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  1. Alexander


  2. Alexander

    Player Report - Tom Pea - 07/18/18 - Website/Forums

    Declined, my god. I said to you in a private message: "I don't feel like calling someone a dipshit is a breach of our server rules. " Stop being immature.
  3. Alexander

    Player Report - tom pea - 07/18/18 - Website/Forums

    I am going to decline this report. I hope everyone can start acting like adults again.
  4. Alexander

    Phoenix 5

    Sad to see people taking a fragmontage and criticism in this way. Also @vM | Ethan
  5. Alexander

    Phoenix 5

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  6. Alexander

    Phoenix 5

    this is mine
  7. Alexander

    It's time

  8. Alexander

    Ban Appeal - Christos - 07/17/18 - TeamSpeak

    You never have the right to call a wanker? https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/11-staff-feedback/ Fill in your issue here and we will see wether you deserve an unban or not. For now, Declined.
  9. Alexander

    The Altian Front - Take To The Streets On The 18th!

    Me and @Charlie Knight do not approve.
  10. Knocking out after the police taser initaited on you is not breaking server rules unless you are in a greenzone,

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor no gif meme


  11. Alexander

    Ban Appeal - Tom Skyline - 07/15/18 - TeamSpeak

    Declined: Your behaviour was not acceptable and so is your appeal. Put more effort in your appeal next time.