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  1. Respect for comming out as being a gamer girl to us 🎅

  2. If anyone owns a hammer and wants to destroy @Matt's Ps4 and fifa 20 let me know

    1. Messiah


      You can ask @Kiran to borrow his banhammer 😀

    2. Roy


      i got some hammers and drills. only @Matt should send over his PS4 + fifa. to lazy to go to that leaf country.

    3. Matt


      Mate don’t get Kiran involved please he’s mean! @Messiah


      @Roy they wouldn’t let a stinky Dutch like you in anyways :)

  3. Alexander

    Nick Coca

    3^ my boy Nick Coca with them witchhunting Sad to see you leave, catch you later.
  4. I will be declining this report. This situation is fair play. He was fully armed, including vest, helmet and 7.62 rifle, as were only had a rook, and a vest. You were aiming a pistol in his direction, you were not holding it against him nor near him. You were aiming it at him from a distance. Just because someone is in a vehicle does not mean he is in a clear disadvantage. Thereofr, the player report will be declined.
  5. @Bear Shark where in this situation were you involved? Is there any other evidence that needs to be presented before I proceed?
  6. Someone here is not happy their poll is not getting the results he hoped for
  7. The whole point of this rule is that you will most likely have to roleplay if you want to know how many havoc are at cp
  8. Thats 2 years I am never getting back

    1. Jay.


      Happy anniversary from the PhoenixRP team!

  9. When u play Fifa, try not to play Fifa 🤗

  10. You lost it? If we refund your prestige level, your prestige level will be set back to 0. Do you want us to proceed?
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