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  1. Medics have patrol missions to do when there is quite moments, it also doesn't really fit that role, denied.
  2. Blood bags will have an increased affect next update
  3. Fixed next update
  4. Zyn

    Messaging system

    It is there when they are on duty..
  5. Altis Services can repair map objects
  6. Zyn

    Can't buy shotguns

    Fixed next update
  7. Zyn

    A few issues

    All fixed next update apart from the wepaons, they were added correctly from what we was given
  8. Fixed next update
  9. It won't be the same icon as the way the icons work has changed, but a medical icon will be on downed players next update
  10. It was missed out when the job system was rewritten, it will be fixed next update
  11. I like the idea of making meth a stand out run and incorporating the gas mask into it, although it needs to be thought out, so I'll move this to tbi.
  12. The main reason why mechanics can't tow or impound is because it is extremely prone to trolling. You already get an increased paycheck for being on duty. I don't really think buses would get used considering how much taxis are used. Mechanics can already repair broken map objects, so I don't see a need for a rubbish collection job.
  13. The new perk system is a lot simpler and unique. People ask for unique features they are added them they complain...
  14. Same reason why credit cards have been denied, banking cash is part of risk of doing the run. As stated in a different post there is only so much we can alter server side, the root of the issue is big gangs targerting the hobos, which needs to change
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