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  1. Zyn


    There is a trolling rule, if this is still an issue in the future I will look into something like this, denied. Locked & Moved
  2. Zyn

    Ifrit, Orca, Quilin & insurance

    I've got to agree on Kevin on this one, instead making MRAPs cheaper the factions should have less MRAPs / Qilins. I've literally seen 4 qilins dumped outside the bank (when cops were winning) so I can't see why so many are being pulled out?
  3. Zyn

    Processing and Gathering Speed

    After further testing the perks are working as stated Locked & Moved
  4. Zyn


    Implemented for the next update, small explanation of how it will work: "Fuel Theif" perk is required (Level 20, 2 Perk Points) A siphon pump (can be purchased from rebel) and an empty fuel can (can be purchased from most markets) are required Will take 1 minute and will give you a full fuel can once complete If the system is abused the price of a siphon will increase Locked & Moved
  5. Zyn

    Ministry of Justice idea

    It was implemented as a license for a reason, it isn't going to be anything more I'm afriad, denied. Locked & Moved
  6. Zyn

    Make rebel outpost a green zone

    From the community it is a clear no, plus it means rebels have no risk to gearing up, denied. Locked & Moved
  7. Zyn

    Add more slots

    Locked & Moved
  8. Zyn

    LDM Hotkey

    The reason preload was added was for this issue, there is no current need for a hotkey, denied. Locked & Moved
  9. Zyn

    Police able to remove the Lawyers License

    The community doesn't want it, like people have stated it is a lot of money just to disappear, denied. Locked & Moved
  10. Zyn


    Denied Locked & Moved
  11. Zyn

    HAVOC Licences

    Awaiting feedback
  12. Zyn

    Deposit All

    It has been denied multiple times, not wanted by the Community Board due to it being to easy to combat store ect... Locked & Moved
  13. Zyn


    The process of getting into the bank isn't changing, if you want a rule change make a separate suggestion, denied. Locked & Moved
  14. Zyn

    Weapons box APC

    Needs to be brought from Police Command, denied. Locked & Moved
  15. Zyn

    Maximum Jail Sentence

    Maybe Police Command could add internal rules that states authorisation is required to put someone in jail above 20 minutes? Either way that needs to go through the APC Suggestions, the option is there for the APC to use when needed, denied. Locked & Moved