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  1. Scaw

    Attempt of RP in Cartel

    Lol cos binocs = gun. whats he gonna shoot you with the laser designator? 😂
  2. Scaw

    Open Sea Broadcast.

    Please suggest any better ideas you have then bud. But if someone is doing codeine which is illegal and we end up chasing them because we have not had the chance to speak to the person because they have seen our boat and then decide to panic like shit when we’re on the way to them. they hop in their boat drive off then we end up in a 30 minute boat chase where nothing is achieved and everyone gets bored. If they’ve driven away from us they are suspicious and then we act based on that. I would personally implement a rule where the boat is not shot unless it is completely non responsive and does not listen to our orders such as “jet ski please drive to pygros hmu docks” and then if they they don’t listen another message saying that they will get shot if they don’t. But as a lot of people other people agree the way it is now doesn’t do or anything for us.
  3. Scaw

    Open Sea Broadcast.

    Any ideas of another name then? Cos I don’t have a clue. Or low international water broadcast?
  4. Scaw

    Open Sea Broadcast.

    Ehhh, you're my minion so it means that what ever your ideas are they are actually mine 😛
  5. Scaw

    Open Sea Broadcast.

    I want to suggest an Open Sea Broadcast. It will work in the same manner as the Open Air Broadcast but obviously for the sea. It is difficult for HMU and MPU to initiate on a boat when at high speeds or just in general boat to boat. And personally as the Lead of HMU I believe it would benefit both the Police and HAVOC to have the ability to do this so we can "pull over a boat" and role play with people. The high speed chases usually end up in a 20 minute long chase until someone crashes and the chase can no longer go on. This way it means people have a choice to surrender or well be killed.
  6. Scaw

    I swear you have a birthday every single week.... Happy birthday?

  7. Matt did send the player a dispute message. He didn't realise it classed as attempting to resolve the situation with the player.
  8. Scaw

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    Your Applications is Approved. Please join our open channel at the bottom of the servers teamspeak when you are available.
  9. Scaw

    Ho Lee Goodbye Post

    I mean I think I tempted you to stay when you Came to support
  10. Scaw

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    Your Applications is Approved. Please join our open channel at the bottom of the servers teamspeak when you are available.
  11. Scaw

    Ho Lee Goodbye Post

    He hasn't gone
  12. You’re orher option isn’t just to expand the amount of slots through the gang menu.
  13. Scaw

    PhoenixRP Stream Team

    Scaw - DELTA, AMS, Spartan.
  14. Scaw

    Ho Lee Goodbye Post

    Guess Who's Back, Back Again. p.s. ^ Thats a video
  15. Scaw

    Ho Lee Goodbye Post

    Sad to see you go bud. I did take your opinion higher up the chain and it has been noted and will also be spoken about. Thank you for your service in DELTA. And I hope we don't run into you breaking the Laws 😛