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  1. Police panic button

    I can backup this the panic button doesnt work for me either
  2. Matty Medic Application

    Before i start this i just want to say why im not using the forms, It wont work it just repeats the question. In-game Name: Matty Age / DoB: 14 | 06/06/2003 Steam ID: 76561198285214631 In your own words, what is the meaning of RP: The meaning of RP is being a character in game but doing things in game as you would in real life. When rping you are expected to act as normal as you are IRL Why do you want to join the EMS department: I want to join NHS because my enjoyment on phoenix as it is growing rapidly. Its at the point where i avoid any and all human interaction in fear of losing the things I have worked hard for, including my players life. This is no way to play a role playing game. I would also like to help people. Nothing is worse than waiting 10 mins to wait for a medic that isnt online, I hope that i get in as i want to help people when they are down and make sure that everyone keeps being happy on the server What can you bring to the department: I can bring laughs and amazing RP, I love helping people in game and out of game as i am a volunteer first aider IRL. I can also bring myself really as i am a really good person to talk to as im easy to aproach if needed How many hours are you willing to put in per week: well im on everyday after 3 mon-fri after 10 Saturday and sunday Time Zone: GMT 0
  3. Ambulances that work

    It would be good if the ambulances in the server light's would work I have noticed that the light on the ambulance don't work so if your could add that in
  4. Kavala Event | Halloween Entertainment

    @Rusty i thought we having a talent show today?

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