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  1. cheers, if @Harry can do this would appreciate it.
  2. rip maybe ashley will share its closed mate lock it please cheers
  3. I'd like to thank all 50 of you who participated, congratulations to the following: @Brooklyn - https://prnt.sc/i2eric @Khalid - https://prnt.sc/i2es0n @Alex King - https://prnt.sc/i2etu6 @Scaw - https://prnt.sc/i2eu8l @Ashley Raven ( You get the odd amount nearly 10 mil :P ) - https://prnt.sc/i2evxy @Zinner could you possibly transfer each of the top 4 £10mil exactly and the odd 9.9mil to ashley please.
  4. Sorry guys had some personal things will be doing results now
  5. Okay 5 winners will be picked, each winning 10 million each think this may help more people out. Comment peaky blinders if you haven't already to enter. Ends 18/01/18 around 7pm
  6. Due to the amount of comments i'm thinking about having 2 winners, first gets 40mil the other gets 10mil?
  7. Love this mate, by order of the peaky fucking blinders
  8. Im certain pal Sad aswell but just busy haven't got time for PC no more, best staff lead keep up the work
  9. As you lot may know i haven't played the server for a while, haven't had much fun but hope the server still continues to do well. Comment - Peaky Blinders. for a chance to win the £50 Million. (£49965400 to be exact :P). Giveaway ends 18/01/2018. Goodluck all, peace.
  10. I know it was amazing wasn't it @Tim
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