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  1. Susan

    Max - A great guy

    @Max is a great guy who has worked in the AMS for some time now and gets along with practically anyone. He is such a credit to the medics and the server. I believe it's about time he receives some credit for it as he's always happy to help and is a damn good support member. +1 if you agree
  2. Robb archer is definitly a great guy
  3. Susan

    @Proxy Smoxy

    @[ARR] Ace we appreciate your feedback and it will be noted on @Proxy Smoxy's database record. Thank you for taking the time to tell us. Kind Regards, Madame Susan.
  4. @Fozzy I love the premise and think Kevin Pearson and Cheapo Airlines would love it haha. I'd definitely take part and it sounds unique. No other server has it
  5. Susan

    [Medic] Susan

    Thank you @jamjager
  6. Susan


    aww thank you @Fozzy