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  1. AndrewFam

    Initiation Change

  2. AndrewFam

    Initiation Change

    Nah just had a sit where a hobo nicked my stuff off the floor, I asked him to drop it so he fragged me ahah.
  3. AndrewFam

    Initiation Change

    I believe that on this server initiation needs to be stricter and longer. This would encourage more role-play and give more of a chance for people to survive. Currently you just have to give a command while holding a weapon, however I think the initiation should be a command relative to the person with a threat combined to it: e.g. "Put your hands up or lethal force will be used" - whilst holding a gun. I've had a couple of situations where I've asked someone to do something and they have took it as initiation and shot me, however it was not my intention to initiate at all. I understand I have not been a part of this community for very long and it may have been this way for a while, however I am sure this will aid role-play and make it a bit more fun for everyone.
  4. AndrewFam

    Prime | Rabs - Montage

    Military simulator btw.
  5. AndrewFam

    Prime | Rabs - Montage

    Man like
  6. AndrewFam

    Papa Smurf frag video #2

    nice tage tbf
  7. AndrewFam

    PFC Jake Introduction

    My guy
  8. AndrewFam

    Lower the number of cops to do bank

    Ok buddy, completely irrelevant to the thread. I like that you use full stops trying to get your point across whilst instead giving the message you didn't pass English.
  9. AndrewFam

    Lower the number of cops to do bank

    If he takes it to heart that someone called him a melon head or fat over the internet then that's his problem, pretty obvious its a meme
  10. AndrewFam

    Lower the number of cops to do bank

    You staff team or what? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  11. AndrewFam

    Lower the number of cops to do bank

    I'm not in vortex fatty
  12. AndrewFam

    Lower the number of cops to do bank

    It's a bank robbery melon head
  13. AndrewFam

    Lower the number of cops to do bank

    you are the definition of wasteman
  14. AndrewFam

    Rebel Life

    don't underestimate the power of a rook and a dream