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  1. Do you have a video of it?
  2. @Azerey Do you have evidence of what was in the truck. You would have got your Zamak back at the restart.
  3. @Donkatolo Do you have evidence of what was in your truck?
  4. @S T A N D U P Do you have any video evidence?
  5. Zyn

    Compensation Request - Christos - 06/14/18

    Accepted: £300,000 for the Hummingbird. Denied: The cartel despawned, you can see it on your minimap. In the future please make to separate compensation requests.
  6. Zyn

    Compensation Request - Gordon Ramsay - 06/14/18

    Accepted: Compensated £340,000
  7. Zyn

    Cops gear

    HAVOC can also tax people, chop vehicles and do the HM. Last time I checked Police can't do that.
  8. Zyn

    Maintenance yesterday.

    Zare literally moved all of their servers from Bristol to London, I believe they are shutting it down
  9. Zyn

    Maintenance yesterday.

    1. It wasn't a new host 2. The server was moved from Bristol to London as stated on the post
  10. Zyn

    Cops gear

    Instead get down to the route and take them to IPCC?
  11. Zyn

    Ear Plugs

    Yes, this is what I was explaining, poorly as usual.
  12. Zyn

    Ear Plugs

    Just a quick question to you guys. Would you like to see ear plugs where you can lower the volume more? For instance you hit Shift + O for 90% and again for 80% ect... If so what key would you like? I was thinking Shift + O to decrease volume Shift + Ctrl + O to increase. Let me know your thoughts.
  13. Few things to comment here, @Albert Ross you need to turn up your in-game volume and press Shift + O so you can clearly here other people interacting with you. Any for the people who commented above I can see a support case and he has therefore tried to resolve it, if he disagreed with the member of support he has the right to report you. Counteract reports calmly, not with a toxic attitude, it makes you look worse. Report declined.