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  1. Greasy

    I vs APC

    @Nick Coca
  2. Greasy

    Another HGV driving video

    Certainly isn't Altis, looks more like Stratis. Am I correct in saying so?
  3. Greasy

    Ban Appeal - thor - 03/10/19 - Altis Life

    Fair enough, I'm happy to unban you then. Please read over the rules before logging onto the game server as they've changed multiple times since the date of your ban. Ban appeal accepted.
  4. Greasy

    Majazuri Sales

    Something tells me you're a little late to the party.
  5. Greasy

    Ban Appeal - thor - 03/10/19 - Altis Life

    How can you reassure me you won't break other rules? What have you been up to since the date of your ban?
  6. Greasy

    Ban Appeal - pc or james - 03/09/19 - Altis Life

    Running over one person could be a mistake, hurling 1.5 ton of vehicle into a crowd is less a mistake and more intentional. If it truly was an accident as you're new to Arma, I recommend watching a few videos on how to drive and practising before giving Altis Life another go. Ban appeal declined. Feel free to re-appeal whenever, but please take into account what I've suggested.
  7. Accepted - 5 Day DSC ban issued to 76561198171242850 for VDM.
  8. A 21 second video doesn't prove it was RDM. I'd rather you dispute the person that killed you and come to a resolution in support. Compensation request declined.
  9. Ye I'll just have a normal fish and chips with some gravy sauce, how much is it?

    1. Stiliyam


      +1 Sharron

  10. After reading the case, I personally believe @Crassus intentionally flew his helicopter into the dear-stand in a (successful) attempt to kill the person that killed him before - wanted revenge. The chance of the anti-virus tabbing you out at that moment in time is highly unlikely, and if this was the truth surely you would message the person you killed in a heartbeat to avoid any trouble. Although the reporter has also disputed you for NLR, I can't find any sufficient evidence to back these claims, however the VDM is clear in my eyes and for that reason a 4 Day DSC ban will be issued to Crassus for VDM. Player report accepted.
  11. @Crassus @roadrunner As Crassus didn't turn up to the support case, I wish for you both to meet in the support room and try come to a resolution regarding this report. If the case isn't resolved I will continue with the report. If I don't hear anything within the next 24 hours I will continue the case as is.
  12. Duplicate appeal, declined. Locked and moved.
  13. Greasy

    Player Report - Majazuri; Sadie - 03/03/19 - Altis Life

    That's fair enough. I personally follow the rules as they are, and from what's written on paper, the firearm of the initiator must be drawn, however it being aimed directly at the other party is not necessary. Anyways, regarding the initiation, it wasn't you who was being directly initiated on, therefor this evidence can't be taken into account. Surely the Pvt heard it loud and clear but if he didn't he should be the one to provide the evidence. It's like saying you initiated on Majazuri, but because I was 100m away and didn't hear it, it's not valid. I believe anyone who isn't intellectually bankrupt would understand that. I doubt I'll reply to this again, I'll leave it to whoever deals with the report (probably staff lead). I have apologised for attacking when there was less than 5 HAVOC officials at CP even though our intention was to try and get money for our deceased brothers, not attack (Pvt's fault for being an arsehole remember). If a sorry isn't enough for the extreme amount of time wasted on your fine evening then there's nothing else I can do other than sit pretty and in dismay. Remember, chrome packing is better than dough stacking.
  14. Greasy

    Player Report - Majazuri; Sadie - 03/03/19 - Altis Life

    Rules aren't down for interpretation, you're supposed to read them and follow them as they're stated. Any form of player initiation without holding a weapon that can actually endanger the life of the victim. - He has a weapon You cannot initiate on anyone without wielding a firearm in your hands. - I'm struggling to find the part where his weapon isn't drawn.