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  1. R6S anyone???? i'm pretty washed though

    1. Sanders


      Whits yr discord

    2. Marios


      Play clash in case u don't want to aim. You outplay people by just existing so that s nice.

    3. ÑiḴØŠ


      Clash is kinda shit rn

  2. Time Submitted: 10:14:55 PM | 08/25/19 Submitted By: Certified NATO Member (1784) In-Game Name: Woodzy Steam / Player ID: 76561198038755671 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 08/25/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: No Idea, Left my TS on when i went to work and when i came back home, i found out i was banned. What reason was given for your ban? You were banned permanently from the server by "Kiran" ([TB] Advertising (Woodzy)|Kiran Madd| Appeal at Phoenixrp.co.uk) Why should you be unbanned? As i have no idea how i advertised...... What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable): None
  3. @Lester This montage does not do justice to your insane GAMER LEVEL!!!!!!
  4. Its Arma's handling???? i don't see it happening on other servers.... only v2. (i have tested it)
  5. has the bug involving the night visions turning off when you exit a vehicle been fixed? also it happens when you buy stuff from rebel shops.
  6. That's a 1080 TI for you... cheers lad ❤️
  7. You gunna come play again you inactive fuckwit.

    1. turbosperg
    2. Stefan♦


      oh no, dont frag me sir! i mean no harm!

  8. Hello fellow gamer, how can we help you today?
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