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  1. +1 but have a tax on it when you use it and you have to pay for it
  2. +1 Poor woodzy getting shot by havoc while we are boating along outside the red zone +1
  3. I enjoyed watching it, great fraggy
  4. Hey no need to be toxic just some feedback, just letting you know you shouldn't do that
  5. You killing someone that just got out his helicopter and not even pointing a gun at you, Killing people with no vests. Jumping off a DMT on purpose to kill someone because you really want that frag to put in your fraggie is desperate and No Value of Life I thought all issues where dealt. ----------All issues/rule breaks in this video have already been solved----------
  6. +1 Make it so only the person who got shot at is allowed to return fire or maybe don't even make it like that and the person getting shot at should put their hands up or put their gun on their back
  7. Nan just reminds me of people that have to originality in there songs
  8. Why hasn't this video being put down for No Value Of life in those last two clips
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