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  1. Zyn

    Changelog - Altis Life

    19/03/2019 | 00:00 Added: 25% extra EXP when the donation goal is active @Zyn Added: 2 patron backgrounds @Zyn Added: Response missions for medics @Scarso Added: Patron stuff @vxd.icu Changed: The selling price of drugs will change dependant on what dealer you go to @Zyn Changed: Minimum gang base bid and bid increment to £5 million @Zyn Changed: Fog should clear more often @Zyn Fixed: Green balaclava full NVGs @Zyn Fixed: Ability for HAVOC to use CPR kits @Zyn Fixed: CID show badge @Zyn Fixed: Patron setting RGB name colours @Zyn Fixed: Ability to restrain when people are tased @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here. Sorry for the late change log.
  2. Zyn

    Donation Goal

    We have implemented an increase for EXP gained for the next update Locked & Moved
  3. Zyn

    Search incapacitated people

    Implemented as a prestige perk Locked & Moved
  4. Zyn

    More XP!!!!

    Implemented at 25% Locked & Moved
  5. Zyn

    Bounty System

    Denied, it is literally the polices job Locked & Moved
  6. Zyn

    Drug dealer unless this is already a thing

    Implemented, although slightly differently. Kavala 120%, Athira 80%, Pyrgos 100% *when there is 10 APC / HAVOC online Locked & Moved
  7. Zyn

    Hunters and Police Stealth Balaclava

    Fixed for the next update Locked & Moved
  8. Zyn

    Green goggle mask

    Fixed next update Locked & Moved
  9. Zyn


    Did you forget that the tased script was changed? Fixed for the next update anyway Locked & Moved
  10. Zyn

    YouTube Thing

  11. Zyn


    Should be less visible for the next update Locked & Moved
  12. Zyn

    Stop nerfing rebel life

    Implemented Saving fuel is back in as we are utilising fuel in jobs and for the PM so it won't be changing back People having been asking for it for a while, we will see how it goes for now Lowered gang bases to 5 million start and increment for the next update
  13. Zyn

    Selling prices (cartels + Bank balance)

    I like the effort but your numbers are completely wrong. You don't lose money for having money in your account it is purely based on if you own a cartel or not and the amount of APC / HAVOC on, cartels only take 10% either way, not ~19%. If the run you are doing is illegal on that side and there is less than 10 APC / HAVOC it will deduct 30%, this is to stop people doing runs late at night.
  14. Scarso went over most of these points and the rest have been implemented or denied Locked & Moved
  15. Zyn

    The Scratch Cards

    What they said Locked & Moved