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    gaming, football
  1. Rebel Stuff

  2. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders.
  3. Ropemonkey

    +1 amazing officer, love to play with him
  4. Smoke Grenades

  5. Phoenix Radio ingame

  6. [HAVOC] TeddyBear

    -1 no just kidding love to the old Peter Batsbak +1
  7. House ownership

    3 months is way too long imo. It’s nearly impossible to find a decent house.
  8. Compensation Request - Klaas Batsbak - 01/01/18

    ** would also like the altis news license again
  9. House ownership

    Make it that, after a 1 month inactivity or a T2+ ban, people lose ownership of their house. It is for sale for other players again.
  10. Houses

  11. Houses

    Is there a thing to see which houses are for sale? I've tried a lot of houses but they all seem to be bought already.
  12. Bank Zone

  13. Compensation Request - Klaas Batsbak - 01/01/18

    ** 1.635.000 for all already bought licenses. (DVLA and diamond)
  14. Time Submitted: 05:14:18 PM | 01/01/18 Submitted By: Klaas Batsbak (1831) In-Game Name: Klaas Batsbak Steam / Player ID: 76561198179649233 Date of Event: 12/15/17 Link to evidence (player report or video): none Details of Event: When the OPFOR was first introduced, I lost all my licenses. I've been talking to a support member back then.. Now that I wanted to go on civilian again, I still lost all my licenses. It indeed is a bit late, but rather late then never :) I do not have any evidence, because as soon as I looked up my profile all my licenses were gone on the forums aswell. I have already rebought all DVLA licenses, which is 1.000.000 I have also bought the diamond processing, which was 65.000 Compensation Amount: 1.065.000 for the DVLA licenses Copper and iron licenses Cocaine licenses (those are all the licenses I had I assume) Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.

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