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  1. mjw6603

    Location Of Message

    It wouldn't increase the mission file by alot but it would still be good to have
  2. mjw6603

    APC Radio / Walkie Talkie

    If nobody likes reading here you go - Made by me Thanks to @Jesse Johnson and @weavers2015
  3. mjw6603

    APC Lockup

    +1 Would be really cool to see in the APC. It would be fun to have another challenge
  4. mjw6603

    Location Of Message

    I am Matty ji lel
  5. mjw6603

    Location Of Message

  6. mjw6603

    licence revoke

    Whats the +1 For suggestion or???..
  7. mjw6603

    licence revoke

  8. mjw6603

    Location Of Message

    My Suggestion In the APC i think some people can back me up, It is not handy to look for the coordinates for our dispatches for example Message From : Matty Co-Ordinates : 074825 MSG : Help im getting robbed What i think would be good is that after the Coordinates there could be an icon like so it would be easier to locate the dispatch/msg to see where it is sending from This suggestion can be useful to other factions as well especially medics, Medics receive dispatches/msg to help people so they can locate it easily. When pressing the icon shown above i think that it would mark the location on the map with a square for just yourself to see. Even civilians can use it I would really like to see this added into the new messaging system as it would help a lot. Thanks
  9. mjw6603

    Shift+1 | Action Menu

    +1 it would help alot
  10. mjw6603

    Can you re-appeal a ban

    @David Ironfield Yes he can al he has to do is wait 7 days then tell your friend to fill out this form https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/7-appeal-a-ban/
  11. mjw6603

    Just a small giveaway

    Because I am Welsh and I love the moneyz
  12. mjw6603

    Adapt [DISBANDED]

    Name: Matty How many hours do you have: 1k+ Previous Gangs: DGN (RIP) Steam ID: 76561198285214631
  13. Time Submitted: 08:57:50 PM | 05/08/18 Submitted By: mjw6603 (1710) Full Character Name: Matty Date of Birth 06/06/03 Age 14 Character RP Story: "There was once a time which i had her and now she's gone forever." One day Matty walked in on his girlfriend sleeping with someone else, He decided to drag the guy off and start punching him several times until he became unconsious, Matty had to flea from the scene as soon as possible, Later that day matty handed himself into the police and got sentanced 5 years in prison, After the 5 years was up matty decided to start a new life in los santos with his new friends and started working with the EMS. Now matty is a full time worker for the EMS and is now wanting to help the police more And now i am here in los santos looking for a job as a police officer Why do you want to join LSPD?: I would like to join the LSPD because throughout my time in five M i have noticed that the police do a really good job to keep people safe and i want to help out people around los santos to make sure everyone is safe. I also want to join because i used to be a cop on altis life so i know what im doing. Another reason why i want to join is that im a really good driver and i think you could be in use of a good driver to catch the criminals of los santos Why should we choose you over other candidates?: Because i have a really good sense of humour and i have good RP as well