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  1. Zyn

    unban - cheetah - 3up the mandem

    Denied, grow up
  2. Zyn

    Server issues..

    You will never be able to stop rebels that want to take you hostage, but you will never find out their intentions if you initiate straight away. Either way you can keep saying that rebels need to RP as well but the factions are roleplay factions, they should be leading the RP. I'm not going to sit here arguing any more. Cops and HAVOC both need to path the way on improving RP on the server even if it means that they end up getting taken hostage a few extra times or loosing a few more banks, at least they are trying.
  3. Zyn

    Server issues..

    The situation could have been resolved without a gunfight but the cops brought it upon themselves. I rarely ever see NPAS being used for anything but combat, when they scout it is an Orca planted 2m above your head ready to land, jump out and kill you. I don't understand what you mean by "roleplay properly yourself", I think you would find the only reason you don't come into contact with me (in terms of RP)+ is because you sit in a Qilin waiting for combat. Rebels constantly feel like the police is going to back stab them hence the reason why they always feel the need for leverage.
  4. Zyn

    Server issues..

    Most cops come into situations with a shoot to kill mindset, was processing uranium earlier and Tom Slice came over with a peaceful mind set, we had a chat with him and as a resort we took him hostage as leverage to sell our uranium, we negotiated that we would sell uranium and bank the cash, somewhere someone decided this was not the case and tire initiated on the HEMTTs which led to an unneeded gunfight. Throughout the process Tom Slice's life was put in danger as at any point I could of got out and shot him. I seriously don't understand why a roleplay faction does not value their team mates lives. Cops don't have to win all the time, this is what turns rebels down... I admit my gang hasn't got the best mark on the server but the roleplay factions are the one that set the example, from there the server follows. When FoxHound was Commissioner he would make sure to remind everyone that roleplay always comes first (one was he would inforce this is by going on patrols with lower ranks). I feel like the current command has turned that on its head and put combat first (few examples of this is turning NPAS into a combat unit, constantly going on SCO19 patrols, only logging on when there is a big event happening (then logging off after)).
  5. Zyn

    Server issues..

    Most of these suggestions achieve nothing, for example HAVOC vs APC everyday? They should be patrolling and having the occasional fight, for a valid reason. All it does is fuel the combat hungry people to join the police and give people who are new to the server an even poorer experience. Gang sheds are in the works. Moving the CP back and forth is not easy, it took @SKY 5 hours to do the current one... Runs are balanced, the price of guns are going to fall due to the lower payout of runs. The events team is going to be running evens every 2 weeks. The main thing I see from this post is that you want constant gun fights with HAVOC. The server was popping when there was a good mixture of RP and gunfights, currently it feels like a wasteland server. I feel like the APC has turned into a combat faction and HAVOC isn't being managed closely enough, which is drawing people away from the server.
  6. Zyn

    Place ATM`s inside of PD`s

    Please use the search bar, it is there for a reason...
  7. Zyn

    Hatchback Skins

    Added 1 for the next update Locked & Moved
  8. Zyn

    Bring Back Lightning Mcqueen

    Implemented for the next update Locked & Moved
  9. Zyn

    HAVOC camp fires

    Not finding an issue with them Locked & Moved
  10. Zyn

    Instant chop shop

    Fixed for the next update Locked & Moved
  11. Zyn

    Havoc CP

  12. Zyn


    Implemented Locked & Moved
  13. Zyn

    Ban Appeal - Johnny Gat - 11/07/18 - Altis Life

    @Jonnhy Gat Appeal accepted, don't mess this up
  14. Zyn

    Suggestion - Civilian oversight of APC

    The PPC should be non-biased as it is. You can always go to police command if you felt that your case was handled incorrectly, denied. Locked & Moved
  15. Zyn

    Clean up Script

    The clean up script will run more for the next update Locked & Moved