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  1. Greasy

    getting that caaaash

    Most runs require you going to a field, then a processor and finally a trader/dealer. Just look on the map, you'll eventually see it all.
  2. Greasy

    small frag vid

    Your reactions are priceless, it's as if you've never killed someone.
  3. Greasy

    Server issues..

    I think a massive reason there's gun fights is because cops seem to love taking guns off rebels. How can you expect us to just throw you our gear which costs at least 400k (that's just for a 5.56). As Zyn has already said, the price of rebel gear might be decreased so I think then maybe we won't be so against dropping our guns, meaning RP and dat.
  4. Greasy

    Server issues..

    The level of detail and soul put into that reply has given me goosbumps xx
  5. Greasy

    Place ATM`s inside of PD`s

    You've got me there...
  6. Greasy

    Place ATM`s inside of PD`s

    But we have to travel through isolated villages and over mountains to get a gun...
  7. Greasy

    Cha Cha slide

    Doubt this is a serious suggestion, but if it is, I don't know how it could be added as there just isn't animations for it.
  8. Greasy

    Lower the prices of gear and the rebel licenses.

    The prices are good, it stops new people joining, getting a license and a 7.62 and shooting up Kavala.
  9. Greasy

    Bye 👋

    Known you a good 2 years now, shame to see you go. At least you can be bothered to get off your arse.
  10. Greasy

    New Guns

    But roleplay?
  11. Greasy

    Teamspeak push to talk

    If you have a mouse with side buttons you could use one of them.
  12. Greasy

    Add indicators

    It doesn't require mods, but like Zyn said it creates a lot of lag and in all honesty looks shit when used at high speeds.
  13. Greasy

    Martin Garrix ft. Mike Yung

    This man has without a doubt the most powerful voice I've ever heard.
  14. Greasy

    Vdm as one way initiation

    -1 Like Cobra said, if someone VDM's you, bring them to Support. Don't take it upon yourself to start shooting everyone who drives into you as a lot of the time it's a mistake.
  15. Greasy


    woah dude