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  1. Any evidence that the person in the vehicle is the person that is being accused? I don't see his name anywhere in the video.
  2. Jord

    Ban Appeal - BULLCAT - 03/17/19 - Altis Life

    You have a few previous warnings/bans so it's hard to be sure that this won't happen again. I hope this is true and if you are to ever be banned again you won't be able to use this again. Accepted
  3. Dude

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    2. Kazz


      you have this much yet you cant get a non banned acc? 😕

    3. crashies
    4. ClemeX


      @Jord Some people have money :) 

  4. Jord

    We need this added

    Instant Kos if you use it
  5. so should i get spaghetti or pizza?

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    2. Alexander


      Asks us whether should have pizza or spaghetti.

      Gets told he eats too much pizza by someone who eats a lot of pizza and ass himself.

      Orders 2 pizzas.

      Right then

    3. ClemeX


      That's how a dutchie gets some attention. when he already knows what to choose. 

    4. Jord


      Yes, I just wanted pizza more than spaghetti so I got pizza. Problem? @Alexander

  6. Jord

    Being Dutch is not bad!

    you're alreayd banned
  7. Jord

    Being Dutch is not bad!

    im banning everyone who votes no
  8. 1.5 Sling-loading - A vehicle may be sling-loaded if you have permission from the owner or within a roleplay situation. Sling-loading is at your own risk, no compensation will be given for anything related to sling-loading. Declined
  9. Jord

    Liam outty -->

    Is this an appropriate post to use the new +1 feature on?
  10. Jord


    Don't worry, he was an asshole.
  11. Jord

    Event | PhoenixRP Art Contest

    I can see the watermark on it.
  12. Jord


  13. Time Submitted: 12:07:49 PM | 01/18/19 Submitted By: Jord (18) In-Game Name: Jord Steam / Player ID: 76561198118887475 Date of Event: 01/18/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Details of Event: Was just farming some apples, got to lvl 15 then did some admin shit because houses showing up on map for everyone. Server restarted, come back and I'm level 1. Compensation Amount: Rank 15 and however many perk points that is. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.