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  1. Time Submitted: 10:31:36 PM | 03/13/18 Submitted By: Tekson (179) In-Game Name: I | Tekson Steam / Player ID: 76561198132519783 Date of Event: 03/13/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/XJOMC2K_O6Q Details of Event: Crashed into a rock, ArmA physics killed me. Compensation Amount: 700k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  2. Posting of behalf of @Renzii LF - Garage in Charkia/Rodopoli/Anthrakia Prices go to @Renzii's inbox
  3. Time Submitted: 04:01:17 AM | 03/11/18 Submitted By: Tekson (179) In-Game Name: I | Tekson Steam / Player ID: 76561198132519783 Date of Event: 03/11/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=najh8opwqb4 Details of Event: Pulled up to coke field, got out of my HEMTT and one of the devices desynced, blew up and killed me. Compensation Amount: Around 600k I think. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. 2x Prowler

    House, Garage or Vehicle: 1x B_LSV_01_unarmed_F, 1x B_LSV_01_unarmed_black_F Your Steam ID: 76561198132519783 Registered Owner: I | Tekson Receivers Steam ID: 76561198090234633
  5. Illusion | Gang Recruitment

    @-Pingu- Accepted @n i c o Accepted for trial @ALBER7 Accepted for trial sir
  6. HAVOC bank

    I would really like to see this if it could be made.
  7. Rule Changes

  8. Rule Changes

    Stop trying to baby new players. They can buy firearms to protect themselves, they can team up with friends and other gangs to protect themselves also. I can speak for Illusion, but not for DGN and TITAN when I say this, but I know that if we saw a 'new player' doing a legal run we wouldn't hit them. What's the point? The payout wouldn't even be worth the time. And please give me an example on how we could 'try and adapt to the new situation'. You keep saying stuff like this but don't give any example as to how one would follow what you are saying. Yeah, I want a chopper to be gone. HAVOC and Police can send a serverwide message letting everyone on the server know about a situation, but I have to follow a specific and picky rule. You say that I can just warning shot it 3 times, but the rule specifically states that you must fire 3, unsuppressed, tracer rounds to the front and the back of a helicopter before it flies off. If I don't do it exactly as the rule states, someone can cry about it and pull me up on the rule out of salt. It's happened before, around a week ago I was pulled into teamspeak out of salt. You mentioned MRAPs, but you didn't mention LSV's. You can use an Orca to slingload away an SUV in the middle of a fight, or at the start of a fight to leave its previous occupants stranded and thus easy targets. I might use a Huron or a Taru to quickly extract an MRAP from a fight, either another Gang/Police/HAVOC is coming into the area to try and get it, or the MRAP that my gang is using has been disabled and I need to slingload it away to prevent us losing it. You don't think about things do you? All you think about is how it could be easier to make money, you don't think about any sensible usage like in a combat situation, or simply transporting stuff across the map with ease This is probably one of the most delusional statements I have ever heard. Robbing is a massive part of Altis Life, it's what makes Rebel Gangs, Rebel Gangs. You say that I can just 'setup at places', they can still check the area I am set up in and drive away, and that is stil robbing them which contradicts what you literally just said. Said this before, and it's really starting to get annoying, give me an example as to how I would 'just adapt'. How else would you rob a run? If you think that someone should be put at a massive disadvantage just because they're choosing to rob a run, then there's not much that I can say other than it's not even worth replying to you anymore.
  9. Police Checkpoints.

    If you saw a checkpoint full of rebels, would you drive your HEMTT Box full of goods into it?
  10. Time Submitted: 10:38:18 PM | 03/08/18 Submitted By: Tekson (179) In-Game Name: I | Tekson Steam / Player ID: 76561198132519783 Date of Event: 03/08/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/WaAabhxdUqM Details of Event: Got in my hummingbird after spawning it and it just blew up. Compensation Amount: 710k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  11. Rule Changes

    So me and making enough money for the Advanced and Black Market licenses isn't enough? The fact that cops have access to something so useful as spikestrips when rebels don't doesn't seem 'fair or right' either. They can be made expensive for rebels and they could (and should) be put in the Black Market licensing.
  12. Rule Changes

