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    Fragging and hitting gym
  1. HOI 4 Campaign

    Guess i can be Russia
  2. Player Report - Blackie Cockburn - 10/21/17

    The money was given from player to player not through the wiring system within the ATM since all 3 of us were stood next to the Athira Hospital ATM (just to add).
  3. Player Report - Blackie Cockburn - 10/21/17

    Yes, you gave both of us money you gave me 500k not sure how much you gave him but you defo gave both of us money. Blackies done nothing but help the lad more than intended.
  4. Frankie's phoenixRp montage

    Remove voice audio from the montages all i hear was i killed dean ffs 😭
  5. Hi There !

  6. Water chopshop

    Chop it?
  7. Harry

    Yup, i looked right good in that as well
  8. Water chopshop

    What about those who don't have anything to sling load it with, and not really tho who try killing you entering on a boat should have there boats scrapped :0
  9. Water chopshop

    Okay, you might think i'm having a laugh or what not but in all seriousness.. Why isn't there a place where we can chop shop boats e.c.t//

    +1 there needs to be more for HAVOC to do aswell as rebels.. HM is fun but this idea seems like it can bring in a whole lot of fun and seems like HAVOC can have there own version of HM.
  11. The G.O.A.T mate, well deserved.

  12. BlackFish

    Can i buy it for £2.50 im broke
  13. Shitty frag movie on phoenix

    Was alright tbh
  14. NEW BANK?

    +0.5 maybe change it soon but not as of yet. I feel like it can be boring and its common but its one of the best spots

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