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  1. that's probably why he wants it to be implemented so he can do it lol
  2. Jord

    PhoenixRP | Phoenix's problems (or not)

    amazing lol, should've been @FoxHound flying tho
  3. Jord

    illegal low altitude flying

    i drift hatchbacks sport all day long lol
  4. Jord

    Coming back for a bit

    you could say so lol
  5. They’re allowed to play any game they want, even shower with your dad simulator. I do agree that the homepage should be for official streams and streams on PhoenixRP servers only.
  6. Jord

    Coming back for a bit

    idk, hope you're better than that lol cause that was just straight up stupid. i used to speak to a lot of people and that sit was just how I rememer you lol.
  7. Jord

    Coming back for a bit

    aren't you the one who doesn't understand that if someone is restrained they need to hotmic everything? And also pulled me over and then when I pulled over for you, you said I was illegally parked when you pulled me over. 10/10
  8. Jord

    5 MIL

  9. Jord

    Attempt of RP in Cartel

  10. Jord

    5 MIL

    I'll add an extra tip in the post.
  11. Jord

    5 MIL

    It’s a Vigenere cipher and the encrypted message in on my profile. Once decrypted you get a video. That’s all I’ll say.
  12. Jord

    5 MIL

    Yes Nope
  13. Jord

    5 MIL

    nope nope nope nope