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  1. lets get the meme over with
  2. People keep suggestion we do it yet it is not going to happen.
  3. We should get something new. New police, new medics, and a new other faction.
  4. Opening a tanoa server, will obv bring new people in. Nor is tanoa a map you have to fill. Only use the middle island, and as the playerbase grows, expand the map and start using the islands around.
  5. Half of the map has broken down builsings, as well as not everyone is planning on buying the dlc as its optional and a lot of content will be added to the base game. Apex has been around for such a long time, and has a lot of assets and the majority of players has apex. Please no, complete new server.
  6. I dont know where this is comming from, specifficly. Yet starting a new server would bring in new people, as well as more staff, management etc. Well over 70% at this point wants to play it @ kevin I am waiting!
  7. We shouldn't close down altis, Just start a tanoa life server on top of the altis life server. If you don't qant to play it, or don't have the dlc thats alright, just a test to see how many people would actually play it if we were to open one.
  8. Besides it doesnt really matter what the community boards opinion is. A suggestion gets put up, lets say tgey all disagree, yet 80% of the people want it, and it is "acceptable" then it should be implemented if that is possible. A suggestion should be put up on the forums, the community can discuss it, and then the developers will take a look into realizing it together with the community board.
  9. Why would the community board discuss a suggestion in a stream, when there is a designated place for it. Q/a streams should not be used as a place to make suggestions because but for questions for future plans, current projects, state of the server, development work, arma 3 news idk, anything else but suggestions. Q and A is question and answer, its not an Suggestion and answer.....
  10. It could be a chance to improve and sort out mistakes we previously made on altis. Let police and medic people start from the lowest rank and let them work their way up, fully. As you said, add in scopes, weapons and other rare attatchements. Make it something different then altis. I say we do it!
  11. I doubt thats the video that got you banned, from the video you can't conclude lagswitch. Anyway, sad to see you go.
  12. 100% of the community has voted! @ com board please implement this!
  13. I feel like its time for a new map. Big cities, major airports and great oppertunities for roleplay, runs and combat. If we were to start a tanoa life server, would you play it? The altis and tanoa server would be seperate, so money etc won't transfer over, as well as ranks in factions also don't transfer over, in my opinion. Vote now!
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