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  1. Blackstone

    +1, he's a very nice guy, sometimes even to nice. Since he's a medic, he brought the roleplay over there to a higher level (no disrespect to the others offcourse:))
  2. Player Report - Tyler Joelsky - 03/14/18 - Altis Life

  3. Time Submitted: 12:58:36 PM | 03/14/18 Submitted By: [HAVOC] TeddyBear (1852) Your In-Game Name: O'Connor Who are you reporting?: Tyler Joelsky Time/Date of event: 14/03/2018 Rule's Broken: 2.1 VDM, 2.7 Combat Logging, 3.1 Breaking RolePlay, 3.2 Metagaming Explain what happened: I was flying from my house towards the uraniumdealer to sell my stored uranium. After a few flights, when i arrived at the dealer again, there was also a truck approaching. He got scared of me and drove further while i landed and sold my stuff. Because this guy was driving around in a Zamak, i had the feeling it was a hobo and i wanted to help him by giving my money that i just earned. So i stayed around the trader area and at some point i landed my helicopter. He drove towards my helicopter and drove into it with his truck. Before this moment he was already complaining in side chat about a camper. I had my gun on my back and told him i wasnt there to rob him, but he kept on going. Because of this i decided to stay in the area to have a chat with him because he broke several rules already in my eyes and i wanted to speak in my supportsuit to help him. After a few minutes, he came again and decided to drive into my helicopter again. This is the moment where i decided to initiate on him. I knocked him out and put him in restraints and he immediately said that i was breaking rules by camping and that i would go to the forums blablabla. Even in my supportsuit he kept on going. I've told him my side of the story, he didnt took it anyway and at some point i decided to rob him because i was done with it. Back in my own clothes he kept on talking about my intentions and at the moment i was done with his moaning i killed him. After that he combatlogged. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): A video of the whole situation is available for the admin dealing with this case, i wont put it here because of the locations of several of my houses. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: N/A, i also didnt tried to resolve it because the guy combatlogged.
  4. Compensation Request - Henry - 03/10/18

    I dont know if you take this in consideration, but i've filled his truck several times so he had around 220 uranium on him.
  5. Impound lot

    But then it would also be nice if people could break into that lot to steal vehicles
  6. Are you rich?

  7. Food and Water

    Just eat and drink, it makes life so much easier. If you forget to do that, then you deserve to die.
  8. Illusion Diamond Escort - TBC

    @Proxy and @Woodzy, ill be your contact tomorrow together with @Jon Malteser
  9. Illusion Diamond Escort - TBC

    We could forget about the visa's and tax and provide protection around the diamondtrader if @Victor agrees
  10. New form of runs

    What if we add the fueltrucks to the server and use them for liquidruns? For example, at the oiltrader, buy fuel which could be sold at the gasstations. The further the gasstation is away from the trader, the more money you will get. Or different liquid materials, which cant be transported by any other trucks.
  11. Sold my house have the money but still have the house

    Same here
  12. Chop shop Heli’s?

  13. jet

  14. Jet wanted

    I want a jet, do me an offer if you have one.
  15. Time Submitted: 12:17:53 AM | 03/04/18 Submitted By: [HAVOC] TeddyBear (1852) In-Game Name: [HAVOC] TeddyBear Steam / Player ID: 76561198004906978 Date of Event: 03/03/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): N/A Details of Event: Because of the problems with the database earlier today, i've lost quite some money from the runs ive did. Compensation Amount: Something between 12 and 15 million. I do have screenshots, but i cant say how accurate they exactly are. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.

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