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  1. I've read the support case and I can see that from your picture that you cable is broken. This once I will take it as an accidental mistake. Please try to not pull your ethernet cable again but I do understand how easy it is to do. Appeal Accepted!
  2. Please state the specific rule that you have broke. That includes the rule number and name of rule.
  3. Scaw


    Jesus Christ crown, took your time to respond.
  4. Compensation Request Accepted Total Compensation = 800,000 this will be added to your account at the 12 AM Restart.
  5. Scaw

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    Now that is a +1, except there would be problems for people trying to get to the border then and possible a lot of RDM occurring? I’m just trying to get every aspect covered here that’s all.
  6. Scaw

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    They would have to remove houses, move the Checkpoint move the wall which means possible map things like trees and hills. IT would be a lot of W work for @SKY
  7. Scaw

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    I like this idea but would be way to much developer work.
  8. Scaw

    Havoc Rulle

    +1, he is good at roleplay and loves checkpoint 😂
  9. Scaw

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    To me the server is dying because of the fact that school has just started back and that will obviously decrease the amount of people playing regularly. I do like your idea about the police and havoc though.
  10. Scaw

    Police able to remove the Lawyers License

    How about it just gets taken from you for that restart? I mean as people have stated 500k is so expensive to be loosing but I do think this should be implemented in some sort of form. In real life you can have you ability to be a lawyer stripped from you if you do something illegal and are caught and then you are sent to prison. Given that it could be removed just for one server cycle I think that would make a lot more sense and that you serve jail time of which you would also in real life.
  11. Scaw

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    I think we should try every possible thing before reducing the size of the land. And then if we don’t see an improvement then think about reducing the size of the land.
  12. Scaw

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    Reducing land will make it hard as fuck to do an illegal run. Which will then deter people from wanting to do an illegal run in our land.
  13. Scaw

    Runs in HAVOC Lands

    Some parts I agree and disagree with, I think perhaps we have a border if it is reduced that maybe goes on a diaganol rather than a straight line this could help with maintaining a decent amount of space but still reducing. I personally want a few more runs deffinately going over the border as there is currently only diamond. Beyond this more water runs and perhaps as I’ve suggested before some sort of water drug dealer could help both Havoc and Police Maritime Unit. Not sure about another red zone but maybe a black market or rebel outpost or something of the sorts. I agree the land was a lot more filled but I feel like that may have been just due to us being able to find people rather than missing them when we drive past. I think we can come up with something to make everyone happy here it’s just finding it. Edit: Personally I don’t really want the lands reduced I want to see what can occur first before something extreme like that happens
  14. Scaw

    The Frey Dynasty Clothing Store

    TFD Gang in clothing store does not work for skins. https://gyazo.com/4b84b7889e6951c4096792c0fd75a6eb I tried re-logging and restarting the game and it still didn't work. I also tried multiple clothing stores, kavala, blackmarket and sofia. @Zyn
  15. Scaw

    Add Gag and Blindfold script

    This was once in the server and was removed. Reason being that people were just being blind folded and gagged and then never spoken too for the rest of the situation. I personally don't think they should be re added.