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  1. This has already been suggested in the last 30 days. Either way a hotkey just isn't something we can expect new players to use, the system is suppose to emulate the default system, but obviously have the advantage of cancelling and allowing us to use perks correctly. I can't really see a need to have both as the scroll option has no issues, denied.
  2. Currently you get a point for a capture, you will get an additional point every 15 minutes for holding the zone, to be implemented
  3. We will look into prestige improvements
  4. I'll respond to this part by part, but as you know the rule has been reverted so it changes this suggestion quite a bit anway. Part 1 - Most of the APC redzone is wasteland anyway, we use parts for airdrops, there isn't really a valid reason to get rid of it. Part 2 - Again the rule change comes in here, but there isn't really a need for "Advanced Cartels", the default Arma compounds are fairly balanced as it is, not really a need for more map objects Part 3 - Sort of links to Part 2 TLDR; The rule has changed and there isn't really a need for a change to the current dynamic of cartels
  5. Cobra said it pretty well here, it may only be a few objects, but they all add up. For something that will be rarely used and is out of the way as it is, it's not worth it.
  6. Would be too unbalanced, as certain warehouse locations would have a clear advantage, nice idea, but wouldn't work in practise.
  7. I've increased the time it takes to break into a house for the next update
  8. Like I said in the other post it would cause too much network traffic, it would be nice, but not really possible with Arma
  9. We will be readding auctions with the ability to sell weapons soon, so there won't be a point in this, denied.
  10. We will be changing how the gang base system works, for now I will deny this suggestion
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