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  1. where did i bi-pod and spray? 🧐
  2. A few clips to use up..... Might be the last one from me on here..... Enjoy.
  3. Maybe change it so that vehicles / Aircraft can only be pulled from a minimum of 1.5 km from the active situations location????? just an idea.
  4. Woodzy


    You were fleeing from a cartel / advanced rebel location in a red zone..... why would we not follow you? they fired at our orca and they landed, you tried to bait us over them and they continued to fire at us..... why would we not land to try and kill them? only about 4-5 officers were on the ground at the time, not 10 πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ don't go to many cartels do you lad? if you don't want to loose a 600k load out, Don't buy a 600k load out and dont go to a cartel.... you put yourself at risk by going there. i cant personally confirm NIU's numbers but in TFU we have 14 members. And of those 14 members only around we never have that full amount on at once, maybe 5/6...... HAVOC can earn a load out in 1 paycheck nearly, and also they have access to a lot more than we (the police) do, for example, they have MK200's, ASP's, 2 very heavily fortified area's (CP and HAVOC units HQ) No restrictions on when they want to play as Rebel. If you feel this is the case then record situations that you are not happy with and instead of having a public rant, speak to someone about it properly.
  5. Anyone playing Division 2?Β 

  6. anyone able to approve?
  7. Don't hate on it plz...πŸ˜‚ First one I've done in a while.
  8. Woodzy


    Laterz ma dude.
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