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  1. Alexander

    Hello Nico,

    This is the police to the police. 20k please.


    1. Niko.


       hey alex settle down

    2. Nizwald



  2. Niko.

    yo we need a staff lead can u come back pls thanks

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    2. Niko.




    3. Stefan♦


      1 time offer only:

      stefan for staff lead

    4. Tiger


      @Alexander who are you again? pretty sure never asked you a question

  3. Alexander

    Bring Havoc / Phoenix Back Now!

    Banned Locked and moved
  4. Stefan♦

    Hello sir? I have a problem with my car? is this car support?

    1. Alexander


      You buy new car yes?

    2. Stefan♦


      yes sir opel cadet? you have that sir?

  5. Alexander

    Congratulations on your new job at Durex as a model for the extra small products!! 🔥

  6. Alexander

    Adam Braz | #1

    And the worst part is that he is a moderator saying things like that, innit.
  7. Alexander


    Can I get my ban removed please. I didn't combat log! It was @nick batsbak with my username. Please 3 up! @Nizwald

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    2. Gill


      ohh ffs


    3. Alexander


      People who think I actually got banned 👁️👄👁️

    4. Niko.


      collect vood

  8. Alexander

    phoenix is dead

    Technically speaking, the server only DIES when Kevin turns the server off. Then its dead. If its on, still with 0 players the server is not DEAD. Alright, thanks for having me.
  9. They did not your sexual orientation, but thanks for putting it out there anyway. 🧐
  10. Alexander


    No, I would be against it. Having money, gear, cars on this server is a reason for people to return to this server when they leave other servers. When you wipe the server, especially with a low playerbase, we are basicly back to 0. You have little players and everyone who joins has to restart their game. I can't be bothered with that if I am ever going to return.
  11. Alexander


    "If you want a fresh start you can also ask a managment member to wipe your account." @Jelle 2019
  12. Alexander

    In a bit biscuit :D

    Except for Micheal, he never loses. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your evening.
  13. Alexander

    Can I put a bet on RedM?

    1. Kevin


      you'd lose but ok

  14. Alexander

    David Ironfield - Crash Montage

    Better then every frag montage I have seen on this forums.
  15. Alexander

    Why is this in my google drive


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    2. Alexander


      This is pobably exactly why. TOXIC! 

    3. ᵉᵐᵇᵉʳˢ


      connor pepe the lad

    4. TeddyBear


      Damn thats a while ago.

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