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  1. Gamers.

    depends, right it always depends.
  2. christian police channels

    +1 I might not be christian but I endorse this plan.
  3. Good bye

    Bye Tobias! I'll miss you bud.
  4. Runs

    I agree but also would like to see additions to runs like the moonshine idea, or other new runs, which could be anything from foods to booze to more complex/profitable drug runs.
  5. Personal curiosity

    I would say as a cop myself, the only complaint I have with the current system in place, is that it seems like there is a higher focus on the higher echelons of the Chain of command, instead of the lower ranks. For example, for some reasons cops always call P CO's by rank ad not name whenever they are told to do something, but it gets reversed the higher up you go, most people will be using the name and not the rank when talking to the COC. Besides that I think we should have more leeway when dealing with rebels who open carry in Main Cities.
  6. 3 to 1 rule

    Honestly even if its 1v1 but he guy has the drop on you, then you "give up" and rp it out. I've seen situations where a cop was outnumbered 10 to 1 but he was still able to talk himself out of getting kidnapped. So I think if we had more talking and less itchy fingers then we wouldn't really need a server rule for 3v1.

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