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  1. Personal curiosity

    Well, it's roleplay, they're roleplaying Police so I can only assume they're portraying a realistic experience as Police in which if you have a gun out in public then they're going to act aggressively because you're a danger to them and anyone else in the general area.
  2. Hi There !

    Hello there, jump into requesting support if you have any questions
  3. IPCC Report

    These investigations can take time, however, you will be informed once the Police command has made a decision. Just be patient.
  4. RP rewards

    Rewarded for following rules?
  5. Police prowler

    We need sirens at least
  6. Arma 3 Maps Real Locations

    Woah! They copied an Island from ArmA 3. Copyright strike incoming :^)
  7. NEW BANK?

    Yeah, I guess but everything gets boring eventually.
  8. Night Night Sweet Raven

    Ban plz
  9. MONEY

  10. NEW BANK?

    -1 I don't believe it's needed
  11. Bank OP - Danger Zone

    Keyword: Appears/abetting. If you're driving from Kavala to Agios on the MSR then it's obvious they're not involved and killing them would be RDM, in my opinion. The Bank is in a pretty popular location so people shouldn't shoot every single unarmed civilian they see because it's a chance they're involved - within reason that they're not inside the bank itself.
  12. ViceLords ~ Recruitment Post (Applications Open)

    Best of luck!
  13. christian police channels

  14. House transfer request

    I'm no longer interested in the property. I only wanted it due to the meth lab that was next to it which has since been removed. Feel free @DotZip to keep the house, it was only 3 million.

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