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    You're like the 100th person to suggest this. Never happens lol
  2. Squirrel's Visa has been spotted!

    Skrrrrt, welcome buddy! @Jakey Malteser @Thomas Lubanga @Raymond Reddington
  3. My leaving post.

    Good luck in the future it’s sad to see you go!
  4. Vans

    YEah only the 16 seater variant is in the server I believe. This would be nice to roleplay with and would also be a step down from a box truck in size and price perhaps?
  5. Pilot Helmets

    Black Market I'd say.
  6. Pilot Helmets

    If this was to happen perhaps only the police and havoc, and civs can get it on the black market? I think it should be police and havoc air services for sure.
  7. Names

    I like this idea.
  8. SPARTAN | Recruiting

    Your Applications is Approved. I would like to talk to you on teamspeak. Please join our open channel at the bottom of the servers teamspeak when you are available.
  9. Not really a lot of people would do that. You think it would be the minority It wouldn’t be. Plus if it was a hatchback or an suv it can be air lifted by a heli and if you’re in a gang that makes your 30 minute drive a 5 mins flight.
  10. Yeah people would 100% be chop shop hungry. And the way it is now works. It’s a good idea don’t get me wrong but I don’t see it’s worth honestly.
  11. Yeah but the way it is now is unique and to be honest I think it would just be to overpowered if it was changed to that atleast the way it is now means you aren’t garunteed it which is in my opinion a good thing.
  12. I’m pretty sure that this already exists but on a basis that when you chop shop you have a chance of the gaining the money for the vehicle or there’s a default 10% chance (atleast I think it’s 10%) of the vehicle keys being given to you and the vehicle going to your garage. So you cant chose if it goes into your garage or not but there are chances of it going into your garage. If I’m correct aswell you can increase the percentage through levelling skills up. I can’t recall which skill it is though. Someone should be able to confirm if I’m correct or not.
  13. Rust server

    All of the frag hungry people can go to the rust server instead of Arma or gta lolol. But on a serious note I think rust wouldn’t be able to go towards an RP scenario. Could be tried but I don think think it would work.

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