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  1. Scaw

    Ban Appeal - * mc you ,mom - 11/05/18 - Altis Life

    I have spoken to a Staff Lead. Due to the fact that you were drunk you needed a time out. I think what you did was accidental. However, I hope you realise what rule you broke and why it is a bad idea to join the server when drunk. You have been banned for 5 days and I think that is enough time to come to terms with it. And in terms of your ban history, I hope you are more careful in the future and think things through. Also after speaking to you on Teamspeak I can see you didn't intend on breaking these rules. As I said on Teamspeak. Don't Let me DOWN for unbanning you. Ban Appeal Accepted.
  2. Scaw

    Ban Appeal - * mc you ,mom - 11/05/18 - Altis Life

    Looking at your ban history it does not look promising with a previous 6 bans with 7 on record. Now you have appealed this twice before both of which were declined but you have put a bit more effort into this appeal. Why is it that you have been banned so many times before and what are you going to do this time if given the chance to ensure you don't get banned other than not come on the server drunk?
  3. Scaw

    Ban Appeal - VladimeR - 11/05/18 - Altis Life

    The ban was revoked as soon as it was discovered that you were not a hacker. Therefore, this appeal has already technically been accepted.
  4. Scaw

    Ban Appeal - [3RD BC]Konrad - 11/05/18 - Altis Life

    This is not your first time breaking this rule, however it is your first ban. In the future, please be more weary of the rules and make sure you are valid initiating. For this reason I will be reducing this ban to a 3 day from now. So you will be unbanned on 08/11/2018.
  5. Scaw

    havoc should not pay for vi

    Virtual Items now cost for both Police and Havoc. And embassy was removed by request from command as an FYI.
  6. Scaw


    It’s not the same role play sit as 98% there’s no RP before hand. However, it’s the same combat situation. And common sense would say that if a gang is still holding the same cartel that you died at then you should not return to the same cartel. If you are caught doing so then that would be breaking rules and a punishment will be given out.
  7. Scaw

    Group the Stuff that drops on the floor

    This is a good idea, you windows key the bag and then you’re then able to select what you want to pick up and it also tells you the amount that are within the bag.
  8. All three videos are evidence of an invalid initiation buddy. Let’s just wait for a staff member to deal with this.
  9. There’s a difference between that of seeing someone and that of hearing someone. In which case we all heard you but could not see you. And again to mention you were running away back to your car before you completed the initiation.
  10. Can I also point out that it can be seen in all three videos that before you finish initiation you run back to your car. Lets see what the staff member that deals with this case says.
  11. I have not failed to do that at all. I have 2 different perspectives given. And your own. Let's see what other staff think about it. You heard yourself from both cyber and sean that although you tried to be visible you weren't. And can I adress the fact that you said you initiated on Apollo. Yet you said "Havoc, hands up or get shot" which means you're initiating on all of us not one person so that defence is invalid.
  12. Apollo did not have a Video. I told you this multiple times in the support case.
  13. The Anti Dexter Coalition needs another  144 (150 in total) signatures before Dexter is Community Banned by @Kevin. Please Go and Sign Here.

    1. Cyber Freak

      Cyber Freak

      Please sign today, time to change! 

    2. Peter


      • 1.14 Discrimination - PhoenixRP does not tolerate any discrimination based on but not limited to gender, skin color, nationality, age, disabilities, religion or sexual orientation. 
    3. ClemeX
  14. Time Submitted: 10:31:57 PM | 10/27/18 Submitted By: Scaw (1735) Your In-Game Name: Scaw Who are you reporting?: =A= Potter Time/Date of event: 22:00 27/10/2018 Rule's Broken: 1.2 - Invalid initation Explain what happened: There was a long active combat sitaution. The situation cooled off and then A went for the initation on Havoc again. However, from Havoc point of view he was behind a car, wall and a pillbox. You can barely see him when he initiates and then before he completes the initiation, he runs gets in his car and then drives off simply to get the initation for his gang. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Support Case - 10255 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Cyber Freak, Sean, Ash Hoffa
  15. Scaw

    Cya Nerds

    No point in you even leaving tbh @Kazz Just go on LOA