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  1. Like i said, i dont see it like that. And i would never sing that song.
  2. Its not about it being a good or bad song, its just not my anthem so i would never sing that shit.
  3. Personally, i would not see it like that. You're forcing somebody to sing a national anthem that is not theirs. I could put a gun against your head and force you to say some bad things, thats not okay either and its completely fine if you didnt do it. So try to find a new song that boosts your already massive ego.
  4. TeddyBear

    black fish vegicle

    Auction closed, moved to archive.
  5. TeddyBear

    Pilot coverall [AAF]

    Auction closed, moved to archive.
  6. TeddyBear

    A-143 Buzzard [CAS]

    Auction closed, moved to archive.
  7. TeddyBear

    Zarnix - TS Ban and ingame Ban

    Game ban appeal accepted.
  8. TeddyBear

    Compensation Request - Mr. Cura - 06/01/20 (Altis Life)

    Compensation request declined. We dont compensate for anything where slingloading is involved.
  9. Compensation request accepted. 400,775 will be added to your account. Ps. Make sure you have accurate prices next time, otherwise your request will be declined.
  10. Time Submitted: 11:23:40 PM | 05/30/20 Submitted By: TeddyBear Forum ID: 1852 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Getting rid of money What Is Your Suggestion: Let people with 100m+ send a message to the communityboard with their wish and the amount of money that they want to pay for that. Communityboard can decide what they would do with that wish. It could be a vehicle or a weapon. But also rebuilding a certain area, or whatever they would come up with.
  11. TeddyBear


  12. TeddyBear

    Altis Life Suggestions - Ketamine Run

    Instead of making a new run, it might be better to relocate and replace the current runs.
  13. Its waiting for the communityboard to take a decision about this. In the meantime, people could still make an appeal. I would even make an appeal if your repbanned tbh.
  14. TeddyBear

    Altis Life Economy

    How many players with 250m+ are actually active?
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