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  1. Transfer

    ——————————————————————————— House, Garage or Vehicle: C_Kart_01_Red_F Your Steam ID: 76561198118887475 Registered Owner: 76561198145945468 Receivers Steam ID: 76561198145945468 ———————————————————————————
  2. Bye

    Not leaving FiveM btw
  3. Bye

    im not giving anyone any money, i'm a money whore myself and will maybe come back some day.
  4. Bye

    forgot tbh, thanks for NCA was fun in it. love driving the prowler. best driver
  5. Bye

    Welp, I didn't expect this myself either but here I am, I simply have no time left anymore and I will still be around sometimes. Thanks to everyone who I've had fun with and who has helped me, I love and will love all of you and have loved every minute here. @Kevin I hope one day we will bring back taki @FoxHound thanks for the amazing chance to be a Staff member again. @Kazz dad see you on the other side ;) @Jelle @Tiger TITAN was fun back in the days @Raymond Reddington oh man, Raymond. Mr Vexy @Tom Pea Patrolling was always fun with you @Ninj no teamspeak dev for you <3 @Swizzle AFF 10/10 man I could probably list 1/3 of the server here so I'm just going to give up now because I have @Blackie shouting at me to play CS:GO. Love you all
  6. Interesting... With a suppressor on an MK20 it takes 15 bullets to take out a hunter tire but without a suppressor it takes 1 more bullet.

    And on the MX it takes 10 with suppressor and 11 without one. Don't know if it's the same with other guns those are the only 2 i've tested but it's quite interesting.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dimo


      Yea. Suppresors increase damage

    3. Sanders


      You must be lonely as fuck

    4. Jord
  7. traffic lights

    It’s realistic and could be good but, nobody will comply with them and will probably be hard but possible to implement too.
  8. Qilins 50cal

    It doesn’t
  9. Shit, wasn’t it your birthday yesterday? Well happy birthday then ??

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    2. Tim


      WTF no.. my birthday is in August lol....

    3. Alex King

      Alex King

      Your forum profile says something else :)


    4. Jord


      Indeed it does

  10. wat????? <3

  11. Lottery

    kazz smells
  12. Leader of gang change

    @Harrydoes transfers.
  13. Foxhound resignation letter

    I have a bad feeling about this
  14. Storage Hunters event

    Hey that’s me in the fancy suit! That’s also my garage, which is not for sale!
  15. ??? Where is your orange tag

    1. Jord


      I am helping another community on which I am Project Lead, once I leave that spot I will be back as Staff here on Phoenix.


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