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  1. Cops Map

    This would certainly not free up police time
  2. Player Report - [SMG] Gang - 01/11/18

    There doesn't need to be a public CTSFO handbook, I made since I thought it might be handy for these types of situations. It was a temporary decision put in place due to the swarm of rebels we got recently, I see that this public handbook can easily be metagamed e.g. looking in ts channels to see if a CTSFO patrol can even happen and therefore I have decided to remove it from the public. I don't really see how it gave an advantage since you could see where the tracers are coming in Tim's video.
  3. Player Report - [SMG] Gang - 01/11/18

    This was changed to at least 6 other officers on patrol, was not updated in the public handbook
  4. Cops Map

  5. Move Meth Lab

    -1 most profitable run = most risk
  6. Anyone ready for all the 'that was so last year' jokes?

    1. Mr. Pope

      Mr. Pope

      Doubt anyone will crack that joke ... it was a bit last year

    2. Adam


      omg ^ XD

  7. Fuel Prices

    Reduce fuel prices in general. I had a quarter of fuel in my MH9 and the refuel to 100 was 300k. People would much rather just store their vehicles and get them back out.
  8. Give it up - Conner Merlin

    Just realised I posted the wrong song but whatever
  9. Give it up - Conner Merlin

    @Conner Merlin Conner's second track will be released when this post hits 15 likes!
  10. Cartels - Feedback

    I think the red zones should be smaller, they are massive atm
    1. Adam


      Air time doe

    2. Babsy


      it's good to see not only cops have this kind of flying car technology any more. rebels finally have a chance

    3. Magicz


      Can you upload you plummeting to the floor aswell, kinda would enjoy seeing that 😂


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