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  1. Greasy

    knockout // cop tazers

    We always have to initiate? Well that's not necessarily true. What if cops initiate on your wheels and start shooting? I doubt they'll be using tazers after that as it's likely you'll hop out with a gun. In terms of the distance a tazer is useful, if it was dropped then cops would be left without being able to force the law as lethals are rarely necessary so they would have to run after you then try taze you, it just seems stupid.
  2. Greasy

    knockout // cop tazers

    -1 Put simply, you'd be not valuing your life if you we're to knock out someone whilst surrounded by armed individuals. Even if initiation hadn't started, you knocking someone out with the clear intent to try an escape would surely make the others want to possibly kill you. In terms of the tazers, I don't see an issue with it. I suppose it is more of a rubber bullet pistol as it has long range and stuns you. If the range was to be decreased to only a few meters, it wouldn't surprise me if rebels abused it due to the fact they can not taze you at certain distances.
  3. Greasy

    KAY | PhoenixRP | #1

    Happy fragmas
  4. Greasy


    Unsure if this is a known issue or not so thought i'd explain what I've seen a few times in the last day or so. If I incapacitate someone whilst they're first aiding them self, they begin to perform the incapacitated animation, but then continue to first aid, making me believe they aren't dead.
  5. Greasy

    Spike strips

    Just go get some off cops, they aren't that hard to get your hands on.
  6. +1 it's so easy for some random to take you as you're left vulnerable.
  7. Greasy

    vpn script in TeamSpeak

    I know someone from UAE and they have the same problem. Sometimes they are able to connect to discord/teamspeak, however other times they can't. He used NordVPN to get round it, yet it didn't always work.
  8. Greasy

    Ban Appeal - Greasy - 07/10/18 - Altis Life

    Well as stated I have no negative intentions. I want to be unbanned simply so I don't have to stay on the same community we all know of. I'll flick through the rules again to refresh my knowledge on them.
  9. Time Submitted: 09:58:47 PM | 07/10/18 Submitted By: Greasy (186) In-Game Name: Greasy Steam / Player ID: 76561198103480073 Administrator who issued ban: Nick Date of ban: 12/19/99 In your opinion, why were you banned?: *DATE OF BAN IS NOT GIVEN" I recently tried logging on for the first time in a while, and I was greeted with a ban message stating I've been banned for passenger seating. What reason was given for your ban? It states that I was banned for passenger seating, which I suppose is switching to passenger seat upon running someone over in an attempt to bypass the VDM script, causing death. Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned as I have a long history with this game, and roleplay servers specifically. I've spent the majority of my Arma 3 hours on several roleplaying communities. After hearing about Phoenix probably around a year ago, I moved over from another community. I had no bad intentions, and joined plainly because I wanted something new. I have a feeling this ban was directed to me accidentally as I do not recall VDM'ing anyone, or even driving a car to be quite honest. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):