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  1. Woodzy

    Pilot Helmets

    I know.... I don't understand why it's something that people are so against. And to hear that it only makes sense to let HAVOC and police have them just annoys me. It just seems that Rebels can't have anything nice and that we are given the bare minimum.
  2. Woodzy


    pretty sure this is exactly what another RP server has... won't it seem like its just being copied.
  3. Woodzy

    Illusion Diamond Escort - TBC

    I have spoken to a few people in HAVOC and an idea that was mentioned is that we would be helping people at the mine by filling trucks and escorting them to the HAVOC checkpoint. Once they enter the HAVOC lands they are then protected by HAVOC. An idea that i had mentioned is that we could charge the civilians for the use of our equipment.
  4. Woodzy

    Mi-290 Taru [Transport]

    11 mil
  5. Woodzy

    Illusion | Gang Recruitment

    Posting on behalf of @Renzii Unfortunately @Lax your Application has been DENIED. Feel free to spin the BIFTA in 7 days.
  6. wana explain why you got me in this report even though i wasn't there?
  7. don't know why i have been reported in this. Im I | Deltah..... I wasn't even at this situation. So can you please get your facts right before posting a report with incorrect evidence.
  8. Woodzy

    CH-67 Huron

    Auction over...... Winner is @madhead with a bid of £18 million.
  9. Woodzy

    CH-67 Huron

    Just over an hour to go until Auction ends......
  10. Woodzy

    Illusion | Gang Recruitment

    GL lads
  11. Woodzy

    Gang Thread Cleanup

    mine's dead mate
  12. Woodzy

    CH-67 Huron

    Sellers In-Game Name: Woodzy Item Name: CH-67 Huron Description of Item: Its a Huron! Proof of Ownership: (Screenshot/Video) https://gyazo.com/c9756f16ef44baeaac02d9ba06b61f5b Start Price: £16,000,000 Minimum Bid Increment: £500,000 If it is at all Possible i will accept a straight bid of £25,000,000 End Date & Time: (DD/MM/YY) 06/03/18
  13. Woodzy

    Nx | Noxious

    GL Guys