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  1. Long time no see! How are you anyway?

    1. The real Matty ✔

      The real Matty ✔

      im good mate only here because I seen someone stealing my gang lmao @Sammy Briscoe 

      how are you anyway mate


    2. Sammy Briscoe
    3. Alexander
  2. Alexander

    Saving for my first ever Jet.

    We used to have that, but a good replacement is cigarettes. Start smoking those in your yet and you will have a trail!
  3. Alexander

    Ban Appeal - ODS | KipperNoo - 02/21/19 - Altis Life

    Bumping a Thread So what does it mean to bump a thread? Today, you'll most commonly see bumping on Facebook. But it actually got its start in message boards in the 90s. Posts and their comments in those days were known as "threads," and the thread with the most recent comments added to it would appear at the top. By commenting on an important post, community members could make sure it remained toward the top, rather than buried among past posts. source: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/what-does-it-mean-to-bump-a-post So you commenting on it with the intention so admins would see it, would be bumping. Also, this warning point is more than a month old, your only one and this is the appeal a ban section. Your not banned, so you cant appeal one. Warning points are appealable by messaging either a stafflead or a community board member.
  4. Alexander

    Player Report - Frank Castle - 02/20/19 - Altis Life

    @Frank Castle
  5. Alexander

    Some suggestions that might help the server

    How is that shit for sitting in a zone for 5 mins
  6. Alexander

    Alexander #1 or 2

    I was thinking TFU dude
  7. Alexander

    over 48 hours ( NHS apl )

    your last one was accepted so I guess they forgot @Proxy Smoxy
  8. Alexander

    over 48 hours ( NHS apl )

    as far as I can see and Im not medic command, both your apps have been looked at within 10 minutes. Do you have any messages on the forums?
  9. Alexander

    Alexander #1 or 2

    The gang NPC got fragged good there
  10. Alexander

    Alexander #1 or 2

    I lost track I think I made one on bunny's but idk
  11. Alexander


    told ya @Jakob Boyden
  12.  Before you enter this section please read trough some of the rules we have in place. Guideluines & Rules Make sure there are no rules broken in the video or screenshot you post. Whether it is a frag montage or a another rule breaks. We don't want to promote rule breaks. In the case of a frag montage we will check our support cases, don't put rule breaks in the montage, even if it has been resolved Spamming forum posts or attempting to bump posts is not tolerated at all. Do not post anything on the forums if it may be considered offensive to others in the community. Keep it to yourself or seek staff approval if you are not sure on if content is appropriate. Messaging a staff member to approve your post is not allowed unless it takes a long time for the staff team to take a look at it. Feel free to ask a staff member if you feel like it is taking too long. Thank you and we are looking forward to your role play montages and great video memes.
  13. Alexander


    Can you explain to us how you pronounce your name? A lot of people say Spoedre and I just Spodre but we really want to hear from the mister himself. @Jakob Boyden @Death Spawn The montage was good to watch btw.
  14. U need to see a phsycologist ur anger problems are too much