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  1. Implemented Locked & Moved
  2. 23/05/2019 | 20:00 Added: More Ooga gang skins @vxd.icu 💊 🐍 🔫 Added: Ability to buy vehicles at gang bases @Zyn Added: Invisible backpack toggle @Zyn Added: Ability to store vehicles with gang warehouse upgrade @Zyn Added: Ability to eject from pilot seat @Zyn Added: Ability to bolt cut police gates @Zyn Added: Seizing communications will put the items into your inventory @Zyn Changed: First aid kit / medikit ability to heal whilst laying down @Zyn Changed: Increased the amount of perk points from resetting @Zyn Fixed: MI5 rubber bullets @Scarso Fixed: First aid kit / medikit to heal legs @Zyn Fixed: Some issues with mag colours @Zyn Fixed: Gang keys button not showing green @Zyn Massive credit to the whole of the Development team for this update. Any bugs with this please report them here.
  3. We haven't got any details on this ban, so I am going to accept it on this occasion, accepted. Locked & Moved
  4. Zyn

    Governor powers

    The whole idea is that it is a basic income, it is the same for every citizen although those who wish to work can earn additional cash (the idea is based on an experiment in Finland, look it up), denied. Locked & Moved
  5. Zyn

    Ifrit doors

    People pay a lot of money for Ifrits and expect some sort of protection, denied Locked & Moved
  6. Zyn

    @ is broken

    Fixed Locked & Moved
  7. wait im wondering, how did u tag people in the altis life changelog🤔

    1. Scarso


      He copies and pastes the @'s from the previous changelogs. 

    2. Stefan♦
  8. Zyn

    Drug Uses

    A really nice idea, but would take up a lot of time and I honestly doubt it will be used that much, plus people would complain that they have to go to the hospital to get rid of their addiction. In my opinion the cons out weigh the pros.
  9. Implemented next update Locked & Moved
  10. Zyn

    Reset perk points

    Changed so that it only takes 10% next update Locked & Moved
  11. It has been brought up multiple times to give civilians access to armed air vehicles but there are more cons than pros. It seems like factions have too much access to armed air vehicles, something that will defiantly be discussed in the next faction meeting. Locked & Moved
  12. Zyn

    Cops & Scrapping

    Sounds like this is already a police rule, if not it needs to be brought up to police command, denied. Locked & Moved
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