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  1. I remove Will 'O Bostons nomination
  2. Its the dynamic economy, this aint a bug! 😲
  3. Wi I get 50% extra post if I shitpost when I am in your gang?

    1. Stefan♦


      I don't have a gang sir

    2. Roy


      alex you stay in the peach gang..

  4. Only cops can pretty sure and medics obv
  5. http://prntscr.com/nqlhzu Your vehicles are still there. Ill readd your rebel license and compensate you 11.8 million. Accepted
  6. The money will be comped, @ Com Board will take a look at your perkpoints,
  7. I gave some of your licenses back, and give you 19million for the money you lost, advanced rebel and processing licenses.
  8. Accepted, 1050000 issued as comp. Your truck should be back in your garage already. Accepted.
  9. After discussing this with fellow staff members, I have decided to issue a verbal warning to you all. If I do see anything like this gain, or a member of staff in general, a ban will be issued.
  10. The same person is in driver at all times as you can see by the clothing.
  11. rebel life is kinda dead, but why would we make weapons and loadouts cheaper. You legit can do a run and earn 2 million in half an hour and besides they are already cheap as fuck. I do think we can add some stuff in to improve rebel life but making weapons cheaper will not be a solution.
  12. Id say get the armed airplane in cobea the og suggested
  13. It gives you like a 150k. Rebels should get a chance to actually get away.
  14. I cant tag sky, but if this doesnt get sorted, I am swinging my hammer.
  15. You didnt lock it 👴
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