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  1. You stinker!!

    1. Scaw


      Thanks Speedy. 😛 But for the record you smell more.

  2. Scaw

    Scaw player recommendation

    Thank you, greatly appreciated!
  3. Accepted. 1.55 Million will be back in your account next restart. Locked & Moved
  4. In review. After checking your account You now have one Ifrit on your account? Edit - Spoke to Player on teamspeak. Explained that he bought it at Rebel.
  5. Scaw

    Conner says yes to HAVOC vs. APC war

    Tbh, I was just watching the film and not the titles that were coming up xD
  6. Scaw

    Altis Life Event: Phoenix Races

    Told you we had one ready to go 😛
  7. Scaw

    Community Events

    There is an event ready to go. A post has to be made and a date and time for it to be held. New event ideas don’t come with a snap of your fingers. They take time to come up with and also try and make enjoyable for everyone. And also take time as to make it worth the time and effort of the player base. Not to mention we also have to make the event somewhat logical. If you have any ideas yourself for an event that hasn’t been carried out before then let someone in the events team know or make a document and then give it to the events team.
  8. Scaw

    Edit Patrol Missions

    Fair point.
  9. Scaw

    Edit Patrol Missions

    Still gonna be overused and abused xD
  10. Scaw

    Edit Patrol Missions

    Correction you drive / fly through it with out looking. xD Doesn't mean others don't lol Also not sure about this suggestion. Think its better. In terms of RP that we have to return to HQ to get our next patrol mission. So it's debatable. Okay it makes it easier but it's just going to be overused if that's possible. Furthermore, although it would be cool to have the same patrol mission if you're in a vehicle. Would this work with a team of 4 getting a patrol mission and then going out? Or would the drivers mission overwrite everyone elses patrol mission within the car? A bunch of Havoc all get a patrol mission and then patrol to each persons destination theoretically making the patrol a lot more diverse and less standard.
  11. Scaw

    Achievement Suggestions

    Rather than creating think it should be creating / joining a group / gang. Cos not everyone is going to create a group just for an achievement its a waste of money so think it should go inbetween and therefore be create / join a group
  12. Scaw

    Robbable Destroyer

    Yeah but if there’s only one access point to the ship then it’s a choke point and we’ll never be able to get on it lol. Good thing @SKY is the map Dev aye
  13. Scaw

    Runs In Havoc Lands

    Yeah exactly, as I said it would be difficult to decide what moves and changes or what could be added etc.
  14. Scaw

    Robbable Destroyer

    Good idea, I like it. Need a logical way of Havoc being able to retake it so it’s not completely impossible to take back over.
  15. Scaw

    Runs In Havoc Lands

    Havoc personnel don’t have to ya you every single time. If you roleplay it correctly you can get by with a minimum charge. The difficulty with this suggestion is the moving and re arranging of all of the runs to make them go through the CP. And for future reference come to high command about Havoc suggestions before putting on the forums just so we can discuss with you the idea and if it’s been done before etc etc. I’m not against this at all I’d like more runs through the border myself however, will be difficult to decide what goes where. Or to create new runs and logical names for the runs and such could also be hassle.