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  1. Reece Smurf

    make cops pay for gear so they value their life.

    There’s a name for people like you from where I come from
  2. Reece Smurf

    Server issues..

    It’s simple 90% of people are here for combat, make gear cheap and easy, mraps and Quillin cheap and easy and add more cap points. Also so for the 10% who want rp make gz in each city for rp and make a rule that other gangs can not interfere with anyone else’s rp situation.
  3. Reece Smurf

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    At least you remember now I suppose
  4. Reece Smurf

    HAVOC Firing Squad

    I’m Surprised you guys hit him.... seems like a hard shot for havoc.
  5. Reece Smurf

    Bye 👋

    Sorry wasn’t in sco19 , just ctsfo 💔
  6. Reece Smurf

    A* In Initiation Class

    Personal attack? Simmer down kiddo
  7. Reece Smurf

    make cops pay for gear so they value their life.

    The only way this would be fair is if you made it so they got better pay checks and more money for impounding
  8. Reece Smurf

    Vanquish Arma & CSGO Montage

    Couldn’t get enough kills as a gang for a just arma fraggy?
  9. Reece Smurf

    Bye 👋

    Want to get on with real life. Maybe one day 😂
  10. Reece Smurf

    Bye 👋

    Decided too sell my pc because I’m bored of gaming. I’ve had some good fun on Phoenix over this last year, met some great people and had a lot of laughs! But sadly it’s my time to leave... thanks everyone who helped me enjoy my time on the server. Big love too the LoTUK lot and CT lot. I hope everyone carries on having a great time.
  11. Reece Smurf

    Selling Berets and Flash bangs

    Any proof?
  12. Reece Smurf


    Good luck lads 😉
  13. Reece Smurf

    Aiden Pearce | Frag Montage 4

    you make 0 sense.
  14. Reece Smurf

    Aiden Pearce | Frag Montage 4

    Says the guy who was kicked a day later....