    In what way would this cause arguments? In this example let's say the rules are changed to what I have suggested. A rebel spots a truck, they shoot the tyres thus disabling the vehicle, they initiate on the driver and slap him in cuffs. What is there to argue about there? The truck driver cannot cry about rules being broken, because following what I have said no rules would've been broken. The truck driver could make a forum post crying about the rule, which is completely open for discussion as we are doing here. And also, could you elaborate on why you don't agree with Rebels having access to spike strips? If your tyres get shot it doesn't mean you instantly need to surrender, everything is situational. If you are compeltely surrounded and there are people 5 metres infront of your truck pointing guns at you, yes you would need to surrender. But if you're being tailed and you lose a tyre, you can still decamp inside a town or next to a house and defend yourself. And of course 'big gangs' can take down 2-3 people. By big gang I assume you mean at around 10+ people, that's anywhere from a 5:1 or 3:1 ratio. If you're unlucky enough to get hit by a big gang, unlucky is what you are. What do you mean 'it doesn't change anything'?, it makes the entire process easier for rebels because the rule is already incredibly specific and truthfully quite a pain in the ass to follow. Police and Havoc are allowed to send a message to the entire server which gives out information on situations anywhere on the map with ease, whereas rebels have to follow extremely specific and picky guidelines just to get a helicopter to leave an area. Simplifying it to what I have suggested would make initiating on an air vehicle as a rebel much easier, whether you agree or not. The biggest truck you can slingload is a Zamak. So the set of 'trucks' you can slingload is the Cargo Van, the Truck Boxer and the Zamak. I seriously, seriously doubt that there are going to be people going around in helicopters as expensive as the Huron and/or Taru slingloading Zamaks and Vans away from hobos doing legal runs. This suggestion is mainly for slingloading SUVs, LSVs or MRAPs away in fights.
  13. Rule Changes

    A quick response: Some of the suggestions can be ignored, but I think the following ones definitely need some looking at. - Rule 2.3 - It's obvious that if you're being followed by someone that has taken an interest in what you have, you shouldn't be allowed to store it somewhere there is physically no way for them to get it. If you're being followed from a Trader (regardless of whether or not initiation has already occured), it's unfair to run to an ATM/Garage mid gunfight and store your money/vehicles. There is supposed to be a risk/reward factor with doing runs. Rule 4.1 - The reason there is a suggestion to change this rule is there is a common occurance when it comes to chasing a vehicle to try and initiate roleplay with the driver. They notice they're being followed, they start driving away very fast, the person trying to initiate on them will pull infront of them to initiate roleplay but the truck driver will swerve away (and even if they were to get the chance to initiate, it would be invalid as the vehicle is going too fast). These goosechases end up going on for 20 minutes and being able to just disable the vehicle makes so much more sense. Rule 4.2 - Firing 3 unsuppressed tracer rounds at the front and back of an air vehicle is very specific. Why not be able to just fire a few rounds at said air vehicle, regardess of whether they are suppressed/tracers or not? You can hear the bullets flying past you, and 9 times out of 10 this initiation will happen to an air vehicle that is already low enough to see people aiming at it. Rule 5.6 - Personally I think the whole medical custody thing is unfair. If you have made the effort to keep someone alive after finishing a gunfight, you should at the very least be able to strip their gear from them. The fact that a medic can just take the roleplay opportunity away from you without being able to do anything is bad enough, but this system can be abused by friends of people being revived. If the medic is a friend of the person that is being revived, they can save their friends' gear and you cannot do anything thing about it. Rule 7.1 - This is essentially the same as the combat storing rule, if you are to run into the green zone you would force the people following you to break rules to be able to gain the contents of your truck. This is an unfair advantage and should not be allowed.
  14. Rule Changes

    Gonna keep this short and sweet. Myself and @Renzii have been looking over the rules after experiences with them ingame and I have written a word document with the edits that we would like to see. These are all open to discussion and I'd like to hear opinions and suggestions too. The document is here.
  15. Rule Changes

    Gonna keep this short and sweet. Myself and @Renzii have been looking over the rules after experiences with them ingame and I have written a word document with the edits that we would like to see. These are all open to discussion and I'd like to hear opinions and suggestions too. The document is here.

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