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  1. Completely true. Your basing your judgements of what the appealer says. You know all information about these players obv, history, previous band, warnings and what exactly happens. Ah.
  2. I've decided together with some other that we will be unbanning you. We could understand where the confusion comes from with a staff member telling you you are allowed but yet again, you shot trough the side of a deerstand. Make sure it doesn't happen again.
  3. but this is not even a bad idea!
  4. Based on the evidence provided I have come to the following conclusion. Based of the video I can not verify RDM this is ebcause of the music volume and the voices in the video. Player report declined, both warnings on Wissy and Mike hunt removed. Declined.
  5. *posts picture of playercount* hahaha got you now @Kevin

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    2. Kevin


      Guys this does not fit their narrative can you knock it off

    3. Kevin



    4. Stephan


      Shut it down quickly! There were a maximum of 61 on yesterday and now its going to 72+!

  6. Thats not something a future project lead would say!
  7. Like david's dog more then I like Wade
  8. Abuse meaning you gain an advantage, he used his ESP as he showed in a video, after combat to check whether someone broke NLR. The reported even understood why, and that situation was resolved. He was suspended for a while because we did not wan't him to deal with a situation he was that involved in. Thanks for commenting on a situation you know nothing about.
  9. But staff member can't verify something. If I RDM 10 times, and do it again, can we keep on calling that mistake? How do we know when someone is lying. If I get RDM'd a couple of times a day, I would also leave the server. They do revieuw the evidence, this statement makes no sense. All staff we have is mature, and intelegent enough to handle their respected postiiton. If your ban is unjustified you have to come to a staff lead straight away with evidence, and we will warningpoint/remove/suspend or whatever is needed to sort the situation if we feel like the situation was wrong. If you want to report a staff member do it! Staff is not capable of completely filtering the situation and thats why I think its better if all communications are logged so we can justify and improve on our decisions.
  10. Alexander


    Hi, we have found a solution to provide you with a faster approval procedure. Within 24 hours, most likely within one hour of posting depeding on the time. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day, Alexander PhoenixRP Customer Service
  11. Its very hard for me personally as a member of staff to judge situations. Its hard to deal with specific situations. Example, Someone RDM's someone. I can guarantee that 75% of the RDM's are genuine mistake. But how many mistakes do we allow. What if someone already has a lot of bans/warnings for RDM. Its not as simple as just saying, stop banning people, and creating a guideline won't do shit, because every situation is different. To me, it sounds like we are in need of a new ban system. One where we can filter mistakes and actual rulebreakers. And I feel like supportrooms nowadays, are just a mess. People sit in there for ages, it goes back and forth. and after half an hour there is no conclusion yet. Wasted time. In my opinion, we need to come up with somenthing that can filter accidental rulebreaks, and actual rulebreaks. At the end of the day, not alot of people break rules intentionally. But then, again, what do we allow. We should maybe create a dispute and appeal system where everything happens online, and not on teamspeak. A system where you report someone, and with some form of dispute ticket and you can try to resolve the situation, this avoids going to a support room and having to argue for a long time with no outcome. I want to report @Zinner for RDM, Zinner uploads the evidence to our dispute system, along with the players name and steam ID he is reporting. A dispute then opens, instead of having to log the support cases, we don't have to anymore. The chat is logged so every admin can see exactly what is said. Support members can then proceed to mediate. They take a case and open it. They can revieuw the evidence. Let's say you do not want to resolve it, you have to click a button and fill in the reason. The dispute then gets transfered to staff, after which they will deal with the report. Thinking about this, its not actually a bad idea but I am however really sure that this is something that is quite hard to realise. @Kevin looking at you here with your webdevelopment. I am open for suggestions for ban systems and for new ways to deal with rulebreaks.
  12. Hey, why have you hidden my  meme post!?!??!?!!??!!??!?!?!!??!?!!?

    1. Alexander


      She is a normal player of this community.

      No need to act all special about a female playing our server, and posts like these are just going to make here feel u comfertable and not welcome.

      Not needed.

  13. It makes it a lot harder to deal with. Ill discuss it with some people and get back to you
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