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  1. Matty Ji

    Matt Black is boarding the 3:30 pm flight.

    Thanks for the tag x
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    "Come to support" - at the end xD
  3. National Police air service ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thread Rundown Welcome to NPAS Official Information Thread. This thread will keep you updated about the unit and its members ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NPAS Command Chiefs Block The Chief & Deputy Chief are the directors of the units and the unit leads. Do not contact them for Internal Unit Training. Feel free to contact one of us with any issues or questions Chief - @Matty Ji Deputy Chief - TBA FI (Flight Instructor) - TBA FI (Flight Instructor) - TBA T/FI (Trainee Flight Instructor) - @Cheeki Breeki ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is the Goals of NPAS and how do we approach situations? All our pilots are trained to approach a situation as fast as possible. Whenever our pilots arrive on the situation they will assist all ground units within a 500M radius. Most Pilots are also trained for other specialized units to assist there work ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Applications for NPAS are Here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next Npas meeting: TBD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NPAS LINKS: Npas Database: Link Npas Application: Link Npas Timesheet: Link Npas Handbook: Link Npas Training Request: Link NPAS Survey: Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ News and updates of the unit 17/09/2018 - Welcome To NPAS Promo Video 17/09/2018 - Trainings Changed & Approved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading. Any updates towards the unit itself will be posted here.
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    Joining the server voice.

    Can the voice be changed to foxhound's voice It'll be good.
  5. Time Submitted: 10:28:31 PM | 09/07/18 Submitted By: Matty Ji (1710) Full Character Name: Matty Ji Date of Birth 06/06/03 Age 15 Character RP Story: 2017 came around quite fast, Matty lived with him mother father and his brother andrew, They all lived hapily until one day their town was hit with a massive tornado killing the father and half of their town, It was just matty his brother and mother in the small town of llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Matty didnt understand how everything worked in that town as they spoke fluent welsh. So matty and his family tried to move to england where everything started off good as they had loads of money to spend on clothing and food , they rented a little house to live in while staying in england but obviously a nasty bad man came and robbed the house and sent them to his little base called royal roses base, He tortured and screamed at all of them and as they got out of the dangerous base matty turned to his family and said "We need to go to altis" his brother replied with "Whats Altis?" Matty explained what altis was and both mother and brother loved the idea. As matty and his remainder of the family headed to the airport they booked the last tickets to AIA (Altis international airport). Only 2 could get on, So matty decided that his mother should come along, As soon as Matty and his mother got off the flight they were both surprised to see men with Mk-18 pointing at them to raise their hands, The mother stuck up for herself and didnt,. *Bang* Mother is now dead, Matty had to comply and the people robbed the 2,000,000 he had. He said to himself, "FFS time to give los santos a try" Matty is now here applying for the LSPD hoping he can get a chance in the LSPD Why do you want to join LSPD?: I would like to join because i have a lot of experience in the police as i have been the the APC 3 times now and i am known to many people, possibly not in a good way but people know me. I would also like to join because i really have a good interest in five m and i would like to help out as much as possible. next i would like to join because my RP is really good and i know how to make a situation as realistic as possible eg (Using sections in the police) i can explain if needed. Finally i would like to join because i miss Five M, the players and staff. I used to be EMS on five m until the server got relaunched. I realise that my previous application got denied but i would like to apply again because i really like this sort of faction in five m. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: I have loads of experience, i am easy to approach, friendly, can have a good laugh, My RP is good, I know how the basics of being a cop in fiveM and arma, I have good comms finally i am happy to help at any point.
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    Location Of Message

    @Zyn Any answer for this yet??
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    AK | Al Khalia

    Come to speak on ts 21:00
  8. Matty Ji

    AK | Al Khalia

    Al Khalia After a long time of battling with other forces on stratis the Al Khalia finally won the battle. Al Khalia made their way over to altis to make the poor citizens of altis pay for any crimes they commit. Leaders Lead - @Matty Ji Lead - @Daniel Lincon Co-Lead - @Adam Dappaa Co-Lead - @jonasmn26 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application What is your name in game? : Age? : Timezone? : Hours on arma? : Steam ID (Numeric)? : Why would you like to join the Al Khalia? : How would you rate yourself in the following (1/10) : Flying : Driving : Combat : RP : Getting out of situations : What can you bring to Al Khalia? : __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any questions about the gang please contact myself, @Daniel Lincon @Adam Dappaa PLEASE KEEP THIS POST CLEAN (APPLICATIONS ONLY)
  9. Matty Ji

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    Name: Matty Ji Age: 15 Hours on Arma: 1785 Opinions on Brexit: Brexit means Brexit Why Do you want to join LoTUK ?: Because i play alot of minecraft and roblox RP and i think i would consider myself as a robloxian roleplayer. I host CT Tryouts How will letting you in the gang benefit LoTUK ?: Im a bot. I do anything that someone tell me to do. (Except : stupid things) Whats your whip status: your nanas and grampas toaster Is it coming home ?: Maybe next time ethnicity: apache helicopter sometimes a rusty lamp post
  10. Matty Ji


    Hello Louis, Application status : Accepted Thank you for your application. We would like to speak to you in our teamspeak channel to sort out your role You can find our channel called "Waiting For Interview/Public" at the bottom of TS Thanks ATP Lead Matty Ji (Head AART)
  11. Matty Ji


    Hello Stefan, Application status : Accepted Thank you for your application. We would like to speak to you on teamspeak first before accepting due to the recruitment process. You can find our interview channel called "Waiting For Interview" at the bottom of TS Thanks ATP Lead Matty Ji (Head AART) Edited 7 hours ago by Matty Ji
  12. Matty Ji


    Hello Ace, Thank you for your application. We would like to speak to you on teamspeak first before accepting due to the lack of words. You can find our channels at the bottom of ts call "In Flight" and "High Command" Please message me when you want a small interview Application status : On Hold Thanks ATP Lead Matty Ji
  13. Matty Ji

    GG matty

    @Matty Ji Ladies and gentlemen This is part one of my karaoke time in the NPAS office. Thanks INS Matty Ji
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  15. Matty Ji