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  1. Zyn

    Altis logistics Air bug

    Fixed Locked & Moved
  2. Zyn

    Changelog - Altis Life

    18/01/2019 | 20:00 Added: Gang/Faction Tags in Name Tags Toggle @Scarso Added: Service station to NPAS / MAS HQ @Zyn Added: Logs for Vehicle Transfers @Scarso Added: Icon is displayed in the bottom left when you don't have comms @Scarso Changed: Number format for Achievement Unlocked Messages @Zyn Changed: AMS & APC don't pay for servicing choppers @Zyn Changed: Setting the gang tag to nothing will now wipe your gang tag @Scarso Changed: PNC Pardon Notifications now only appear for Pardons @Scarso Changed: You must be below level 5 to do Truck missions and below level 3 to do Air missions @Zyn Changed: PNC Add Notifications now appear for ALL Officers @Scarso Stops people adding without fear they'll be caught for corruption Fixed: Wrong ANPR Colour @Zyn Fixed: Property Ladder Achievement @Scarso Fixed: Gang Tags not being removed when leaving a gang @Scarso Fixed: Gang tags not being added when joining a gang @Scarso Fixed: Not being able to create another gang after disbanging another @Scarso Fixed: House markers showing for everyone @Scarso Fixed: Gang tags not displaying in death messages @Scarso Fixed: "Buy Now" money going to everyone on the server @Scarso Fixed: Altis Logistics quadbikes blowing up @Zyn Fixed: Altis Logistics sometimes not working @Zyn Removed: Faction Tags from Map Markers @Scarso Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
  3. Zyn

    Stuck in gang

    Sorted Locked & Moved
  4. Money will be in your account for the next restart
  5. £6,500,000 will be added to your account for the next restart
  6. The video quite clearly shows your friend RDMing someone, anyway I have compensated you £9,500,000 for the next restart
  7. @Jakob Boyden Looking through his logs he has not withdrew any money from any gang banks. Are you sure this is the case?
  8. Zyn

    Ban Appeal - -iN- B3rrY - 01/10/19 - Altis Life

    Was flagged multiple times by the anti cheat, which is 100% accurate for auto-clickers..
  9. Zyn


    -1, don't have an issue with how it works currently
  10. Zyn

    Report player - [I] incwedibull

    Please follow the correct form https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/6-report-a-player/
  11. Zyn

    Breaking into expensive vehicles

    No. Awaiting more feedback on this topic.