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  1. Alexander

    1 Year Banned Player wants to Apologize...

    Then his friend can create one.
  2. Alexander

    1 Year Banned Player wants to Apologize...

    If he can't appeal then he can email [email protected]
  3. Alexander

    Ban Appeal - Hassan svennson - 12/11/18 - Altis Life

    Player HASSAN SVENSSON was kicked (Read the rules | David B) Not even 20 minutes after your kick Greasy added Ban ([GB] VDM | Greasy | Appeal @ PhoenixRP.co.uk) It doesn't matter whether you harmed someone or not. What matters is you VDM'd a police car. Declined and not to be accepted before you put more effort into your appeal.
  4. Alexander

    Petition to unban Nick Batsbak

    It got declined 🐳🙂
  5. Alexander

    CID Initiation

    They are supposed to indeed show that they are cops as cobra mentioned. Different initiation is useless but they should first say that they are cops before the normal apc comes and shoots. Showing your tag and reading it would not be metagaming but people would have to be able to see your tag.
  6. Great profole picture and banner.

    1. Niko.


      thank u i tried

  7. Alexander

    Is there any other gang building besides gang base

    no because they are already working on it
  8. It's time to make my profile Christmas proof! 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Charlie Knight

      Charlie Knight

      Can we take a moment to remember your Christmas picture last year


      (if I remember correctly you had the funniest one)

    3. Alexander


      This year its a deer fucking a present and santas head popping up.

      Last years one i lost. @Charlie Knight

    4. Charlie Knight
  9. Alexander

    Phoenix #7 ❤️

    Bad montage, No idea why Just here to cause beef.
  10. Alexander

    Is there any other gang building besides gang base

    Zyn is currently creating a gang warehouse system where you can buy warehouses however this is a work in progress and still needs fixing.
  11. Alexander

    Ban Appeal - Fallen - 12/06/18 - Altis Life

    https://prnt.sc/lrodr7 He disputed you 4 times. He tried to resolve this so the statement in your appeal is false. Therefor declined.
  12. Alexander

    Ban Appeal - CreemPie - 11/26/18 - Altis Life

    nope he is unbanned already.
  13. Alexander

    Ban Appeal - Fallen - 12/06/18 - Altis Life

    According to the support case he disputed you?
  14. Alexander

    Player Report - mastersombie - 12/04/18 - Altis Life

    He has, confirmed. 11318 is the caseid.