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  1. EMP Hellcats

    -1 dont see why this would increase RP, this probably will not only disable the engine on the targetet car but also other vehicles around. Sounds OP and very unrealistic, have you ever seen a SGT use an EMP in real life? Vehicle chases are a lot of fun and this will kill them. We already have spikestrips which almost noone uses but they could be as efficient as an EMP is not more efficient. Massive -1
  2. 6.5 Suppressor for Sergeants

    If it gets abused they punish them, they have 5.56 silencers and a 6.5 gun so why not give them 6.5 silencers? Silencers are op only anyway so they shouldnt take them.
  3. CPR MediKit in marker menu

    Would be better yes, but it will still take the job away from the medics.
  4. Roblox - Fragtage MUST WATCH

    not even playing in full screen
  5. CPR MediKit in marker menu

    i hope not people will just kill, rev and then take their gear.
  6. Some funny clips from the server

    2:30 ayyyy
  7. Player reports - Only reply if directly involved

    This is already a rule, read the rules and you'd know it
  8. Anyone remember this?


    1. Jelle


      What is that program caller again?

    2. Kevin
  9. 100% healing only works for under 75%

    Aim is bad anyway
  10. Dylan And LOTZ

  11. My Boys

    That stupid fucking timer lol
  12. My Boys

    Anyone remember Ethan Clarkson?
  13. Cryant

  14. #3

    It's not homophobic, litterly something Cryant said.
  15. #3

    Nobody fucking gives a shit about your frag movies, only shows the real reason you play here because you're a fraggot.