do I receive mine?

    3. Kevin


      Ah yes, capitalism is a beautiful thing

  6. @i <3 male genitals have you noticed how half the community can hardly speak English? Makes me wonder why .co.uk is at the end of the website URL.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Spud


      And Black Country but it’s a shit hole round there

    3. Spud


      Wait I ❤️ male genitals is banned for saying dickslap?

    4. Nick Coca

      Nick Coca

      British Empire ❤️

  7. Spud

    NLR Timer

    JIP @Zyn
  8. A perk that when unlocked, adds 10 tickets to a raffle. When the raffle hits 100, it stops the server from crashing/freezing.
  9. What’s the bet he has a chippy outside his flat
  10. Say that again and I’ll run through your house with a 12
  11. Well that’s two minutes of my life I’ll never get back
  12. @Conner Merlin 💊 🐍 🔫 Not found two spare minutes since 18th June? I want the drugs you’re taking!
  13. Spud

    Goodbye Phoenix!

    You still have all your baby teeth
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