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  1. Zyn

    More events

    Speak to the events team lead Locked & Moved
  2. Zyn

    "Store all" for houses

    Please use. thanks.
  3. Zyn

    HAVOC armoury

    Better items will be added in the update Locked & Moved
  4. Some changes from this post have been implemented for the update Locked & Moved
  5. A refill point will be added
  6. Zyn

    Hunting License

    We are planning to disable animals, so this won't be an option, denied Locked & Moved
  7. Zyn

    Advanced weapons

    Locked & Moved
  8. @Loopy Forelli You are not banned on the server and could you provide me with your teamspeak UID please
  9. It states on the stats page what prestige you are, plus it won't make sense with the changes coming to prestige Locked & Moved
  10. As I stated in a previous post, our rebel vehicles are cheap compared to other servers, they are fine as it is, denied Locked & Moved
  11. Zyn

    ban history suggestion

    We won't ever wipe someones record, but the amount of time that the warning / ban was issued is accounted for in decisions, denied Locked & Moved
  12. Its been discussed a few times now, but as we have stated if a gang can hold multiple and fund multiple then they can have multiple, denied Locked & Moved
  13. This will be kept in mind for the next stream Locked & Moved
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