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  1. I think you dont know how it works lol, if you dont use the first aid perk, it will bring your health only up to 75%, use a medikit instead.
  2. I think thats a good thing😁
  3. Time Submitted: 12:08:22 AM | 12/13/19 Submitted By: TeddyBear Forum ID: 1852 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Kavala Heliport What Is Your Suggestion: Now the sponsorshop is gone from Kavala, can we get a heliport at that field?
  4. Time Submitted: 01:06:25 PM | 12/12/19 Submitted By: TeddyBear (1852) Your In-Game Name: TeddyBear and CallyManSam Who are you reporting?: Rick Morris Time/Date of event: 12-12-2019 around 13.00 UK Rule's Broken: Failed initiation and taking Havoc CP Explain what happened: We we're doing a diamond run and were followed by a hummingbird. Everybody knows what will happen then, so we stored our diamonds and went through the checkpoint. At that moment Rick tried to initiate at us from the deerstand below DMT 1. He got disputed several times, but never came to support and logged off from the server. Supportcase 19226 Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Video's from 2 pov's will be given to the admin dealing with this case because of topsecret stuff:) Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Cat
  5. Seems like a decent idea, but fishing is also not really a social run in my eyes, so im not sure if its good to get more people fishing.
  6. You can store 10x1000, that should be more than enough. But i like the idea of a garage added.
  7. I dont think this is a good idea for the developers, they have much more important things to do.
  8. We had that earlier right? It started okay, but later it died because people didnt wanted to pay so much money for those bases if i remember right. Instead of paying money for it, you could make a contest where rp is involved. Best rp situations get rewarded and it gives small rp gangs a chance to own a base.
  9. Maybe even a better idea!
  10. is that u in ur profile picture

  11. I dont like to get robbed, can we remove that as well please?
  12. Several fields, including corn and tobacco can only be harvested from the spot where the sign is placed on the map. So the circle is way to small if you ask me.
  13. TeddyBear

    3 days

    Listnen better then, he said: They left it unlocked.....
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