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  1. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders.
  2. On the stats page there is playtime stats for Civilian, Medics and Cops. I think a Havoc playtime stat on the graph would be good. Currently it counts game time as Civilian. I think it would be useful if it was set up so it monitored as its own line on the graph.
  3. Obsidian

  4. Obsidian

    But i'm sure she'd enjoy that mate :P
  5. Obsidian

    Gotta love this! @Obsidian Think you should sort Crownkey out.
  6. Bounty System

    It could be developed but is deffo something that has potential to work for the server. It would add another job. Only problem I can primarily think of is that a lot of people may be bounty hunters at one time. Perhaps a restriction on the amount that can be bounty hunters or there are say five - ten slots for bounty hunters in the civilian section when you join the server at the bottom of the list. Like how Havoc used to be. But then if that were to happen you'd probably need people to be white listed making it a small faction instead?
  7. Before the server was up

    Pretty Legit
  8. SPIKESTRIPS - Black market

    Other thing would be people running around with them and just constant accidental rdm or killings.
  9. SPIKESTRIPS - Black market

    If it were to go into advanced rebel. It should become a lot more expensive than 50k not going to lie.
  10. SPIKESTRIPS - Black market

    Not a bad idea. But I think it should be a bit more expensive. Although you do pay 15 mil for black market license so its a debatable one
  11. Police Panic Button

    @Sig Is it a good idea at all to perhaps make a post on the forum stating what does what on the server? For example the custom action 7 is police panic button?
  12. Police Panic Button

    I believe there is don't quote me on this but...... it should be Options > Controls > Custom Controls. But nothing is marked as to what does what on the server. So good luck finding which one it is. As I said I believe that is where to find it but i'm not 100% sure. Perhaps someone else can help you
  13. EMS Request Sound Notification

    It could but I’m sure something could be put in place to allow you to disable it on the Y menu or something

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