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  1. LukeB

    Introduction - Luke

    I appreciate it.
  2. LukeB

    1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    Sounds fun what is the approx of people that can come to the event.
  3. LukeB

    Introduction - Luke

    I'm Luke a genuine boy that play's Arma 3, GTA 5, Call Of Duty, and such. I go to school in France I have a passion for strategy preferably strategy in military/police. I like all food's beside most kinds of seafood but I do like to adventure in foods, my true passion is to be a game creator preferably first-person shooter, I'm looking forward to many things in this community I may not be active because of school, however, I usually have a load of homework but I'll try my best, I do tend to get a giggle or two at jokes like this Anton, do you think I’m a bad mother? My name is Paul. I hope this community flourishes I'm impressed on the forums already it look's like this community is a professional one I hope to see you guys online, I may go into the police force but I don't know, I hope to see more RP aspects such as Presidents, Secret Service and such that is where my mind is leaning to I don't know what you guys think though I probably will agree with anyone else's point of view well this is it sorry for the short introduction I'm not usually good at them. Sincerely, Luke.
  4. LukeB

    On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog

    @Wasted, Hey I hope I see you around.