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  1. Pilot Helmets

    -1 I’ve seen it on other servers where literally half the server runs around with them on purely because they have full screen night vision
  2. Headset

    I had Cloud 2s and it was the worst experience ever, the mic broke and then it fell to pieces. Ended up throwing them away and getting Logitech G430s and they have been much better.
  3. Impound lot

    There is no way that impound vehicles could actually spawn there in games such as GTA 5 due to space and lag, but some sort of menu would be just fine along with some small fee for having it impounded.
  4. Impound lot

  5. NLR

    The ones who are still alive tell them in their new life?
  6. New Kavala Greenzone

    I think Kavala Greezone needs redoing personally. Made this quickly:
  7. Legal and iligal

    Uranium is also illegal since the guide is out dated. it is very easy to see on the map since illegal runs will have red markers instead of green ones
  8. Still laggy server

    +1 they need a map dev
  9. Police Checkpoints.

    -1 seen it on other servers and they simply do not get used enough. When they do get used it is a magnet for rebels to attack.
  10. Gang tags

    I think that if you are a gang of 3 or more you should be required to have gang tags as it makes it very hard to follow this rule otherwise; If you or a gang member are involved in an initiation, any other identifiable gang members are also initiated.
  11. Server Event - Gold Transport On Saturday the 3rd at 8:30 - 8:45 the APC will be transporting 3 HEMTTs from Kavala to the HAVOC Checkpoint. These HEMTTs will contain pure gold bars that recently arrived at Kavala Headquarters. The HEMTTs will be stopping at 2 locations; Agios Fuel and Lakka Fuel. The HEMTTs will be stopping at each fuel station for 60 seconds. All server rules apply. The server event ends when the HEMTTs enter the HAVOC Checkpoint. The APC will be wearing operation gear and will also be using the best vehicles that are open to them.
  12. ACF Where here to HELP

    You edited the quote it previously read “First time every doing anything like this” people take as what they want.

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