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  1. Very nice profile song I must say

  2. the next person who disputes me will remove history from the server,


    The staff panel only displays the last 10, so if this one gets removed @nick batsbak  has been wiped off the list,


    A sad moment. Please think twice before you dispute me.

    1. Peter


      I didn't say that!

    2. Kazz


      i disputed you a while ago

    3. Andy Wick

      Andy Wick

      the rest of it is HAVOC lol.

      But I'mma despoot u


  3. Alexander

    Dexter in Arma

    its an example, if you have a contradictory opinion to it, then share it, don't just make someone feel like they're hated on for voicing their opinion on a suggestion. You have a contradictory opinion. So do we not understand my logic or yours?
  4. Alexander

    Dexter in Arma

    Please edit the dog config and add it :$
  5. Alexander

    Dexter in Arma

    Don't respond just saying '-1', if you have a contradictory opinion to it, then share it, don't just make someone feel like they're hated on for voicing their opinion on a suggestion. Give them a reason why you disagree, give us a reason why it shouldn't be implemented.
  6. Alexander

    Dexter in Arma

    So @Michael told me you could have dog in arma and give it commands I'd love to see this added in game. Its great to see and for a roleplay perspective it can really add something to Havoc and APC. According to micheal the above video was not using mods.
  7. Alexander


    Nice, fox has come up qith some rules and they will get rid of interfearing etc. Accepted I guess? I mean rules are comming. 🐦🙂
  8. Alexander


    But bank is a different attck tho, people telling us we want rules we want rules but what rules. Be specific because the HM rules were build after the H.M. was placed. You dont knoe what issues you are going to get. You make rules because there is an issue, at this moment we havent seen an issue. If there is suggest it on the forums. This is a wierd suggestion.
  9. Alexander


    Which rules are needed?
  10. Alexander

    Compensation Request - [SFG]RAGS - 10/21/18 (Altis Life)

    Please provide me with evidence.
  11. Alexander

    Changelog - Rules

    20/10/2018 | 15:00 Changed: APC Rebel rule 4.14 Rebel Activity within APC lands- Police Offices are permitted to play as a rebel within APC lands whilst there are more than 10 APC officers currently on patrol. Police Command & Staff Members can catch you breaking this rule outside of Roleplay however Police Command will decide the punishment. When playing as a rebel you must consider this a new life, and information gained from this life can not be used whilst playing as a APC officer.
  12. Alexander

    Body Bags.

    Maybe, but from an rp perspective, we shouldn't reward killing. -1 therefor.
  13. Alexander

    I dont know why

    for future references.
  14. unlucky timing, Vladic was lagging before the initiation happened as shown in the video above, yellow chain. Why'd someone switch before he gets initiated on. D e c l i n e d
  15. Alexander

    PhoenixRP Merchandise

    i would have bought this if it wasnt 40 euros