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  1. I agree this may be a bit too high. But there needs to be some price where it's high enough for it not to be taken out for no reason but also not too high. Idk how much you guys make a restart but maybe make the rent price the same as about 1 restart of paychecks.
  2. Jord

    Sanders departure

    o7 You were the best CSI we had in quite some time.
  3. Jord

    Server issues..

    Yeah but he was asking for staff to reply.
  4. Jord

    Server issues..

    There already have been comments from staff on this post.
  5. Sounds like you knew full well that it would get rid of the attachments yet did it anyway. Don't do it again because it'll just be user error which we don't comp for. Comped this one time.
  6. Jord

    Ban Appeal - Johnny Gat - 11/04/18 - Altis Life

    This is just a litteral copy paste of your previous appeal with even less effort. Declined
  7. Here are the things we do not accept as a Valid Compensation Request: Client side issues, for example game crashes or jumping out a car at high speed. User error, for example sending the wrong person money through the ATM Transfer. Arma 3 glitches out of our control. Sorry, Declined
  8. Jord

    AMS memes

    hate medics who come to you even when you don't request them.
  9. Why was no attempt made to resolve this?
  10. Jord

    How to beat a hacker

    I just go into admin suit
  11. Jord

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Battle.net tag: Jord#21886 Are you level 25?: Yes Are you endorsement level 2?: Yes Prefered roll: I don't really have a preffered role. I have heroes in every role which I like. SR Rating: I am not ranked in Season 12 because I didn't have anyone to play with, hence why I'm here happy to hopefully play with you. My rating last season was 1822 which was the first time I got ranked in competetive. Main team or reserve: Would like to play main team but I'm honestly not that good. I'm not too bad but probably not as competetive as you guys. Which heroes can you play well: D.VA, Mercy, Pharah, Bastion and I like Moira, Ana, Winston and Widowmaker sometimes but most of the other heroes I don't have a lot of experience with.