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  1. Brunden

    A new adittion the the way gangs work

    Thats all i wanted to hear mate i wont from now on
  2. Brunden

    A new adittion the the way gangs work

    @Conner Merlin @Kevin @Benjamin Cooper @Wasted @Harry @Harry / MK-1
  3. Brunden

    1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    Unlucky @Harry / MK-1
  4. Brunden

    1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    Okay cant wait thanks for all the hard work mate
  5. Brunden

    1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    Nevermind we can free for all for the hunter afterwards can't we?
  6. Brunden

    1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    Its just if rebels ally with each other that means we must choose who gets the hunter. Maybe if it was multiple of a vehicle then it would be cool.
  7. Brunden

    Havoc Anti-Camp

    Not camping meaning there is no problem here tbh. Havoc were not camping they were simply doing what police do sometimes.
  8. Brunden

    Havoc Anti-Camp

    Firstly i was not speakin to you. Secondly people dont do runs as police always catch you. Thirdly selling in kavala gets you more money mate. Its not bait af as the drug dealers not even in the town. No need to be rude , wasn't aiming anything at police, havoc and police are allowed to patrol runs and we cant really complain about that and that is what i said. K?
  9. Brunden

    1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    Are rules such as NLR going to be in place during this event? So rebels die and they cant come back? It would be cool if medics could revive and be on the rebels side and we could continue the situation but they can be shot. Only for the event but its just something for medics to do during the event as the situation is going to last for ages.
  10. Brunden

    Havoc Anti-Camp

    Same problem with runs with police tbh but you cant really complain. Its just them patrolling most of the time. Try and role play out of it.
  11. Brunden

    1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    Looks amazing, all of police + havoc vs rebels. I honestly can not wait. Many admins will need to be on duty for this to work though
  12. Brunden

    Capture Area's initiation rules..

    +1 Havoc zone really sucks at the moment and if you could find a better location for it that would be great.
  13. Brunden

    Capture Area's initiation rules..

    Also i believe the rules need to be clearly stated to people and all staff. Many people do not wait until you're in the zone and many people just shoot people from outside of it, its a commonly unfollowed rule misunderstood by everyone.
  14. Brunden

    Capture Area's initiation rules..

    Theyre fine as they are now if you're going to move anything move the HAVOC capture point into the red zone with the already existing one thats inside there. I believe the blackmarket is fine.