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  1. Zyn

    Tractor Suggestion

    Not really something people want to see, we may look into attaching objects to the tractor in the future... denied.
  2. We can't change the armour values and the speed values would require a loop which might cause issues with lag ect, denied
  3. Zyn

    Smuggle run on water

    Implemented in V2
  4. Zyn

    Phoenix V2

    Hi Pekmez, Scarso has came out on the forums a few times and has stated that he is experiencing real life difficulties and he is currently ill. Although I'll give you a quick run down of V2. We don't want to put a date on when V2 will be released, as we might not be able to meet the time frame and we want it to be perfect, therefore we won't put a date on it. We know that there are bugs in the mission, our beta server is up, but people are viewing the features and not testing them. There is around 5 features that need to be completed. We aren't trying to hide anything and we are trying to be transparent, but the more time we spend having to do pep talks the less we are working on V2.
  5. Armour and max speed isn't something we can edit in vanilla arma
  6. Anything Scarso has said yes to, is to be implemented. The "Out of Game" section: The donation goal is being looked into This is one of the unique things about patron so no Giving them private garages ect is against BI tos, so no myPhoenix is being worked on by Kevin As stated a few times already there is the clubs section
  7. Zyn


    Admins are now able to approve montages so this shouldn't be an issue
  8. As JB said it would be unfair to those without a gang base although we could look into other benefits such as a percentage off weapon prices
  9. We will be looking runs and specifically making them shorter but less rewarding, to be implemented
  10. Zyn

    Tractor Suggestion

    Tractors don't have a lot of virtual space, is this really something people want to see?
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