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  1. Zyn


  2. Zyn

    Teamspeak Bot for RTD

  3. Zyn

    Havoc FOB

    Fixed next update
  4. Zyn

    JSRS Sound Mod

    We are no longer supporting the mod
  5. Zyn

    Prison Bail

    Fixed next update
  6. Zyn

    License Prices

    Refer to https://wiki.phoenixrp.co.uk/index.php/Licenses
  7. Zyn

    Changelog - Altis Life

    "Letter To The People"v2.1.9 | 05/04/2020 @ 22:00 GMT Added: HAVOC FOB Now capturable and will allow you to buy weapons there at a discounted price and also sell drugs Added: HAVOC Gulag Added: Gang skins - Genesis, DIA and Evolve Changed: Map locations including; Uranium and Silver mine Heroin and Apple field Crafting Site Plutonium Dealer Goldsmith and Gold buyer Weapon parts trader HAVOC HMU, FOB, Offices and Border Kavala Drug Dealer Weapon parts trader Changed: Market to display all items Changed: Market to display item buy prices Fixed: Issues with boltcutting / drilling / hacking Fixed: Spread keys button Fixed: Weapon shop cart price issues Fixed: Invisible backpack issues Fixed: Drinking / Eating notification Fixed: ATM refreshing transfer box Fixed: Selling rocks in jail Removed: Sponsor HQ
  8. Zyn

    Altis Life Suggestions - Wire Transfers via ATM

    Fixed next update
  9. Zyn

    My levels are bugged

  10. Zyn

    rocks at hm don't work

    Works fine
  11. Zyn

    Bacon & Water

    Fixed next update
  12. Zyn

    Altis Life Suggestions - Same Gang Taggs

    It needs to be possible as there is a fairly limited amount of tags that gangs can use, denied
  13. Zyn


    Fixed next update
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