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    we will see
  2. very good profile song :) 

    2. fisher


      Thanks. Starting my own record label and this is one of the more promising talents. 🤗

  3. fisher

    In a bit.

    Simple response to this is, a lot of people have been given alot of chances and warnings are issued for rule breaks, Admins literally have to speak to someone ingame before banning them unless its a mass RDMer or hacker or some serious shit. Also surely a line has to be drawn at some point coz the rules are there to keep the game fun for everyone. New rules are coming but it's hard to get a rule right and we have reviewed all the rules but are just deciding on wording and so on because we don't obviously want another set of scuffed rules. True in some areas, we are trying to differentiate as much as possible as we see this too. As said before v2 is our unique base that we will build our own style on and new content. times have changed sadly, the player base is drastically different. the game is completely different to when I played in 2014 which BTW was far better than 2015. Can't really comment on the state of the police but i'm almost 100% certain that they will try deal with you as fair as possible and sometimes that might mean you're in the wrong. The game is slowly dying but probably not at the rate you'd expect. People do take the game seriously but that's probably because a lot of progress can be lost in an instant and if done unfairly, it is going to give you a bad experience. why should we cut you some slack and allow you to play on the server if you are breaking a rule and ruining someones experience that in turn won't want to play on the server? The irony of this statement is unreal. so what you're saying is if someone breaks a rule in a way that makes someone not want to play on the server, should be cut some slack and be allowed to play here whilst the person who did no wrong, has been mistreated and now no longer wants to play here? thanks. true.
  4. Are you willing to accept the value of £3 million for the Mar-10? @Jackson Conlon
  5. Unfortunately due to the way the logging system works we can't determine what level you was before this happened. Unless you have any evidence of a level we have nothing to go on. So your appeal has been declined for now unless you do indeed have some evidence. This will timeout in 24 hours.
  6. Happy birthday!

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      Thank you xx

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