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  1. It was a URL shortener used because when i put the file in google it had my real name of the files which i didn't want anyone to see. Plus why would i "log" a IP of someone trying to help me resolve a issue? Kinda pathetic if you ask me, i didnt want anyone to see my name at most people would be able to respect that and to be fair it is just a report but i'd rather not have my name on files and stuff. To be honest i just wanted to do a report and because i were filling in the report before i went off and i didn't know who would be looking at it i used a URL shortener so that it does not shown my name in the link. I apologise to any issues this may have caused but i hope you can understand that i do not want my real name being on the report and visible to the PhoenixRP Community.
  2. Why am i getting reported for using a url shortener because the file linked to the prove had my real name on it ?

    1. Kevin


      'url shortener'


      Grabify is not a URL shortener.

    2. Jord
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