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  1. Locked untill an attempt has been made to resolve.
  2. Alexander

    Hard Knocks Montage

  3. Alexander

    New idea

    Why dont we turn this around and say, havoc teams up with rebel gangs and they fight you?
  4. Alexander

    Youtube Channel

    @Conner Merlin selling a boat in the auction. @HappyHour - "A suicide vest is no value of life" @The real Matty and @Michael Constantino @Conner Merlin's magical impoundpseed. The cool kids @Connor Pepe @Jefferson Doe skrt Roleplay w/ @nick batsbak Rdm and VDM montage -
  5. Appeal accepted, you have been banned for one year so we feel like giving you another go. Do not dissapoint us please! Please PM me with your teamspeak ID so I can unban you from teamspeak.
  6. Alexander


  7. Alexander

    Luckii Fragtage

    I mean cut the crap just show your frags. Its very annoying to see like a kill then a church for 5 seconds, then a kill. I personally don't like it.
  8. Alexander

    Luckii Fragtage

    I dont make frag montages, never the less, the cinematics shouldnt be there and also there is a lot of black parts in the video. It doesnt add anything to the frag montage tbh. Wait making with untill he can make one instead of filling a montage with blackscreens and cinematics.
  9. Alexander


    Im dutch donne tbh
  10. Alexander


    Accepted! Accepted!
  11. Alexander


    Nexus No RR because we are not pirates! Ranking Structure: Command Roles: Seventh Rank: Aye-Aye Sixth Rank: Irrawaddy Dolphin Normal Members: Fifth rank: Tarsiers Fourth rank: Blobfish Third Rank: Axolotl Second Rank: Pigeon First rank: Llama (these animals are all actually real go and google it) Application Template: Gang Roster Also this will be an RP gang, like RP RP, like the good RP. No shootie shootie if you are in to that shit then please dont apply.
  12. Alexander

    Luckii Fragtage

  13. Alexander

    Luckii Fragtage

    A lot of black its very annoying also get rid of the cinematics
  14. Alexander

    Ban Appeal - im so bad - 08/14/18 - Altis Life

    Your not allowed to shoot at players without initiation. You were shooting in their direction does not change the fact that you are shooting in the direction of a player without initiation which is against our rules. Declined.