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  1. AndrewFam

    HooD big ego

    Yea man maybe he will let you play with him if you lick that ass enough
  2. What admin let you play on the server 😂
  3. AndrewFam


    I only play this server for you so guess im gone as well lmao
  4. AndrewFam


    True but also cba trying to fight a cap with a plane strafe running ahah
  5. AndrewFam


    Be doing a run and get strafed by planes, not the most fun haha
  6. AndrewFam


    These are on oly and are rediculous so no thanks from me
  7. Well being a game, people are relaxed, having fun, therefor make mistakes. So imo should be given another chance, of course considering each situation individually.
  8. we playing black ops
  9. Not gonna show my shite setup but my pc is decent. Specs: Case - Corsair Carbide 275R Processor - i5-9600k Cooler - H100i Pro RGB GPU - GTX 1070 Armour OC RAM - Vengeance 2x8GB DDR4 3000Mhz Motherboard - Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X PSU - EVGA 650w 80+ Gold HDD - WDBlue 2TB SSD - 850 Evo 250GB SSD2 - 970 Evo M.2 NVMe 250gb
  10. Not sure what you are saying, but that completely contradicts your previous point
  11. can't tell if you are memeing or got batted round the head as a child
  12. You joking? All of you are acting like gangs actually fight gang wars. No one fought last time, we had 2 fights the entire 4 hour period. Factions being able to attend would make it more interesting and actually mean there are fights. Also skies, assent is a big gang, we barely play since there is no one to compete with.
  13. For more customisation options? People like different clothing?
  14. Cast + lvl 2 best has identical armour rating to no cast + lvl 3 best. Only difference is cast provides full body cover
  15. AndrewFam


    Imagine getting upset because I called you bad at a video game, grow up loser aha
  16. AndrewFam

    Bring back dms

    Go for it but anyone who plays with sound will hear you and kill you, "sniping" isn't really a thing
  17. Exactly, would end up like when you have a terms of service or whatever when installing a program, everyone just scrolls and clicks agree
  18. There is genuinely no way you can monitor if someone knows the rules until they fuck up, get banned and give you their answer essentially. Maybe have the rules page on the load in menu? Even so this won’t guarantee people will read it.
  19. AndrewFam


    waguan gamers @Theo Wright you better do gang wars on here sir 😉
  20. AndrewFam


    Already done an intro here but since I've been banned for the past 6 months I figured a lot of people would have left / joined so writing another. Hey there gamers. ft old ass video no one cares about
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