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  1. I agree, the change should be reverted. Garages are constantly littered with hummingbirds and Air Garages littered with hatchbacks and SUVs.
  2. This post went from a constructive presentation of ideas and improvements to the server to an argument about one person getting banned.
  3. I do diamonds at exactly 8pm every day. I never fight back against people robbing me. See you then 😉
  4. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the server were to wipe completely and everyone start fresh.
  5. Haha yeah I figured that.
  6. Hi there everyone, I played on this server a bit a few years ago and was part of Rusty's gang. I've taken a year or two break from Arma but I've come back and become addicted once more so you'll see a lot more of me and I intend to stick around. I'll probably apply for the APC soon as that's what I enjoy most in Altis Life and may consider applying for Support as I've been staff on a few popular (now closed) servers and miss the action . Anyways, see y'all around, - Sharkbait
  7. Name: Sharkbait Age: 17 Nationality: English (UK) Arma 3 hours played: 2,800 hours Why do you want to join Rusty Enterpises?: I have played on the server for a little while now and I have had experiences with almost all of the large gangs currently acting as a part of the rebel force in Altis, and through these experiences I have seen Rusty Enterprises offer a higher level of roleplay and interaction than I have seen from any other gang. I also respect the apparent ranking structure and hope that I can be a friendly, providing and knowledgeable member of Rusty Enterprises. What will you bring to the team?: I have 2,800 hours in Arma 3 and literally every single one of them has been playing Altis Life. During the 2 years of owning the game, I have been fully dedicated to at least 4 different Altis Life servers. Through this involvement I have experienced everything there is to Altis Life and I have participated in almost every possible situation that could occur. I could bring all of this experience to Rusty Enterprises as well as learning some new skills and techniques for the world of PhoenixRP. Tell us about you: (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go) During my whole life I have lived on the Island of Altis: in my opinion the best Island in the world. I grew up here and was taught all that there is to know about living in a modern world. I showed interest in military styled organisations. I had a basic education in the Primary School of Kavala but, through childish behaviour, failed my first set of qualifications. My parents were very angry with me and kicked me out of the house, so I was recruited into my first force of rebels. Here I learnt about weapons, ammo, clothing, vehicles, helicopters and more. I was enrolled into a CQC team in the rebellion force and learnt all about potential situations that we could encounter with other rebel groups and various police forces. Through the years I have been a part of various rebel groups and have now found myself looking for another, and I hope that Rusty Enterprises is the right place for me. Licenses: Obviously I do not own many licenses at this time, however I am obviously open to buying and using more in the future.
  8. Sharkbait


    Welcome! I'm kinda new too but I've been a medic for a while and I'm getting to know this community well. Enjoy your stay!
  9. I was the medic that was in the Truck Boxer that desynced back into him, causing his HEMTT Box to explode. What I did was completely unintentional and was due to the server being quite laggy at the time. I was also kicked by BattlEye about 10 seconds afterwards for Client Not Responding, due to my high ping.
  10. Lol only 9mms are legal, all of these are a much higher caliber ?
  11. Sharkbait

    Rules page mobile

    @Dextrinity7 I see that you’re using android, exactly the same occurs on iOS Chrome and Safari.
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