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  1. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    cheers, if @Harry can do this would appreciate it.
  2. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    rip maybe ashley will share its closed mate lock it please cheers
  3. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    I'd like to thank all 50 of you who participated, congratulations to the following: @Brooklyn - https://prnt.sc/i2eric @Khalid - https://prnt.sc/i2es0n @Alex King - https://prnt.sc/i2etu6 @Scaw - https://prnt.sc/i2eu8l @Ashley Raven ( You get the odd amount nearly 10 mil :P ) - https://prnt.sc/i2evxy @Zinner could you possibly transfer each of the top 4 £10mil exactly and the odd 9.9mil to ashley please.
  4. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Sorry guys had some personal things will be doing results now
  5. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Okay 5 winners will be picked, each winning 10 million each think this may help more people out. Comment peaky blinders if you haven't already to enter. Ends 18/01/18 around 7pm
  6. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Reckon people even want 10 mil
  7. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Due to the amount of comments i'm thinking about having 2 winners, first gets 40mil the other gets 10mil?
  8. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Love this mate, by order of the peaky fucking blinders
  9. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Im certain pal Sad aswell but just busy haven't got time for PC no more, best staff lead keep up the work
  10. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

  11. As you lot may know i haven't played the server for a while, haven't had much fun but hope the server still continues to do well. Comment - Peaky Blinders. for a chance to win the £50 Million. (£49965400 to be exact :P). Giveaway ends 18/01/2018. Goodluck all, peace.
  12. Police cloths prices

    hat 50k next joke.
  13. It was a good run...

    cya son
  14. APC Attitude

    I know it was amazing wasn't it @Tim
  15. APC Attitude

    +1 terrible

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